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Photo of Isabel, from Heaven Sent Gaming's Instagram [1]

Isabel Ruiz Lucero (March 30, 1989) is an American artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She's basically the talent of Heaven Sent Gaming. While she has a Signature Style, reflecting New Mexican and Japanese inspirations, she is extremely versatile with a multitude of distinctive art-styles (kind of like an Artist of a Thousand Styles).

While her first online public profile was on DeviantArt, she has since diversified to Tumblr and Twitter. She is multi-lingual, in fact, she primarily uses the Japanese language on her Twitter account.

She started Heaven Sent Gaming with her High School Sweetheart husband, whom she married on their 10th anniversary in 2014, Mario Lucero. Which means they've been together 2 years longer than Heaven Sent Gaming has existed.


Works by Isabel:

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    Video game works 
Co-programmer and artwork for the following game:
  • Balance, released in 2007, their first project as a college game design team.

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