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Lab Zero Games was a small, Southern California based independent game development studio. The studio was formed from staff originally from Reverge Labs, a studio that was formed to develop the 2D Fighting Game Skullgirls. When Reverge could no longer continue to support Skullgirls due to legal issues between Konami and Autumn Games, the team behind the game formed Lab Zero as a way to continue to develop content for the game.

The team was known for their use of gorgeous hand-drawn 2D art that was animated more like a traditional cartoon than sprite art in their games, as well as their ability to generate that art quickly. The latter was done by outsourcing most of the work to independent contractors, many of which were fans of the games themselves.

Another thing the team has become known for was being able to get the services of well known Japanese video game composers such as Michiru Yamane and Hiroki Kikuta to score their work.

The studio has only worked on two games, Skullgirls and Indivisible, a side-scrolling adventure game that combines elements of Metroidvania with the 2D combat of Valkyrie Profile.

In 2020 almost the entire staff of Lab Zero Games left, citing a toxic work culture perpetuated by the owner, Mike Zaimont, and the company itself closed soon after. Many former Lab Zero staff went on to form a new employee-owned game development studio called Future Club, which subsequently took over all future developments for Skullgirls.

Games and series developed by Lab Zero Games:

Alternative Title(s): Lab Zero