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Jennifer Kirk is the writer of several science fiction and fantasy novels; including her best known novel, Bringing Home the Stars. Her stories often deal with ideas of corporate control of the masses, gender identity, and personal isolation. In addition, she co-writes two webcomics, The Life of Nob T. Mouse and All Over The House while also working as a local radio broadcaster.

She maintains a website and blogs a lot.

Her novels are:

  • Homo Superior
  • Countdown to Extinction
  • Syndicate Dawn
  • The Atlantic Connection
  • Daytrippers
  • Orb of Arawaan
  • Bringing Home the Stars
  • Twinkle Little Star

Her work contains examples of:

  • Artificial Human - The operatives in her Syndicates series (Homo Superior, Countdown to Extinction, Syndicate Dawn, The Atlantic Connection).
  • Author Guest Spot - She needed a model for the front cover of a couple of her books at short notice.
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  • Bittersweet Ending - Bringing Home The Stars has Dezza leave the Cerberus with only one of his four companions.
  • Clear My Name - The only reason Dezza went back to the Cerberus in Bringing Home the Stars.
  • Nothing Is Scarier - She does not like to show the monster.
  • They Look Like Us Now - The creature in Bringing Home The Stars.


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