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George Mann is a British author, known for his Steampunk series and his work in the Doctor Who Expanded Universe. He has also edited several short story collections of science fiction and detective stories.

Works by George Mann:

Tropes asociated with George Mann:

  • Canon Welding: According to the timeline at the back of the Newberry & Hobbes short story collection, not only is Ghosts of Manhattan in N&H continuity, but so are Paradox Lost and the Sherlock Holmes novels.
  • Character Overlap: Professor Archibald Angelchrist in Newman & Hobbes, The Spirit Box, Paradox Lost, and "The Albino's Revenge" (a short story starring Sexton Blake's archenemy Zenith the Albino) and secret agent Peter Rutherford in Newman & Hobbes, "The Albino's Revenge" and The Ghost.
  • Steampunk: Since a lot of his work is set in the N&H universe or something very like it, most of it has the technology of that world. In the Ghost series, it's edging into Dieselpunk, but even in the twenties, cars still run on coal.

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