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Elizabeth Wein (1964-) is an American-born Scottish writer, best known for Young Adult Historical Fiction. While her sixth-century Arthurian-Aksumite saga The Lion Hunters (1993-2008) was critically praised but not a commercial success, she won wide recognition for Code Name Verity (2012), about female spies and pilots in World War II, which became the first in the loosely-connected Young Pilots series. Much of Wein's fiction draws on her experience in hobbies like change-ringing, poetry, and flying small planes, and on settings where she has lived, such as Cheshire, Jamaica, Pennsylvania, and Scotland.

See a complete list of her work on her website,

Works by Elizabeth Wein

  • The Lion Hunters
    • The Winter Prince (1993)
    • A Coalition of Lions (2003)
    • The Sunbird (2004)
    • The Lion Hunter (2007)
    • The Empty Kingdom (2008)
  • Young Pilots
  • Other aviation fiction
    • Cobalt Squadron (2017)
    • "Chasing the Wind" in Firebirds (2003)
    • "Chain of Events" in Rush Hour: Reckless (2006)
    • "The Color of the Sky" in A Tyranny of Petticoats (2016)