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"When you get older, it's harder to be a bastard."

Irvine Welsh (born September 27, 1958) is a Scottish author famous for his mind-screwy, profane, darkly comic and profound novels, all centering on Scottish delinquents (or former Scottish delinquents) and their dysfunctional families, drug addictions and mental perversions. How fun!

Known for writing in his native Edinburgh Scots dialect, he generally ignores the traditional conventions of literary Scots, used for example by Allan Ramsay, Robert Fergusson, Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson, and James Orr. Instead, he transcribes dialects phonetically.

Mr. Welsh has his very own page of Nightmare Fuel.


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    Short stories collection 
  • The Acid House (1994)
  • Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance (1996)
  • If You Liked School You'll Love Work (2007)
  • Reheated Cabbage (2009)

    Film adaptations 

Tropes found in his work:

  • Black Comedy: A major staple in his work.
  • Doorstopper: Skagboys is 548 pages.
  • The 'Verse: All of his works are set in the same universe, particularly with events and characters from other works appearing, mentioned or referenced in different works.