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You may know about Pokémon and you may know about Digimon, but do you know about Capture Creatures?

Capture Creatures started life as a web project by Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson. It's about as much of an homage to Pokémon as you'd think it'd be, complete with evolved forms. But then, 143 creatures and one Kickstarter funded art book later, KaBOOM! Comics announced an ongoing comic book series revolving around these critters.

But instead of collecting creatures for the sake of taking on gym leaders and being the best at exotic animal fights, this is focused more on where these things even come from.

The comic book series revolves around two teenaged best friends named Tamzen and Jory. Tamzen is about to move to the city with her mom, but there might be a slight delay as they find their world is filled with over a hundred critters known as Capture Creatures. It's all fun and games, right? Nope! As it turns out, not all of those Creatures are super-friendly. And come to think of it, where do they even come from anyway? That's what Tamzen and Jory want to find out. And while they're at it, they better find out how to stop the ones who are trying to harm them.

Capture Creatures contains examples of these tropes: