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Characters / Pokémon: Generation II Families

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A list of Pokémon who debuted in Pokémon Gold and Silver, along with their relatives.

Clocking at an even 100, this generation introduced the fourth least number of Pokémon out of all 8, and, out of those, only 81 were not related via evolution with Pokémon of the previous generation (and 2 of those are still close to Generation I Pokémon).

Generations III and IV introduced 12 Pokémon related with the ones covered here, bringing the total of Pokémon originating from this generation to 93. Due to the Mission-Pack Sequel nature of Gold and Silver, some of the things expected from other generations are absent here; there are no fossil Pokémon, the new early mammal is not everywhere, etc. Legendary version mascots and Roaming Pokémon first appear here, as do unconventional evolution methods. Many Pokémon that originated from Generation II are "cuter" then their Generation I brethren, as most feature bright colors and rounded simplified designs, compounded with the introduction of baby Pokémon in this generation. If Gen I Pokémon resemble Kaiju, then Gen II's Pokémon take cues from Sanrio characters.


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