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Finale isn't so much a show with Loads and Loads of Characters as a show with Loads and Loads of MAIN Characters.

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    The Narrator 
"So what's the difference between a penny and a planet? Nothing."

Originated by Christina Quezada

An omniscient narrator who appears to provide Exposition Dump.

The Narrator provides examples of:


    Tyler Jenson 
"Today is the day."

Originated by Carleigh Boyle

A newscaster

Tyler provides examples of:

    Dylan Russ 
"I want to feel something before I die, don't you?"

Originated by Kax Petkovich

A newscaster

Dylan provides examples of:

    Alex Valturn 
"What am I doing? Sitting here, feeling sorry for myself..."

Originated by Aaron Correa

A meterologist

Alex provides examples of:

    Noah Boslin 
"I... got in! I actually got in!"

Originated by Nick Locicero

An aspiring college student.

Noah provides examples of:

    Krista Boslin 
"I just want what's best for you, remember that."

Originated by Keara Fernandez

Noah's mom.

Krista provides examples of:


    Dani Prasmin 
"You're just jealous that I'm a boy magnet."

Originated by Lindsey Cooper

A girl who just wants to find love, but is constantly stopped by her dad.

Dani provides examples of:

    Liam Prasmin 
"Dani, I'm just trying to protect you. If you're gonna date someone, they have to be right for you."

Originated by Ryan Green

The Overprotective Dad of Dani.

Liam provides examples of:

    The Boyfriends 
"Yo, you guys got any jalepeño poppers or somethin?."

Originated by Patrick Sheil

The boys that Dani dates, none of whom are right for her.

The boyfriends as a whole provide examples of:

Chris Tysel


Eric Laggard

    Sam Kinsley 
"Would you like to hear something else?"

Originated by Julia Moore

An aspiring broadway actress

Sam provides examples of:

    Amy Ryner 
"If I say yes, can I have another beer?"

Originated by Amelia Moran

A retiring woman struggling with her alcohol addiction.

Amy provides examples of:


    Lucy Everett 
"Dance break!"

Originated by Nicole Zamlout

A co-worker of Amy's, who is far too excited to see her retire.

Lucy provides examples of:


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