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The chosen savior of humanity from the monsters led by the evil Hell Lord Nelgel, who had kidnapped their sibling... Or at least, they should have been. Instead they and their village, Tenton, is destroyed by Nelgel himself before placing it in a barrier of darkness. Fortunately, they are given a second chance to save Tenton by reincarnating in world's five civilized races: an Ogre, Elf, Dwarf, Poppet, or Wetling. Once restored to the land of the living in the territory of their new race, the Hero must adjust to their new body, reunite with their siblings, and avenge Tenton.
  • Archnemesis Dad: Version 4 has Padre, the Hero's father, who is leading the main forces of the part.
  • First Episode Resurrection: They're killed in the end of their prologue. Fortunately, Galapagod was still around to rescue their soul and allow them to be reborn in a non-human race by using a recently deceased corpse, such as an Ogre dying in a snowstorm, or an Elf dying by accidentally messing up a magic seal they were painting. You eventually have the chance to regain your original body thanks to the gods once you've gotten all of the emblems.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: In Version 4, using a strange silver cube, they find themselves in 5000 years into the future. In truth, they originated from there, but were sent to the past to fulfill their destiny.
  • The Hero: But of course!

    The Sibling 
The brother/sister of the Hero/Heroine. They're kidnaped by Neglel at the end of the starting game, and its up to you to save them
  • Adorkable: They really want to give you something nice that they've made out of alchemy, however pitiful their attempts are. They can't help but show off a goofy grin when they finally give you what they've been working hard on: a silly-looking flower spring hat.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: They're inadvertently sent back 100 years in the past by the Hero/Heroine in a desperate attempt to reach out to them during the attack on Tenton.

A princess and fellow ally to the Hero/Heroine. Found in the illusionary Rendashia as a simple girl living in a village, she lost her memories of her time as a princess thanks to Zerudorado, a general of Madesagora.
  • Breakout Character: She's become the face of Dragon Quest X in spinoff representation in a similar manner to Y'shtola from Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Evil Twin: The final boss of version 2.0 is an evil clone of herself, called Evil Anlucia. She was created to keep the real Anlucia from realizing she was the original.
  • Fusion Dance: Her two personalities of her princess self and villager self fuse when she reclaims her memories and power.
  • Identity Amnesia: Thanks to Zerudorado, she loses her memories and is instead turned into a simple villager. Their restored thanks to a magic butterfly
  • Ms. Fanservice: Illustrations and events often have her appearing in swimsuits and other revealing outfits.
  • Pretty Princess Powerhouse: Anlucia isn't just any badass Dragon Quest princess, she also falls under the Hero class; which means she has all the skills and magic sets that traditional Dragon Quest Heroes can learn.

Demon Lords (Spoilers for later versions)

    Hades Nelgel
The Hell Lord who sent monsters to destroy the sacred town of Tenton and decimate everyone in it, including the main protagonist, while also kidnapping his or her partner and taking them to the world of darkness.
Madesagora is the mastermind of the first Version of Dragon Quest X, and the main villain in Version 2. Ruler of the Demon World, he made a pact with Nelgel, giving power to the Hell Lord in order to destroy the Hero's hometown, Tenton. His end goal is to claim the Spirit of Creation and replace Rendashia with his fake Rendashia.
The Dragon God, who sought to have his race of Dragons rule over other races. When his siblings refused, he aligned himself with the Great Source Of Darkness to fight them. When he lost, his body was destroyed, and the Dragon race was sealed with him in Nagaland. He end goal is to reclaim his body to destroy the rest of the world.
An ancient demon sealed away in a massive box. Manipulating Padre, the Hero's father, who by awakening certain evils sealed away in the past and future, becoming a god of time.

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