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A list of Digimon at the Champion level.

The Digimon listed here are in alphabetical order. The tropes listed here pertain to how these Digimon are depicted in Bandai's profiles and across the broader Digimon canon, rather than as in one work.

The fifth stage of a Digimon's life, Champion (or Seijukuki in Japan, translated as "Adult") is where the 'mons start to bloom. No longer the cute little creatures of the Rookie stage, Champions are now much bigger, and much better at fighting. Their forms have also begun diversifying wildly. Typically in the anime, the Champion level is usually the first stage a Digimon uses for actual fights.


As the dub version is many times inconsistent, the Digimon covered here are listed by their Japanese names, with their English name(s) listed second. note 



A God Man Digimon that has an appearance fusing the lower body of a goat with the upper body of a human. As a member of the same musical troupe as Sirenmon, it is usually playing the pipes called "Syrinx" hung at its waist and enjoying the music. Although it has a peace-loving personality and doesn't really like to fight, the power it conceals within is unquantified, and when Aegiomon fights to protect something, it exhibits unique talent for combat. It is said that by playing the "Attract Echo", which attracts the attention of those who hear it, on the Syrinx it possesses, Aegiomon snatches away the sense of self of those who continue to listen to its sound, and blinds them to everything but its figure. With this, it can produce an opportunity for other Digimon to flee, or a chance for them to pursue.



A Mythical Beast Digimon that grew gigantic wings. It's a highly valued monster due to it being said to have an existence close to that of a god. It specializes in mid-air attacks, its roar calls forth storms, and it causes giant tornadoes by flapping its wings. Its personality is considerably brutal, but it has great intelligence. However, being employed by an ordinary Tamer doesn't seem possible.

  • Blow You Away: Its Spinning Needle, Wing Cutter and Tail Whip attacks are wind-based.
  • Breath Weapon: Its God Breath attack lets it breathe fiery whirlwinds.
  • Man Bites Man: It has an attack called Big Jaw.
  • Razor Wind: Its Wing Cutter attack sends out blades of air.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: A fairly classic amphiptere-type dragon, with a legless serpentine body and large leathery wings.
  • Tail Slap: One of its attacks does this.
  • Tornado Move: God Breath combines this with Breath Weapon while Spinning Needle generates whirlwinds on its wings and throws them.


A more red-defined chicken Digimon under the Cockatrimon-species. It developed strong leg power to make up for its inability to fly. As it consumed more energy than presumed to do so, it rather avoid violent battles.

  • Eye Beams: It shoots fire from its eyes with Scar Red Eye.
  • Palette Swap: It's a red recolor of Cockatrimon.
  • Playing with Fire: Scar Red Eye and Melting Aura are both fire attacks.
  • Punny Name: Its Turbo Rooster attack, which increases its speed, is a play on "turbo booster."
  • Use Your Head: One of its attacks is a headbutt.


An Angel Digimon with six shining wings, whose body is clad in cloth so pure white as to be divine. It is a being of perfect virtue, and although it is called a Digimon that brings happiness, when confronting evil it will not stop attacking, with extreme composure, until the opponent is completely annihilated. On the countless times when the Digital World is visited by a crisis, it is told that it descends to lead Digimon of the same species, and Devimon, which was won over to the dark side, was originally of the same species.

  • The Faceless: Due to its face being covered by its helmet.
  • Finger Firearms: Its Holy Shot attack fires bullets of light from its fingers.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Six-winged, eerily pale, with a metal helmet clamped over their eyes, and incredibly powerful warriors of righteousness.
  • Simple Staff: Wields a golden staff that it can also throw like a javelin.
  • Tornado Move: Its God Typhoon attack creates a whirlwind by spinning.
  • Winged Humanoid: Like many angels from Abrahamic scriptures, Angemon has six wings.


An Ankylosaur Digimon whose whole body is covered in hardened skin. Not only is its skin hardened, but it also has hard protuberances coming out all over, and so its charge attack has extraordinary destructive power. As a fundamental result of being a herbivorous Digimon, it is not ferocious, but it is decidedly not timid, and possesses a brave personality.

Arkadimon Adult


A Giant Bird Digimon with two gigantic horns growing from its head. It is called the "Great Eagle of the Desert", and as it flies through the sky at Mach speed, it possesses the eye strength to locate the opponent from a very great distance. The horns on its head, when it glides from a great height and charges the opponent, exhibit an immense might. Although there are many Bird-species Digimon with brutal personalities, Aquilamon respects decorum, and unconditionally abides by the orders given by the master it has pledged allegiance to.


A Ghost Digimon completely covered by a cloth over its head. As it is a wicked being born from darkness, it is said that computers possessed by Bakemon instantly have their systems destroyed. Everything within the cloth is wrapped in mystery, and it is rumoured that a portion of the shadow of its true form has become a black hole. It dislikes direct attacks because its fighting strength isn't great.


A form of Huckmon that has gone through strict training, intensifying its sense of combat incomparably and achieving growth mentally, technically, and physically. It is a combat expert that aims for the top, continuing its training, accumulating combat experience cultivated through battle with formidable opponents, and evolving as it battles. Its aspirations to the Royal Knights have risen as it grew, and not because it was told what it should do by someone and set its heart on it, but instead because it believes in making decisions by observing and reasoning for itself.


A giant bird Digimon shrouded in blazing flames. Just like Meramon, it's a Digimon that was generated from Internet firewalls. It flaps its gigantic wings, and flies about the sky. Although its personality is in no way combative, it unleashes counterattacks against attacking enemies to a furious degree.

  • Breath Weapon: Its Fireball attack shoots fireballs from its mouth.
  • Feathered Dragons: It's for all practical purposes a gigantic bird, but its name, its toothy mouth and its control over fire mark it as a very avian member of the dramon family of draconic Digimon.
  • Fireballs: Its Fireball attack combines this with Breath Weapon. Meteor Wing combines it with Spam Attack.
  • Giant Flyer: A very big and flamming avian.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: It's a member of the dramon family despite its avian appearance, and sports the toothy, snaggle-fanged mouth other dramons share.
  • Playing with Fire: Most of its attacks are fire-based, apparently due to it having originated from literal firewalls.
  • Spam Attack: Meteor Wing fires several fireballs from its wings.
  • Toothy Bird: Just look at those huge chompers! Birdramon possesses a fleshy mouth adorned with sharp fangs rather than a beak, a characteristic of the dramon family it belongs to.



The mysterious secretion "Black Digitron" was mixed in while it is in the process of evolving, and it accomplished an evolution to a black appearance. Although its nimbleness was diminished compared to a normal Gaogamon, it acquired a sturdy physique.
  • Mighty Glacier: Compared to the regular Gaogamon. It sacrifices speed and nimbleness for durability.
  • Palette Swap: A black recolor of Gaogamon.


A Virus attribute Garurumon. The blades extending from its shoulders are so sharp they slice apart anything they touch. It loves collecting bones and burying them in the ground, though there are appear to have been cases of these bones being stolen away by prank-loving Drimogemon.

BlackGrowmon (BlackGrowlmon)

A Demon Dragon Digimon that is called the "Jet-Black Demon Dragon". Although it is fundamentally the same species as Growmon, it has more of a Virus-species nature, and is said to be the natural form of Growmon. Unlike a Growmon raised by a Tamer, it can roughly be described as having gone feral. BlackGrowmon's roar is identical to Growmon's, having the power to shake the solid earth, and before battle it raises it voice to an offensive roar to intimidate the opponent.

  • Blade Below the Shoulder: It has Growmon's Plasma Blade attack as well as another attack called Dark Blade.
  • Breath Weapon: It has Growmon's Exhaust Flame attack as well as a second version called Black Exhaust Flame.
  • Casting a Shadow: In addition it the regular Growmon's fire-based attacks, it has dark versions of said attacks.
  • Non-Mammalian Hair: Though it can't use Dragon Spine like the regular Growmon can.
  • Palette Swap: Of Growmon. Literally, in that the red and black portions of their color schemes are reversed (save for their claws, stomach and hair).
  • Playing with Fire: Just like the regular Growmon.

BlackTailmon (BlackGatomon)

A Virus attribute Tailmon who sports vivid, pitch-black fur. A child completely born of evil, it lives its life treading through the ominous darkness. It is extremely rare for a BlackTailmon to be born as a mutation of Tailmon, and so it is said to have a low population size. It has a mean and prideful personality, and is a problematic Digimon that loves picking on the weak. It is, at its core, a darkness-type Digimon that evolves into Fallen Angel Digimon.

  • Cats Are Mean: A mean-spirited, cruel catlike Digimon that picks on those weaker than itself and evolves into a selection of demons.
  • Hypnotic Eyes: Cat's Eye allows it to hypnotise opponents.
  • Palette Swap: A black version of Tailmon right down to having the same attacks, although it doesn't have a Holy Ring.
  • The Paralyzer: It can paralyze enemy Digimon with its Cat's Eye attack.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Like Tailmon, it's strong for its size.
  • Tail Slap: Cat Tail.

BlackVdramon (BlackVeedramon)



An Insect-type Machine Digimon whose entire body has been weaponized. For an adult, it is a rare species whose whole body has been turned into Chrome Digizoid. It has a habit of reacting indiscriminately to anything that moves, and it is said that when someone is attacked by a swarm of BladeKuwagamon, they will pierce even an Ultimate Digimon all over their bodies and cause them to die.


A Vehicle Digimon just like Mekanorimon, it flies in the sky without a care in the world. Although its delicate balloon portion is protected by a metallic coating, it seems to still be under construction as its left flank is exposed.


  • Action Bomb: Capable of detonating itself with Countdown.


Takes the place of BomberNanimon in the dub of Digimon Savers due to the network not allowing the depiction of a giant bomb.


An eerie-looking Demon Man Digimon. Numerous tattoos containing evil incantations are carved onto its body, and it is apparently capable of casting as many spells as it has tattoos. Rather than fight head-on, it is a coward that usually lies in wait and launches ambush attacks on the enemy from the darkness.


A form of Chicchimon that evolved from Child to Adult. Its training pilgrimage continues, as it carries out the wandering of a vagrant.

  • Bird People: It's a humanoid bird with wings sprouting from its shoulders — not surprising, since it evolved from the already avian and humanoid Hyokomon.
  • Dual Wielding: It wields two katanas.
  • Ronin: A wandering warrior themed after Japanese samurai.

Burgamon adult

Centalmon (Centarumon)

A Digimon with a upper body of a human-type and a lower body of an animal-type Digimon. It is protected by a substance that comes to the surface from its insides, and has a weapon attached to its right arm. The pipes extending from its back gush out high-pressure vapor, which can instantly propel it, and it is possible for it to move close to the speed of sound. It has superior defensive, attack, and speed. It has very high pride, and it dislikes being ordered.

Chrysalimon (Kurisarimon)

An Adult Digimon which has an appearance like a chrysalis. The Child-level Keramon will go into a chrysalis-like state in order to evolve into a stronger Digimon, and once it does so it conserves its energy. For that reason, it is completely unable to move, but it is protected by its tough shell, and can attack the opponent with the tentacles extending from its back. In some cases, it can evolve to Perfect without becoming an Adult, but it is able to evolve to a stronger Perfect by evolving to Chrysalimon.

  • Combat Tentacles: Six spear-tipped ones.
  • Mythology Gag: The first Keramon we saw skipped Chrysalimon and went straight to Infermon. This was later codified into all Keramon being able to do this, but the resulting evolution is weaker if they skip their Chrysalimon stage.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Red sclera, yellow iris, and a highly dangerous creature.


The protector of time that governs the computer's timer. It manages the "Time" and "Space" of all computers and networks, and if it is between 1900 and 1999, it is able to freely advance and rewind time. Because it possesses an extremely dangerous, terrifying ability, it always maintains a neutral standpoint, and doesn't participate in the conflict between Vaccines and Viruses. For that reason, it is said that if it ever tilts toward either side of the balance, the Digital World will collapse.


A Giant Bird Digimon with two overdeveloped legs. Because it has continued to live on the ground for so long, it cannot fly through the air, and has evolved a body that is suited for land. For that reason, its body became even larger, and its leg strength has developed tremendously, as well. Parts of its wings have completely degenerated, and in battle, it spreads them wide with its tail to intimidate the opponent. Its disposition is violently ferocious, but in order to preserve its large build, it dislikes violent battles that consume its energy.


An ancient fish Digimon that possesses gigantic claws and a hard outer skin. When the Computer Network was being repaired after being disrupted by a malicious hacker, this Digimon was discovered in the Net Ocean, and as its body structure is extremely primitive, it has fins that have developed like hands and feet. Based on this fact, it is conjectured that primeval Digimon that originated in the Net Ocean experienced many evolutions and took on terrestrial forms, and increased their numbers into various strains.

Coredramon Blue

Coredramon (Blue) is the digivolved form of the Dracomon who assimilates plenty of Blue Diamante, a rare gem mined from mountainous regions with very high altitudes. For them to live on steep mountains, they have grown wings and can fly at a high speed. Digimon having "-dramon" in their names must contain dragon-gene data (dragon DNA) in their digicores. The higher the ratio of dragon DNA, the more the body shapes like a dragon type. Having a dragon DNA ratio of 100%, Coredramon is a pure-blooded Dragon Digimon.

Coredramon Green

Coredramon (Green) is the digivolved form of the Dracomon who assimilates plenty of Green Malachite, a rare gem mined from forest areas thickly wooded with trees over a hundred years old. This type of Coredramon is not good at flying, but the strength of their legs is highly-developed. You cannot imagine how fast they can run, with such a body. Digimon having "-dramon" in their names must contain dragon-gene data (dragon DNA) in their digicores. The higher the ratio of dragon DNA, the more the body shapes like a dragon type. Having a dragon DNA ratio of 100%, Coredramon is a pure-blooded Dragon Digimon.

Cyclomon (Cyclonemon)

A one-eyed Dragon Man Digimon with an abnormally developed right arm. It was originally a stalwart dragon warrior, but its right eye was crushed by the warrior Leomon, and it became an oni of revenge. In order to defeat Leomon, it has strengthened and enlarged its right arm, and it is on the lookout for a chance to take Leomon down. For the sake of revenge, it has lost its pride as a warrior, leaving it as nothing more than a warrior obsessed with bloodshed.

  • Breath Weapon: It breathes fire with Hyper Heat.
  • Cyclops: Rather than being born with one eye, Cyclomon lost one in battle to Leomon. Thus, unlike traditional cyclopes, Cyclomon only has its left eye rather than having a single eye in the middle of its forehead.
  • Dragon Knight: It used to be an honorable sort, but underwent a Face–Heel Turn and became an Oni.
  • Evil Makes You Monstrous: Downplayed. It's not known what Cyclomon looked like before his Face–Heel Turn, but he is stated to have become an oni.
  • Extendable Arms: Its Strength Arm allows it to extend it's larger arm to attack enemies.
  • Eye Scream: Its right eye was crushed in a battle with Leomon.
  • Non-Indicative Name: "Cyclonemon" has absolutely nothing to do with the wind. This one-eyed giant is quite obviously based on the Cyclops.
  • Revenge: Cyclomon wants revenge on Leomon for destroying its eye.
  • Shout-Out: To Gigan, a recurring enemy of Godzilla's and the first-ever monster to make the lizard bleed.


A low-ranking Angel Digimon which has the appearance of a woman. It is in the advance forces of Angel Digimon, and its figure which always cuts through the vanguard to battle is said to almost be a goddess of the battlefiel. It wields a slender blade named "La Pucelle"note .

  • Chainmail Bikini: Darcmon's breastplate is both very narrow — a metallic crop top, really — and extremely form-fitting.
  • Cool Sword: It has two, both called La Pucelle.
  • Dual Wielding: A staff and a sword, or two swords for its La Pucelle attack.
  • Loincloth: It has one for no other reason than fanservice.
  • Named Weapons: Its swords are both named La Pucelle.


A Digimon whose entire body is covered in dark flame that burns quietly. Although its form evolved to the fire-type FlareLizarmon, it has a cool-headed personality.

DarkTyranomon (DarkTyrannomon)

A Dinosaur Digimon whose body was corroded by a vicious computer virus. Although it was originally a Tyranomon-species Digimon, it was infected by a vicious computer virus, causing a bug in its flesh's configuration data and transforming it into a frenzied Digimon. Its body turned black, its arms grew sturdier than Tyranomon's, and its offensive power grew. It identifies anything reflected in its eyes as an enemy and starts attacking, becoming completely frenzied.

  • Body Horror: Its body has been corroded by a virus infecting its skin's "configuration data".
  • Breath Weapon: Fire Blast.
  • Dark Is Evil: Its black coloration, much darker than a Tyranomon's usual red, is the main visual sign of its corrupted and aggressive nature.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: Not this time they aren't.
  • Palette Swap: It's a black recolor of Tyranomon. Unlike most versions of this trope in the franchise, it does have a slightly different body structure with a more humanoid chest and much larger foreclaws. Sometimes it'll share model animations with Tyranomon and sometimes it will get its own.
  • Playing with Fire: Fire Blast.
  • Tail Slap: Iron Tail.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Another side effect of the virus is that DarkTyranomon is driven into a frenzy of rage at the sight of any foe.

DarkTyranomon X-Antibody

The X-Antibody has bestowed upon it the composure to control its own abilities, as well as the determination and strength to survive its battles. It is now able to harden a portion of its flesh and even produce green flames by manipulating the virus within its body.

Death-X-Dorugamon (DexDorugamon)

An Undead Digimon that was experimented on in search of further Evolutions, and was said to, at the time of the experiment, resemble the Champion form of the "DORU-series" "Digimon Prototype". Since it keeps preying on the DigiCoresof other Digimon, it is active despite its deceased condition, and is attempting to evolve.

  • Body Horror: It looks like a stitched-together corpse, with some bits of wiring and metal thrown in.
  • Dracolich: Its design evokes both this and Frankenstein's Monster to being stitched together like Frankenstein's monster and having bolts on its wings while also being undead.
  • The Undead: It hasn't stopped it in the slightest.


A Composition Digimon fused from three Digimon. Although each of them had existed as separate Digimon, due to a computer running wild after it was struck by a storm's electromagnetic waves, they were forced to fuse by a computer bug. It is said that since this Digimon, which possesses three heads and two tails, specializes in tripartite attacks that capitalize on its body's traits, it is even able to fight against three Digimon as if they were one. However, because each of them was a fiendish Digimon, they are only of one mind on destruction, and are usually on bad terms with no spirit of cooperation.


An Evil Dragon Digimon that is known and feared as the "Many-eyed Demon". As a demon beast that was summoned from the Dark Area by the messenger of darkness, Devimon, there are no other Digimon as evil as it is. Although it is a Dramon-species Digimon, its limbs are unusually developed, so it cuts the opponent to pieces with its elongated arms, and flies about the darkness with its sturdy legs and wings. Its personality is wickedness itself, so it is unmoved by a spirit of compassion. If it glares at them with its four eyes burning in deep crimson, the opponent becomes unable to move, and it will chop up their unresisting body. Also, the tip of its tail is able to open up and take on the shape of a claw, which can skewer the opponent. This Digimon was probably produced by the evil feelings of Hackers who were abusing the Computer Network for their own selfish desires.


A Fallen Angel Digimon whose body is clad in jet-black cloth. Although it was originally a shining Angemon-species Digimon, it became a Fallen Angel when it fell to the Dark Area, which exists in a spatial distortion of the Digital World. As proof of that, the Mark of Evil surfaced dramatically on its chest. Although it has a cunning and fiendish personality, it also possesses an outstanding intellect. It is said that those who have stared into its two eyes, which shine a deep crimson, are mind-controlled and completely dominated by Devimon.

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: It can cause this through Death Claw.
  • The Corrupter: Its Death Claw (Touch of Evil) tends to be used for this purpose, enforcing Devimon's will on its target.
  • Creepily Long Arms: They come down to below its knees.
  • Dark Is Evil: Black-clad, devilish, and thoroughly evil.
  • Evil Counterpart: Angemon's — they have opposite color schemes and mythological motifs, Devimon itself used to be an Angemon, and Angemon's attacks are Devimon's chief vulnerability in the anime.
  • Fallen Angel: It used to be an Angemon before falling into evil and becoming a devil.
  • Too Many Belts: Its legs and lower arms are covered in them.
  • Tornado Move: Leather Wing can summon a Dark Tornado.
  • Winged Humanoid: It's lost four of the wings it had when it was an Angemon, though, retaining only two batlike ones.


An Ancient Bird Digimon that possesses powerful leg strength, and is called a living fossil. Its wings do not have enough surface area for it to fly, but in their place it is endowed with legs that have tremendous physical strength, and it is capable of sprinting at speeds exceeding 200 km/h. Also, it has an extremely ferocious personality, and a habit of regarding anything that moves as an enemy and swooping down on it. Also, the feathers that cover its whole body contain metal, so it seems its difficult to inflict damage to Diatrymon barring the greatest of attacks.


A Dragon Man Digimon with the appearance of a humanoid lizard. It lives in an area that has not yet become a modernised civilisation, where all of the tribesmen are valiant combat dragons who possess the makings of a warrior. It has great muscle strength, allowing it to swing its greatsword, Akinakes, with ease.


A Hunter Digimon that was originally a Virus Digimon, but was converted to a Vaccine by a mutation. Similar to Snimon, despite being called a Vaccine it is a ferocious Digimon that exists solely for hunting Virus Digimon, and it can't be controlled by an ordinary Tamer.

  • Angry Guard Dog: It's a meaning Doberman-like hound that's too aggressive for most tamers to handle and that ferociously hunts down and destroys any Virus whose trail it picks up.
  • Canis Major: A gigantic Doberman.
  • Casting a Shadow: Its Schwarz Strahl attack fires a beam of darkness.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: It looks dark and dangerous, but it's in truth a being that fights for the safety of the Digital World.
  • Good Is Not Nice: It is a Vaccine type, but it's still ferocious and nigh-uncontrollable.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Its Schwartz Stahl attack pierces the opponent's Digi-Core and destroys it.
  • Gratuitous German: Both of its attacks have German names.
  • Heel–Face Turn: A destructive Virus Digimon that turned into a more heroic Vaccine Digimon.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Its Grau Lärm attack is sound-based.


  • From Bad to Worse: Regular Dobermon are already difficult to control. The X-Antibody has made Dobermon almost impossible to tame.

Dogmon (Doggymon)

A Puppet Digimon that was produced from an American cartoon TV database. Because its body is very soft and strong, and can expand and contract like rubber, it completely absorbs every attack. Although its appearance gives off the impression that it is very dangerous, it is a harmless Digimon with no malice or aggression.


A cursed Digimon in the shape of a spider, whose entire body has been parasitized by a computer virus. While it was originally a spider-type, it had a docile personality typical of insect-type Digimon; however, at some point it was drawn into a powerful electromagnetic storm and infected by a computer virus that had been circulating around the network. Since then, it has become a lump of poison, or in other words a computer virus, that corrodes everything it touches. Not only that, special mention must be given to its great movement speed, made possible thanks to its eight legs. No matter how desperately one tries to get away, Dokugumon will never be far behind, and it will not stop its chase until the opponent ceases to continue running out of exhaustion.

  • Breath Weapon: Its Poison Cobweb attack fires a wave of poison from its mouth.
  • Face–Heel Turn: It used to be a peaceful and docile creature, until it was corrupted by a computer virus and turned into a vicious and aggressive being.
  • Giant Spider: A spider far larger than a grown human.
  • Poisonous Person: It has two poison attacks; one has it spit poison from its mouth, the other has it inject its victim with poison from its stinger.
  • Projectile Webbing: One of Dokugumon's attacks consists of shooting web from its abdomen.
  • Spiders Are Scary: A vicious and predatory spider-like Digimon that destroys everything it touches and never stops hunting its prey. It's also got a poisonous stinger, unlike any real spider.
  • Super-Persistent Predator: It never ceases pursuing its prey, following it relentlessly until it collapses from exhaustion.
  • Weaponized Offspring: Its Spider Machine Gun attack fires Kodokugumon, smaller versions of itself with no horns.
  • Youkai: It strongly resembles an ushi-oni, a spider-like yokai with the horns of a bull.


A ferocious Beast Dragon Digimon that possesses the disposition of a beast and a dragon, it is such a heavyweight that most Digimon run away just at the sight of its shadow. Although it exhibits that ferocity of a wild beast when it comes to battles, it also has the intelligence of a dragon, and is usually very docile. Because it has an old-style interface on its brow, it has been conjectured to be an evolution of a "Prototype Digimon".


A Digimon that moves underground at high speeds with the giant drill attached to its snout. It is an extremely rare Digimon to come across because it is always digging deep underground. Although it has a meek, shy personality, it is fairly mischievous, and sometimes it takes the favourite bones Garurumon has buried underground and hides them in different locations.


A noncomformist member of the Dramon-type with a tough, shrimp-like shell and gigantic pincers. If one is misled by its outwards appearance and makes light of Ebidramon, they will become prey of the offensive ability characteristic of the Dramon-type.

Evilmon (Vilemon)

A Small Devil Digimon that abhors losing. For that reason it is a coward that torments the weak with pricks, without getting into direct combat. It seems it is credited as being the source of the Dark-species Digimon that inhabit the Dark Area, but there are still many mysteries.


Living deep in the heart of the forest, Fangmon is a Demon Beast Digimon that preys upon those who lose their way. It is said that it is definitely the data of the Big Bad Wolf that appears within many fairy-tales, become a Digimon, and once it sets its sights on a prey they will never escape, as it sometimes goes so far as to disguise itself as someone dear to its prey in order to get closer. It has a heretical existence among Dog and Wolf-species Digimon, and if Garurumon is a being of the light, then Fangmon is a being of darkness.

  • The Big Bad Wolf: Fangmon is directly based on data of the monstrous wolves of fairytales and adopts many of their traits, such as lurking in forests to prey on those who lose their way; its habit of disguising itself as its prey's loved ones is lifted directly from Little Red Riding Hood's classic version of the Big Bad Wolf.
  • Breath Weapon: Blast Coffin is a darkness-based one.
  • Savage Wolves: A vicious, savage and cruel lupine beast that lurks in forests to prey on the unwary.
  • Too Many Belts: Its legs are covered in belts.


A Beast Man Digimon with many large spikes sprouting out of its body. It has sharp red claws that can slice anything, and yellow quills that inject energy into whatever it pierces. It has a carefree personality, the kind that likes to collect soft material that help it to sleep easily in its nest or search for its favorite foods.


A Beast Digimon with the alias "Soaring Lion". It guards a certain ruins site in the Digital World, and is also a caring leader-figure.

  • Fiery Lion: It's a winged lion with fire constantly pouring from the mechanical implants on its head, legs and tail. All of its attacks involve fire in some way — Flame Dive has it charge from the sky while Wreathed in Flames, Fira Claw is exactly what it sounds like and Fira Bomb lobs a burning projectile at its target.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Flame Dive is one that is conducted while Wreathed in Flames.
  • Panthera Awesome: It's basically a winged lion.

FlareLizarmon (FlareRizamon)

A Flame Dragon Digimon whose entire body is wreathed in flames. It is a hot-blooded Digimon that possesses both a heart that burns like fire and the power of a dragon. Although the flames throughout its body are generated by its high-temperature skin combusting, its skin has remarkable regenerative abilities, and so FlareLizarmon is able to continue burning until it is extinguished. In addition, the claws on both its arms are scorched in the flames across its body and have become extremely hot, so that opponent it has torn apart suffers double damage from being both lacerated and burned.


An Insect Digimon that possesses gigantic, baleful wings. With these wings it's able to fly about at extremely high speed, and it generates a great howling noise while in flight, completely numbing the sense of hearing of those who hear it. Its body is protected by a hard shell, and it pinches the opponent between its giant talons and brings about death with the super-powerful stinger on its tail. Although the evolutionary processes of Insect Digimon are still unclear, it is thought that it evolved from a Kunemon-species, guessing by the appearance of its face.


A Digimon whose form resembles that of the oni from eastern legends. It belongs to the same family as Orgemon, sporting the same violent, battle-loving personality. The attacks dealt using its well-developed muscles pack extraordinary power, and bring about absolute destruction.

Galgomon (Gargomon)

A Beast Man Digimon that evolved from Terriermon, and a Hunter Digimon skilled in hunting. Despite its outward appearance, it uses attacks of unparalleled accuracy to reliably bring down the opponent with its nimble movements. Its leg strength is strong enough for it to jump sky high, and it is also able to spread out its ears to glide. Although it usually has a cheerful personality, once it is angered it gets out of hand. Its favorite "D-VI'S 503xx" jeans are its obsession.


Gaomon's physique has gotten larger, as a Beast Digimon whose steadily growing claws are protected by gloves. Although it is a quadruped, with its tenacious leg strength it can also stand up to attack like a bear.


Covered in blue, white, and silver-colored fur, it is a Beast Digimon resembling a wolf. That fur is as hard as the legendary rare metal Mithril, and since the blades growing from the tips of its shoulders have sharp edges, anything that touches them is cut to pieces. As it possesses a furious combat instinct and sinews honed in freezing lands, as well as carnivore-like agility and the accuracy to reliably bring down its targets, it is a being feared by other Digimon. However, it is extremely intelligent, and it faithfully obeys those who it recognizes as its master or leader.

  • An Ice Person: Freeze Fang, Ice Wall and Ice Cannon are ice-based.
  • Breath Weapon: Fox Fire is one that uses blue fire. Ice Wall and Ice Cannon use ice instead.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Its Tai Atari attack does this.
  • Made of Iron: Its fur is made of Mithril. No wonder Gabumon keep such a tight hold on their coats.
  • Man Bites Man: Freeze Fang is an ice-elemental version of this.
  • Mithril: Its fur and claws are made of the stuff, making them into strong armor and deadly weapons.
  • Noble Wolf: It started the franchise standard of The Lancer have a partner who had a wolf-like Digimon. It is itself a loyal partner and faithfully obeys whoever it recognizes as its leader.
  • Playing with Fire: Fox Fire is fire-based.
  • Technicolor Fire: It can breathe blue fire.


Gawappamon (Gwappamon)

A Cyborg Digimon that fused from the data of a music player and the legendary animal, "Kappa". It is always listening to its favorite music in bright and cheerful spirits, but it sheds tears if the disc-like part on its head is damaged.


An Amphibian Digimon that charms those around it with a pleasant voice that's hard to imagine by looking at its bizarre appearance. The chords produced from the three holes at the tip of its tounge and the ad-libing of the horn coiled around its neck allow it to control the opponent's emotions as it pleases. It is rumoured to have been born when a famous piece was written in music composition software, so it has become sort of a status symbol among the musicians of the world.

  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Its Crash Symphony and Noisy Echo attacks are both sound-based.
  • Multi Purpose Tongue: Its tongue, which ends in three holes, can be used to produce music like wind instrument. In addition to that, it has an attack that's literally called Tongue Attack.
  • Musical Assassin: It has an attack called Crash Symphony.


A unique Digimon that is conjectured to be a subspecies of Greymon. Its body and the carapace on its head have also developed like a full-length lethal weapon, and its appearance has become more aggressive.


A Mollusk Digimon belonging to the same species as Numemon. Although its offensive power is low, it makes up for that with its ferocity, which is such that it will attack no matter who the opponent is. The opponent would then turn the tables on it, as expected, but its obstinacy leads it to immediately forget such instances and continue to endlessly start fights with tough opponents.


A Digimon which has the shape of a squid and inhabits the depths of the Net Ocean. Although it is feared as the "White Demon of the Depths", it is highly intelligent and will not harm Digimon outside of its territory. However, if they seem to cross into its territory even for a moment, it will attack them like a fierce, raging god. Its attack style specializes in "Hit and Away", in which it inflicts a single blow as it withdraws from the spot.

Gesomon -X


Ginkakumon is a taciturn boy giant that is feared as one of the "Gold and Silver Oni Brothers" alongside its big sister Kinkakumon. The Beni Hisago that it carries on its back is Kinkakumon's drink, and it's said that the inside is connected to somewhere in a different dimension, and that Digimon who are hurled to this different dimension are converted to alcohol. It is always worrying for its big sister Kinkakumon out of love. It warmly watches over even Kinkakumon's misbehavior, and if there is an unscrupulous fellow approaching its big sister, it throws them with enough power to shake a mountain. If Kinkakumon is aboard the cockpit in its abdomen, then Ginkakumon's power becomes as mighty as should be expected from a big sister and a little brother. Being boarded is secretly a happy time for Ginkakumon.

Ginkakumon Promote

A form that is activated when Ginkakumon and Kinkakumon reach the peak of their anger. Kinkakumon uses its instincts to steer Ginkakumon, whose power has increased significantly.

  • Battle Aura: It has a gold one, but otherwise looks like the default Ginkakumon.


A Beast Dragon Digimon that wears the armor of robust Japanese style over its entire body. Despite its heavy appearance it drifts gracefully through the air, fighting while parrying enemy attacks with its smooth, very tough armor. With the courage to parry enemy attacks head-on, the power of observation to vacate the Brink enemy attacks, it is good at attack of breakthrough power preeminence that does not flinch any enemy Digimon. It is estimated that it is the evolution of a "Prototype Digimon" with an old style interface on the forehead.

Gizmon: AT (Gizumon-AT)


Gokimon (Roachmon)

This black-lustered body is the very cockroach that everyone hates. It moves around stealthily and nimbly, and runs away even faster. Although you can hardly expect it to have offensive or defensive ability, because of its immeasurable stamina, it shows itself at its best when it comes to a protracted war.


Its body is made of gold, a very rare metal. GoldNumemon were "born" from the Numemon that lives in Goldine Mine, after taking the goldine mineral. They look like golden slugs with a pair of feathered wings, and lots of jewelry.


A Rock / Mineral Digimon that was discovered from the data analysis of an ancient curse. Ancient, forbidden incantations spelling "plague", "curse", and "misfortune" are carved onto its back, and it seems those incantations protect it from the gas it emits. About 90% of its body is composed of rock data, and it survives by fastening its arms and legs. It is an emotionless Digimon that will not take action without being ordered to.

Gorimon (Gorillamon)

A Power Digimon endowed with the arm strength to crush anything and the leg strength to crush things underfoot no matter how hard they are. However, it surprises the opponent with light movements that aren't expected from its physique, and seizes the opportunity to add to the attack with the Energy Cannon on its right hand. It found its aesthetic in "Hit And Away".


A Dinosaur Digimon whose cranial skin has hardened so that it is covered in a rhinoceros beetle-like shell. It is an extremely aggressive Digimon, with a body like a lethal weapon, covered in sharp claws and gigantic horns. However, it is highly intelligent, and if you're able to tame it then there probably isn't any monster as strong. The Greymon that inhabit the Folder Continent don't have frenzied personalities, and because of their great intellect they are able to use fighting styles that rely on cooperation with their comrades.

  • Fireballs: Bit Fire involves it spitting a small one.
  • Horn Attack: Great Antler, Great Horn Attack, Horn Impulse and Horn Spiral are standard ones. Fire Horn is a fire-elemental one.
  • Playing with Fire: It has plenty of fire attacks.
  • Tail Slap: Tail Whip and Tail Crash.


Greymon Virus

A Virus attribute Greymon with a blueish-black body. While it has been called a "Feral Greymon", befitting its more violent disposition, it is in no way a lone wolf and possesses enough intelligence to work together with its allies as a team.

  • Breath Weapon: Its Mega Flame and Bit Fire attacks have it shoot fire from its mouth.
  • Fireballs: It shoots fireballs at its targets when using its Mega Flame and Bit Fire attacks.
  • Horn Attack: Its Mega Antler, Great Horn and Fire Horn attacks have it attempt to gore its foes with its horns, in the latter case after engulfing them in fire.
  • Palette Swap: A blue rather than orange Greymon.


Gryzzmon (Grizzlymon)

Its body is clearly massive, and its fangs and claws conceal a deadly ability, but though its appearance is ferocious, it is a Beast Digimon which possesses the spirit of an honorable martial artist. It can nimbly dodge the opponent's attacks, turning them aside, as with its exceptional grappling sense it doesn't need to rely on its own attacks. Though Gryzmon never starts fights, once someone makes it angry it will stand up on its back legs and knock them down with its heavyweight forelegs, "Kuma Tsume". With just this blow, most Digimon suffer a mortal wound as strong as the power they possess. These "Kuma Tsume" appear to have been imitated in Waru Monzaemon's "Bear Claw" equipment.

Growmon (Growlmon)

A Demon Dragon Digimon that is called the "Deep-crimson Demon Dragon". The childishness it had when it was Guilmon has vanished, and it evolved into a wilder, more brutal Digimon. Also, although it is a Virus Digimon, it may even battle for justice depending on how it was raised by its Tamer, because it will be faithfully obedient. Growmon's roar has the power to shake the solid earth, and before battle it raises its voice to an offensive roar to intimidate the opponent.

Growmon Orange (Growlmon Orange)

A Growmon that has become an orange-coloured Data type. Compared to the Virus-type, its usual personality is calmer, but it will quickly become agitated if something occurs.


A Machine Digimon that protects the computer network's defense wall. It originally worked with the Net Keeper Giromon to repulse those who would illegally enter through the defense wall. However, malicious hackers noticed its ironclad defensive ability and infected Guardromon with a computer virus, using it to protect themselves from the vaccine-types justice brigade known as the Virus Busters. Because its programming command are basically purely defensive in nature, the change in allegiance to defending the intruders did not pose a huge problem for Guardromon.

  • Action Bomb: Its Red Alert attack is a self-destruct move.
  • Arm Cannon: Deploys missiles from its arms.
  • Eye Beams: Its Warning Laser attack fires beams from its eyes.

Guardromon (Gold)


A beast Digimon which is very similar to Garurumon. As a fiendish Digimon that lives in the dark, it is a nuisance that causes trouble everywhere.


A legendary Beast Man Digimon covered in golden-coloured body fur. Although there have been many sightings of it in the central Asian area of the Network, evidence proving its existence has not been found as of yet. It is extremely rare, and is said to be treated as a phantom Digimon by a group of people due its exceptional skill in repelling malicious computer viruses and similar entities. There have also been rumours of it circling the network at high speeds while riding atop something resembling a puff of smoke.


A Mutant-type Digimon which takes the form of a pirate. Armed with a sharp claw on its right hand, it courageously and resolutely travels the Net Ocean, ever searching for the phantom White Whamon.


A species of Orgemon that inhabits cold places. It is very territorial, and will attack in rage the moment anyone takes even a step into its territory (apparently, there are times when it even gets into fights with Mojyamon).


A Fallen Angel Digimon with a heart as cold as ice. It is said to be an evolved form of a Devimon with an especially cruel heart among other Devimon. As it specializes in deceiving the enemy with its way with words, it wraps them up in its ice wings and freezes them.


A Digimon whose body is made of ice. Whether it is an evolution or mutation of Gotsumon is still a mystery, and research is being done on that matter.

Igamon (Ninjamon)

A mysterious Digimon wearing a red mask. It is wandering the Digital World and building its training. It is a master of espionage, and if it is hiding within the trees of a forest, or hiding underwater, catching sight of its figure is considerably difficult. Also, although it differs in school and doctrine from Revolmon, who is also one of the "Virus Busters", they are comrades in arms since olden times, and are also good rivals.


A Sea Animal Digimon discovered by the computer of an Arctic exploration base. Its thick fur and stout body are structured so that it can endure even the freezing lands. Its sharp horn is made of "Mithril", one of the rare metals, and the skin under its fur is just as hard. The portions of its soles where its claws attach are heat tops that are able to give off high temperatures at will. As such, it's able to maintain a tight footing when on ice, but it isn't able to move very nimbly. When in battle, it will intimidate the opponent with an impressive roar similar to a lion's.

J-Mojyamon (Junglemojyamon)

A Digimon who inhabits the depths of the jungle. It views its territory as a sacred land, and will not forgive anyone who intrudes upon its territory.


Among newly discovered Digimon, it is a fairly unique Insect Digimon. The details of how it evolved into an Insect-type are unclear, but it has both ant-like power and the flawless defensive ability possessed by a beetle. As its personality is that of an insect itself, it only possesses the instincts for survival, and as a result it has no intelligence or anything similar. It swoops down on hostile Virus Digimon without mercy. Its head has been metallized, and boasts the defense of an iron wall.

KaratsukiNumemon (ShellNumemon)

A Crustacean Digimon, it is a Numemon that made use of its intelligence and found a shell to cover itself in order to protect its body. As a result, while it is slightly more intelligent than Numemon, it in turn grew a cowardly personality, and will retreat into its shell in shock at even the slightest disturbance. Its defense is extremely high while it is holed up inside its shell, remaining firm even when it is kicked or stepped on.


Kinkakumon is a rampaging girl that is feared as one of the "Gold and Silver Oni Brothers" alongside its little brother Ginkakumon. Since it's the type to rush headlong into a love affair, it's a romantic Digimon that will begin violently attacking if there's a Digimon it's interested in. In addition, because it is a thoughtless person prone to making silly mistakes and jumping to the wrong conclusion, if it falls in love with its opponent then the misunderstanding will cause a ruckus. Because it has a confident personality but is naive in the ways of love, it strikes the opponent and sends them soaring if it's bashful, and strikes them dolefully if it's snubbed, so no matter how many lives the opponent it likes has, they aren't enough.


A mythical ancient Digimon that was said to have been overhunted to extinction due to the spread of the internet. Although it is a Bird Digimon, its wings have completely degenerated so it is unable to fly in the air. Furthermore, it possesses the makeup of a plant-type and is able to perform photosynthesis with the leaf-like things growing on its head, providing itself with nourishment. It has no other way of defending itself aside from the hard shell that covers its head, and it is easily attacked by intruders due to its docile personality.

  • Armless Biped: Due to its basis in a flightless bird with no visible wings, Kiwimon has no limbs besides its powerful legs.
  • Dem Bones: Its head looks like a skull.
  • Informed Species: Aside from the long beak, it's not very kiwi-like, looking more like an extinct terror bird with an elongated, mask-like beak.
  • Not So Extinct: According to the anime, at least, Kiwimon are still around.
  • Planimal: It has leaves growing out of its head.
  • Weaponized Offspring: It can order the much smaller ChibiKiwimon to attack on its behalf.


It is an expert at throwing its gigantic Darts. Although it is unskilled in close combat, it jumps over the opponent with its thoroughbred-like leg strength to confound them. Its catchphrase is, "Joust!".


A shinobi Digimon who dons a purple mask and lives in the darkness. It is in the midst of travelling the Digital World in order to hone its kouga-style ninjitsu. It is rarely encountered as it often moves from shadow to shadow to avoid being seen by others.


An insect Digimon armed with gigantic pincers on its head. Like Kabuterimon, it has combat abilities that far exceed those of similar species that inhabit File Island. It is protected by a tenacious power and a sturdy shell, and in particular, as the power of its pincers is super-powerful, once it clamps an enemy it will squeeze until the opponent's life is extinguished. There is a perfect rivalry between it and Kabuterimon, and there is only "conflict" between them.

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: A giant hostile red stag beetle with powerful jaws.
  • Eyeless Face: Like many other insect Digimon, Kuwagamon has no eyes — its head is covered by an unbroken plate of chitin.
  • Japanese Beetle Brothers: It's a Type C example with Kabuterimon in the anime, as they have no links beyond both existing in the same world. They have a somewhat closer link in the games, as both evolve from the ladybug-like Tentomon.


Although it instinctively regards Vaccine-species as its enemies, it has gone even as far as treating Data-species as its enemies and attacks them, so its nature as a Virus-species has become more intense.

  • Facial Markings: The markings on Kuwagamon's head now extend down to its jaw from a crest.
  • From Bad to Worse: A regular Kuwagamon is an ax-crazy rampager anyway. The effects of the X-Antibody means that Kuwagamon is now even less discriminate in its rampages.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Its Crunch Arm attack has it stomp its enemy to within an inch of their life before finishing them off with its pincers.


A Bewitching Beast Digimon in the shape of a giant fox with nine tails. Although it is feared as a bewitching beast that brings about destruction and ruin, in ancient times it was revered as a messenger that appeared in times of peace. It is said that even among Renamon, only those with the most outstanding abilities and who have amassed the most experience can evolve into Kyubimon. While its attack power isn't actually high, it in turn specializes in magical techniques that utilize its tremendous physical strength. It is said to be able to spring across the sky with its four feet blazing with blue flames.

Kyubimon Silver


A Digimon whose entire body is made out of lava, and spouts mineral dust as it goes about its activities. It is poor at flying despite having wings, so it mainly moves about by crawling on the ground. Contrary to its sluggish appearance, its crawling speed is extremely fast, and it closes in on the enemy in an instant. Although it has a friendly personality and will let those it trusts near it without any reservations, others tend to stay as far away as they can from it out of fear that the flammable mineral dust it spouts may cause an explosion.


A Beast Man Digimon that has gained astounding jumping ability, and uses its swift movement to toy with its enemies. Although its personality is as wavering as the phases of the moon, its appearance exudes a somewhat mystical air.

  • Making a Splash: Its "Moon Night Bomb" attack has it generate water bubbles which it uses to put enemies to sleep.


A Beast Man Digimon which is called the "King of Beasts", as well as the "Noble Hero". While most Digimon are savage, it possesses a strong purpose and a heart of justice, and has defeated great numbers of fiendish Digimon. Also, it is a rival to the "Digimon Hunter" Orgemon, who runs the whole gamut of destruction. Its tough body, which has been well-tempered by daily training, can endure any attack, and with the ultimate mystery of its Special Move "Jūouken", it chokes the life out of the opponent. On its waist, it carries a sentient magical sword called "Shishiou-maru".

  • Cat Folk: A burly humanoid lion.
  • Cool Sword: Its Shishiou-maru sword, which is alive and magic.
  • Fiery Lion: It has an attack called "Fist of the Beast King", which consists of punching (instead of throwing) a fireball shaped like a lion's head.
  • Hand Blast: Jūouken and Jūouha.
  • Running Gag: Any time Leomon appears, it's almost certain to die.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Leomon in the anime has a tendency to tragically and unexpectedly die, with his death serving as a signal of just how bad things are getting for the heroes.
  • Shaping Your Attacks: Fist of the Beast King is an energy blast shaped like a lion's head that is projected from his fist.


In order to defeat more fiendish Digimon to enforce its justice, it mastered fencing through intense training besides physical training. It freely manipulates its longsword "Juga-Maru" and its magical sword "Shishiou-maru", which are said to have been increased in sharpness due to its many battles, by dual wielding them, so it is definitely a "beast gladiator". Since its red mantle was obtained when it confronted an Ultimate Digimon, it is said to be proof that it is a hero.

  • Badass Cape: Has a huge cape, which it got from Dukemon after fighting it.


A Holy Beast Digimon that exudes the style of a "King", even though it is only an Adult. It is said to be a Digimon that evolved from Liollmon, but there are even fewer surviving individuals than those of Liollmon, so its existence is becoming an "illusion". It tends to prefer capturing prey that is stronger than itself, and it has often been observed commencing an attack against an Ultimate Digimon without even flinching.

Mechanorimon (Mekamorimon)

A Powered Suit Digimon used exclusively by tiny Digimon, and is the first Vehicle Digimon in the Digital World. It is a unique Digimon that is unable to move on its own and is incapable of action unless it is being piloted by another Digimon. Considering its Virus attribute, the pilot Digimon can probably be considered a Virus attribute, too. It is a Digimon that is still in development, and if it is overworked then its computer kernel (Digicore) will totally overheat.

  • Animate Inanimate Object: Averted, actually, unlike other object-based Digimon. Mechanorimon have to be piloted in order to do anything.
  • Flawed Prototype: The first Vehicle type Digimon. It's got a few bugs - it's got no free will of its own, and tends to completely overheat if pushed too far.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Its Twinkle Beam attack shoots lasers.


A Champion Digimon characterized by its large ears and tail. Despite being hard to imagine, based on its fluffy coat of fur and adorable appearance, it actually possesses sharp claws underneath its paws. Other than hiding its shy face, the two feelers growing from Meicoomon's neck are also excellent to use as a scarf in cold times.

  • Animal Stereotypes: It has an attack called Trichobezoar, a veterinary term referring to hairballs.
  • Barrier Warrior: They're capable of producing levitating force fields to protect themselves or others.
  • The Corruptible: Every single one of its evolutionary line has a regular form and a fallen version, which tend to be vicious berserkers.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Meikuumon has green eyes with cross-shaped pupils.
  • Expy: Of Gatomon. They're both based on cats, are Champions/Adults the size of Rookies/Children and in the Adventure series, they're the partners of the Sixth Rangers. Meikuumon was even specifically created for tri. to fill this role. Taken even further with its Rookie and In-training forms which are literally just palette swaps of Plotmon and Nyaromon in Meicoomon's colours.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: As mentioned above, it's the same size as a Rookie/Child, not even three feet tall.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Their eyes tend to turn red whenever they're preparing an attack.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: It is a very cute looking feline Digimon, based on a breed of cat called the Maine Coon.


A Flame Digimon whose entire body is shrouded in crimson flames. A Digimon that was generated from the defensive "Firewall", which protects the Internet and such from illegal entries, it possesses a temperament as violent as the flames that engulf its body, so it will try to incinerate all that touch it. The strength of its fire is more than that of its File Island variant, so taming this Digimon is extremely difficult. Even when it is tamed, there's no telling when it could bare its fangs.

  • Elemental Punch: Two different fire-based ones.
  • Magma Man: It can summon lava with Magma Bomb.
  • Playing with Fire: It's a being of living fire with a lot of fire-based attacks, apparently due to generating from Internet firewalls.


A never-before-seen calico cat-like Beast Digimon. It is said that the data of Nyaromon slept within its body through the Child phase, but re-manifested as an Adult. However, because it is not a Holy Beast, it does not wear a "Holy Ring". As it is a very intelligent Digimon, it is usually calm and docile, but when it comes to battle it makes sport of the enemy with its nimble movements, and fights using its specialty martial arts.

  • Palette Swap: It's a data-attribute, calico recolor of the vaccine-attribute, white Tailmon.


A dark Digimon that possesses strong Darkside power. Although its movements are not swift, it has extremely firm skin, so it won't yield to ordinary attacks. The "Demon Arm" on its left hand can floor opponents over a considerably wide range, so that no matter how far away they are they won't be able to escape.

  • A Load of Bull: It's based off of the minotaur but, interestingly enough, its exposed jaw and the zipper running down its chest suggest that it's an entirely different creature wearing a minotaur costume.
  • Arm Cannon: Its left arms terminates in one capable of causing earthquakes.
  • Named Weapon: "Demon Arm" is the name of the cannon attached to its arm.


A hairy Rare Animal Digimon completely covered in white fur. It lives in the hinterland of snowy mountains, and it is very unlikely to come across one. There are many reported sightings of Mojyamon, but no evidence to prove its existence, so for a long period it was considered to be a Digimon based on myths. With its carefree personality, it is never belligerent. However, it considers its den and territory to be sacred ground, and it will never permit this sacred ground to be invaded.

  • Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti: Its thick white hair, rarity and elusiveness, apelike appearances and residence in high, snowy mountains make Mojyamon very reminiscent of the yeti.
  • Dance Battler: It has an attack called Dancing Punch.


An Ankylosaurus Digimon that has grown a rhinoceros-like horn on its snout. Its huge horn becomes large enough to account for half its body length as it grows. The hard substance covering parts of its horn and half its body possesses hardness of the same quality as diamond, and it is said that there is nothing that cannot be penetrated by this horn. Monochromon can be said to be a Digimon that excels in both offense and defense. As it is herbivorous, it has a relatively docile personality, but once it is angered, it will continue to unleash terrifying counterattacks from its body like a heavy tank.




What was originally the data of a samurai master from an overseas video game had become infected by a computer virus, and evolved to become this armored warrior Digimon. Its countless battles with Digimon have reduced it to its current appearance as an ochimusha, but this can also be said to be proof of this Digimon's terrifying combat ability and vitality. Musyamon is the very image of a savage warrior who continues to live through its endless battles. The demon sword it wields in its right hand, Shiratorimaru, is engraved with a forbidden curse that causes it to steal the lifeforce of any Digimon it cuts, and is said to grow sharper for every thousand Digimon it slays.

  • Animal Battle Aura: Its Kirisute Gomen attack generates a fiery one around its sword.
  • Flaming Sword: Its preferred method of attacking.
  • The Rival: It wants to challenge Leomon to a showdown to determine who has the better sword.
  • Technicolor Fire: It can generate blue fire on its sword.


A Digimon whose true identity is unknown, it arrived in the Digital World from another dimension in order to invade it. It was known by the title "Oyaji" in the other dimension, where it was raised as a digital pet. While it loves alcohol and has an oppressive personality, ever since it invaded this Digital World (though the exact details regarding its invasion are unknown), it evolved to become more active and evolved into Nanimon. It trained and strengthened its body through battle, influenced by the Digital World's survival-of-the-fittest environment; however, no one knows the true extent of its abilities. Even so, it is said that a Nanimon that has fought and won countless battles will evolve into its ultimate form.

  • Big Bad Wannabe: It wants to invade and conquer the Digital World, but even if it wasn't a Champion alone, there are numerous Digimon who would easily walk past Nanimon without breaking stride.
  • Expy: Of the Tamagotchi species Oyajitchi. Many of Nanimon's sprites in the virtual pet it debuted in are edits of that of Oyajitchi's, and its description suggests that it might even be related. Additionally, the original name of its Power Punch technique is Oyaji Punch.


An imperfect duplicate of a Beast Digimon, Drimogemon. NiseDrimogemon is set apart from its original counterpart by its single-lined pair of mustache as well as its drill and claws being colored dark purple instead of steel grey. At least it is competent at drilling.

  • Palette Swap: Of Drimogemon, though the change is fairly minor.


A Mollusk Digimon which possesses a slug-like body. It prefers dark, gloomy environments, and has neither offensive power nor intelligence. A Digimon becomes a Numemon if mistakes are made in raising it, but as a matter of fact there appears to be some hidden secret... in order to defend itself against intruders, it uses a disgusting attack in which it throws its own poop.

  • Breath Weapon: Its Chou Akushuu Funsha attack is a poisonous one.
  • Joke Character: Weak, stupid, and disgusting. Usually the only way to get a Numemon is to raise a Digimon poorly. Really poorly.
  • Mythology Gag: The "hidden secret" mentioned is that Numemon is (or was) one of the few Digimon in the early days capable of evolving into Monzaemon. Score one for the disgusting sludge.
  • Toilet Humor: Several of its attacks are based around this.

Numemon X-Antibody

The grime on its body turns into tiny Numemon, which then fall off and float around the main body. Although it goes around flaunting the X-Antibody it holds in its mouth, it is so covered in drool that not a single Digimon would think of stealing it.

  • Cowardly Lion: Weak and disgusting it may be, but Numemon will stand up against stronger enemies to protect its friends.
  • Joke Character: A Numemon with its powers enhanced by the X-Antibody... is still pretty weak and pathetic by Digimon standards.

Octmon (Octomon)

A fiendish hacker, it is a Mollusk Digimon discovered from the virus it used to crash a rival's research computer. It has a nasty habit of collecting things; the tips of its tentacles are affixed with claws obtained from a Devidramon's data, and it is clad throughout with Digi-Treasure which it gathered from the bottom of the Net Ocean. Fujitsumon, a kind of tiny Shellfish-type Digimon, cling to the pot it wears on its head. These Fujitsumon develop their senses, and it is thought that they have formed a symbiotic relationship so that if they sense danger they inform Octmon.


A Puppet Digimon born from the data of a certain computer's design drawing. It doesn't know who it is, so for now, it dresses as one of the holy "Royal Knights", who are famous among Digimon. Its Rakugaki Rocket, which fires off the pen it carries on its back like a rocket, stains the body, annoying other Digimon. As for the pen, it seems it found it within a certain computer's art software.

  • Abnormal Ammo: It can use that giant pen slung across its back as a missile.
  • Fanboy: Of Omegamon, the Digimon it's imitating
  • Shout-Out: It basically is a LEGO Minifigure.

Orgemon (Ogremon)

A Digimon whose form resembles that of the oni from Eastern legends. The attacks it performs using its absurdly developed muscles exhibit tremendous destructive power. Although it has high intelligence, it has a violent temperament, and there is no limit to the destruction it brings about with anger acting as its driving force. Due to its intense love for battle, it will boldly challenge opponents that greatly surpass it in combat ability, earning it the nickname "Digimon Hunter". The Hone Konbou it wields in its right arm was earned from defeating SkullGreymon in battle.

Orgemon X (Ogremon X)

Its cruelty and wild temperament has intensified, turning it into a crazed warrior that attacks with glee. It wields an axe made by fusing an electric guitar and an electric chainsaw together as a weapon, and uses it to play out its soul (Digicore)'s excitement in the form of a rock rhythm.

  • The Berserker: Thanks to the X-Antibody amplifying its violent temperament.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: Its weapon has visible bloodstains on it.
  • Chainsaw Good/Instrument of Murder: Its new weapon is a combination chainsaw and electric guitar. While it prefers to use it as a weapon, it can still play music on the thing.
  • Shock and Awe: It can electrify its weapon by playing music with it before attacking for its WEEK END attack.


The evolved form of Bulcomon. It can freely manipulate and use its large wings of ice to fly at high speed, even in foul weather. Changes in climate resulting in temperature differences usually do not have much effect on Paledramon. However, when facing Digimon such as Meramon, its body will start melting and shrinking just like its Child form, causing it to weaken. It cares very greatly for its comrades; if a comrade it has fought together with finds themselves in trouble, it will drop everything to rush to their aid.


A Bird Digimon with powerful leg strength, such that it would be faster for it to run than fly in the air.


A Digimon which has the appearance of a boy that dances freely in the sky. It tempts young and childish Digimon that refuse to evolve with, "Let's make a country just for children," calling them to the children's world of "Never-Ever Land" that it built. It's said to have a naive and innocent personality, but thanks to its purity there a brutality lurks within. In particular, although it calls it a "Pretend Punishment", it mercilessly beats Digimon who break their promises. With Petermon's first-class handling of its sword, it delicately manipulates the knife on its hip to punish the opponent.

Pidmon (Piddomon)

A two-winged Angel Digimon clad in a brilliant white robe. Like Angemon, its existence is one of absolute virtue, and its mission is the destruction of all evil. It is a warrior of justice which fights wielding its favoured Holy Rod in its right hand.

PlatinumScumon (PlatinumSukamon)

A poop-shaped Digimon that shines like platinum. It is a species of Scumon that absorbed the data of minor metals, giving it a luxurious appearance, but its abilities are at the same level as Scumon. It appears not to have powered up in any significant way.

  • Palette Swap: A silver-white recolor of the normally yellow Sukamon.
  • Toilet Humor: Its design and attacks are based around this — it's a living, talking turd that pelts its foes with more of the same.


Categorized as one of the Red Data Digimon species, it is a rare Digimon that fears its extinction. Although it was not originally a species that inhabited the Dark Area, it was driven off by various species of Digimon, and now it lives in the Dark Area. Its body is covered in a special razor material, and although its wickedly-dressed suit is an extreme adaptation, it is thought to be camouflage in order to stay alive in the violent Dark Area.

  • Endangered Species: They were driven out of their original territory by other Digimon, and took up residence in the Hell of the Digital World, which hasn't helped them at all.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather: Porcupamon is covered in a special leather suit, just in order to stay alive.
  • Spikes of Villainy: They're actually hairs.

Raptordramon (Reptiledramon)

A Cyborg Digimon that transformed itself from a wild Digimon that possessed a predatory instinct into a basis for modifications, in order to reliably bring down its targets. Because the ferocious nature it possesses is too strong for its organic body to bear, it remodeled them with their corresponding weight in pure Chrome Digizoid metal, restraining their capacity for movement. However, whether it has high power output and flying ability or not is due largely to the organic body of the wild Digimon, before it was modified. Although it's small, if it gradually releases those abilities, it has the capability to easily bring down even a massive Digimon in a single blow.


An undead Digimon whose muscles have all rotted away. It tried to extent its life by mechanising its body, but it destabilised its body, and its configuration data has begun to break down. However, because it was given life by those machines, it will not die, and survives with this grotesque appearance. Because its body has broken down, its offensive power and mental capacity are non-existant, and it acts on instinct. It gives off a foul stench from its entire body, so that Digimon up to the Rookie level will simply run away, and will not be its opponent until they grown to the Champion level.

  • Acid Attack: It vomits out a wave of acid as its primary attack.
  • Breath Weapon: It weaponizes bad breath.
  • Cyborg: One gone horribly wrong: Raremon's what happens when a Digimon's attempt to fuse with technology to digivolve fails, leaving the unfortunate creature a mass of rotting flesh and malfunctioning mechanical implants.
  • Super Spit: It spits acidic sludge.
  • The Undead: Mixed with And I Must Scream — Raremon is somewhere between being barely alive and being a heap of rotting flesh crudely animated by its cybernetics.

RedVdramon (RedVeedramon)


A strengthened version of Vegimon, whose entire body has ripened and turned red. It has high intelligence and offensive ability, unlike Vegiemon, who is still unripe. This red, ripened form is Vegimon's true form, and it is possible that the harsher environments found on the Folder Continent caused Vegiemon to take on this original form. Its personality has turned even more devious and cunning.


A kamaitachi-like Digimon whose tail has become a blade. There is a will in the blade on its tail, and it has become possible for it to cope even with attacks that surprise it from behind. However, it isn't suited for mutual communication, and it has been seen quarreling with its tail in the middle of battle. It prefers to fight within forests, and it skillfully employs its claws and tail to easily climb trees, so close attention is necessary when fighting Reppamon in the forest.

Revolmon (Deputymon)

A mutated Digimon whose body has become a gun barrel. Although the details of how it was born are completely unclear, it has a deep sense of justice and acts as a "Virus Buster". The "Virus Busters" exterminate the spirit of "Evil" possessed even among Vaccines and especially by Viruses, and are Digimon who have the ability to Delete. Also, it has another side that loves gambling, and since it really loves Russian roulette, it is likely to overlook even a Virus Digimon if it can get through Russian roulette, and is unable to hate them for a little while.

  • Bowdlerise: There was no way in Hell this guy's name was going to get past censors. So they went with Deputymon.
  • Guns Akimbo: In addition to the one on its body, it dual-wields two smaller revolvers.

Rukamon (Dolphmon)

A unique signal that originated within software for researching communication between different kinds of groups changed into a Digimon, as an Aquatic Mammal Digimon with a unique existence. Due to its habitat being limited to the sea, it became able to move about the sea at high speed. As expected from its appearance, it possesses advanced intelligence, but its form of thought is too complex for a normal person to understand. Although it is a species that doesn't like useless battles, it won't go easy against an opponent that comes and challenges it.


A Digimon shrouded in black flames. Due to the roughness of its temperament, for which it continues counterattacks against enemies to a ferocious degree, it's difficult to even approach it.

  • Evil Counterpart: A hostile and aggressive mirror to the more passive Birdramon.
  • Feathered Dragons: Just like Birdramon, it's first and foremost a bird Digimon, but its name, its snaggle-fanged and its control over fire mark it as a very avian member of the dramon family of draconic Digimon.
  • Feathered Fiend: A hostile and aggressive bird Digimon too dangerous for most people to even approach.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: It has an attack called Night Roar.
  • Palette Swap: A black recolor of the orange Birdramon.
  • Toothy Bird: Just like Birdramon, it has a fanged mouth instead of a beak.



A noble, bloodsucking wolf Digimon. It is a considerably old species of Digimon, and is said to have survived since the Genesis of the Digital World. Digimon who have had their blood sucked by Sangloupmon have all the information drawn out of their Digicores, cease vital functions, and die. Sangloupmon is able to instantaneously move to different places as it rushes about the Net by breaking down its data into packets at its own volition. For this reason it is said to be very difficult to capture Sangloupmon.

Scumon (Sukamon)

A repulsive, poop-shaped Digimon that shines golden. It was born from the accumulation and mutation of scrap data thrown into the recycle bin of a computer desktop. It likes dark places, and being a pile of scrap data, it is similar to Numemon in that it is often hated by other Digimon. Its intelligence and offensive abilities are non-existent. Its partner, Tyumon, is a small rat-like Digimon who does not fight, but is unparalleled when it comes to cunning and is always coaxing Scumon into performing bad deeds.


An Aquatic Digimon that has a long, serpentine body. Using its long body, it wreathes itself around enemies that are coming to attack, and constricts until the enemy suffocates. Naturally, it doesn't have intelligence or speech, and it swims around the Net Ocean leisurely according to its instincts.

  • An Ice Person: Seadramon has three different ice-based attacks.
  • Breath Weapon: It has one called Ice Arrow, which blurs the line between ice and water attacks by firing supercooled water, and a water-based one called Water Breath.
  • Making a Splash: Water Breath.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: A serpentine sea dragon, and the predecessor of several other dragon Digimon.
  • Sea Monster: Pretty much your average sea serpent, but with more ice attacks.


Its body has been specialized solely for swimming quicker underwater, and its sense of smell underwater has developed further. Although it does not approach anyone bigger than itself, it sniffs out injured Digimon far off in the distance and attack. Rather than its intelligence, its instincts, which it acquired through its struggle to survive, appears strongly.

  • An Ice Person: In addition to its base form's Ice Arrow, it has a continuously-fired version of said attack called Ice Spear.
  • Breath Weapon: Retains both of the regular Seadromon's breath attacks, though Ice Arrow also gets a more powerful variant.


It is said that only the one that passes the "Selection-D", a special selection test that screens through 100 Commandramon, can evolve to Sealsdramon. It is able to move over short distances at speeds that are impossible to percieve with the eyes, and without equipping its camouflage feature or rifle, it has the ability to bring down its "Target" with just its taijutsu. Its primary function is assassination.


Debuted in: The 'Digimon Collectors' V-pet

A digimon of no substance that haunts the shadows of humans and other Digimon. It feeds on the despair of the haunted opponent and transforms it into its own nourishment, and it is said that which fiendish Digimon it evolves to varies by the amount ingested.

  • Animalistic Abomination: A mass of shadow and eyes that ends in a vaguely canine head.
  • Draw Aggro: Inflicts this on its victim.
  • Emotion Eater: It transforms the despair of those it haunts into food it can eat, though it can also eat other emotions and can evolve into multiple different forms depending on what kind of emotions it ate and in what quantities and rations to each other.
  • Energy Absorption: It can also feed on light
  • Extra Eyes: It is a shadow with red eyes distributed across its form.
  • Living Shadow: Which in turn lives in your shadows.
  • Mind Rape: It can create illusions of its target falling over repeatedly.
  • Manipulative Bastard: It can convince nearby Digimon to attack whoever it's haunting.


A hermit crab-like Digimon that lives in the margins of the "Net Ocean". Although it has a turtle-like appearance when its settled inside its shell, for all intents and purposes it has a soft body like a mollusk. Because its body rapidly gets bigger as it grows, it replaces its home each time until it reaches the size of a small mountain. Also, if its body can fit all the way in, it has a habit of settling in completely. Since it has low intelligence and a belligerent personality, you must be careful if you come across a Shellmon.


A sub-species of Unimon which has stripes over its body. Because the data of the unicorn is more highly expressed in its body, it lacks the wings of a Pegasus. For that reason, it is unable to fly in the air, but it races on the land with its powerful legs. Also, its unicorn horn is sharper than Unimon's, and its lethal potential has increased.

  • Breath Weapon: It has one called Luster Shot that fires pulses of green energy.
  • Horn Attack: Its Shima Cone Thrust attack works this way.
  • Palette Swap: A Unimon redone to have zebra stripes and no wings.
  • Shock and Awe: Its Wild Thunder attack fires electricity from its horn.
  • Unicorn: Coming from Unimon itself. In fact, it's more of a unicorn than Unimon, as it lack the latter's wings.
  • Yellow Lightning, Blue Lightning: Its Wild Thunder attack is explicitly stated to use blue lightning.


A Digimon which has the appearance of the the legendary holy beast, the "Siisaa". It has the power to sweep away calamity, and exhibits tremendous power toward evildoers. It is an ally to those that are kind-hearted, and will try to protect its Tamer from every calamity, even if it has to sacrifice its own body. Contrary to its heroic appearance, it usually basks leisurely in the sunlight, due to its docile personality. However, the sunlight is an important factor for Siesamon, because it charges its life energy.

Sistermon Ciel

A Digimon wearing a veil modeled after a mouse, it is Sistermon Blanc's elder sister as well as the twin sister of Noir. Instead of travelling together with Noir and Blanc, it roams around the Digital World investigating unusual phenomena and reports its findings to Gankoomon. Despite its gentle personality, it is strong-willed and popular with the Digimon residing in the places it visits. While it is friendly and leads a peaceful life by day, by night it turns into an assassin who hunts down any troublemakers it receives word of. It has a cherished sword named Shirotsume-Ichimonji (White Clover Line).
  • Gratuitous French: "Ciel" means "Rainbow", although Sistermon Ciel only wears cyan and white.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Ciel's official Japanese introduction throws away their Guns Akimbo in favor of this.
  • Knife Nut: Most of Ciel's abilities feature hidden knives.
  • Palette Swap: Ciel was introduced as a total replacement of Noir (including the same abilities) in Western releases of Hacker's Memory to avoid heat from the Moral Guardians over introducing a sexy nun-type Digimon to children, with the lore stating Ciel is the unseen Noir's twin sister. The official Bandai Twitter then rolled with this, giving Ciel a separate weapon and abilities.

Sistermon Noir

A nun Digimon wearing a klobuk shaped like the head of a black cat, it has a sisterly relationship with Sistermon Blanc. It breaks the ice with its extremely cheerful personality and innocent behavior. It was charged with Hackmon's care by Gankoomon, and is training Hackmon while accompanying Gankoomon on its journey. However, Sistermon Noir is working half for training, half for fun, and will point its guns and laugh even while admitting that Hackmon is sad. A long time ago, in its previous life, it was out on the streets with its younger sister Blanc, but they were saved by Gankoomon just as they were going to collapse from exhaustion. It carries guns called "Anthony" in both hands.


An experimental Digimon that was created at a research facility as a Virus Hunter. It was created from the data of praying mantises, and it tracks its target down as if it were a precise machine. Due to its unfeeling personality, it is feared by both Vaccine and Data-attribute Digimon. The sickles on its arms are honed to their sharpest, making it possible for it to cleanly slice through anything. Although Snimon is a Digimon that doesn't have any eyes, the red antennae growing from its head have become sensors, and are able to accurately pinpoint the target's location.

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Its blade-arms can slice through anything.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: In an exaggeration of a real mantis' trap arms, Snimon's forelimbs end in actual metallic swords.
  • Eyeless Face: As traditional for insect-like Digimon, it has no visible eyes and a flat plate of chitin covering its face. As a result, it uses its antennae to sense the world around it.
  • Light Is Not Good: It is a Vaccine, an attribute normally associated with heroic or holy Digimon, but in most anime series, Snimon is with the villains. Snimon is also described to prey on Virus Digimon, rather than fighting evil doers. One of the few aversions appeared in 02, who is partnered with a Russian Digidestined named Lara.
  • Sword Beam: Its Shadow Sickle attack lets it do this with its sickle arms.
  • Slaying Mantis: A monstrous, dangerous mantis-like monster with literal blades for arms.

Sorcerymon (Sorcermon)

Wizardmon's comrade who came from Witchenly, the Digital World of another dimension. It is adept in the sorcery (high-level programming language) of light and ice, and when it offers prayer, it can heal wounds with its holy power.


A Ghost Digimon constructed from a cursed virus program. As it was a Bakemon that took in data of mages that appear in fantasy stories, the black hat it wears raises its magical powers. Because of this, its attacks that make use of curses or magic are tremendously powerful.

  • Summon Magic: Necro Magic summons the souls of the dead on its enemies.


A Planet Digimon that was accidentally discovered within the planet-analysing software of a space development center. It is a space warrior equipped with a star-shaped armoured suit, and star-marked gloves and boots. Its torn yellow muffler indicates Starmon's combat experience. The eyes at the center of its body are burning with fighting spirit, and are able to convey its will to the opponent without saying a word. In addition, it is able to hypnotize the opponent as an advanced way of using them. It is a hot-blooded Digimon that looks up to the hero, Leomon.


  • Colony Drop: It has an upgraded version of Meteor Squall called Meteor Champion.


An extremely unusual Insect Digimon, which possesses a humanoid shape. It possesses nimble movements and the tough exoskeleton characteristic to Insect Digimon. It excels in its abilities as an assassin, aiming at the opponent's vitals by accurately and keenly discerning the way they carry their body, and specializes in attacks that silence the opponent with a single blow. It is highly intelligent due to its extreme composure, and is the owner of a cool disposition.


The "Commando Dragon" that aims to be a Virus Buster is Strikedramon. Although there are many of its parts that are left-behind traces of Monodramon, like the horn that stretches behind it, because it transformed into the Commander Mode covered in Metal Plate, it can even be seen as a wholly different species. Although it is naturally a kindhearted Digimon since it is part of the Vaccine-species just like Angemon, once it discovers a Virus-species it becomes possessed by the extermination instinct (destruction instinct?), and it won't try to stop fighting until it has reduced the opponent to trash data. It is also said that, at that time, its red hair will burst into scorching flames, and will become bluish-white hair of flames.


A Plant Digimon which resembles a sunflower. If it bathes in the sun's light it becomes very energetic, and even its offensive power rises. On days when the weather is good it will also flap the leaves on its back to fly around.

  • Beam Spam: Sunshine Explosion fires multiple beams.
  • Bullet Seed: Its Sunshine Gun and Sunshine Bazooka attacks fire seeds.
  • Flight: It can fly with the leaflike wings on its back.
  • Plant Person: A humanoid sunflower with a flower-like head.
  • Power of the Sun: Sunshine Beam and Sunshine Explosion are sunlight-based attacks.

Tailmon (Gatomon)

It has a very healthy curiosity, so it loves pranks. Although its body is small, it is a precious Holy-species Digimon, and its appearance does not match the true strength it possesses. It wears a Holy Ring on its tail, proof that it is a Holy-species, but if this Holy Ring is lost, its power is decreased and it can no longer exhibit its original power. In order to defend itself, it wears long claws copied from Saber Leomon's data.



A Cyborg Digimon which has the appearance of a tank. Tankmon holds the alias of "Mercenary Digimon", since it will assist both Vaccine and Virus Digimon if it becomes profitable to do so. With its heavyweight-power and the heavy artillery installed all throughout its body, it can pulverize the enemy into scrap without even turning to face them. As it is extremely fond of strife, it follows after conflicts wherever they occur. When this loner Digimon goes somewhere, the fighting there will never cease.

  • Arm Cannon: A three-barreled one on each arm.
  • Cyborg: A mostly organic top grafted onto a tank serving as its lower body, with additional guns implanted in its arms and head.
  • Unusual Weapon Mounting: It has a cannon on its nose.


An obstinate-species Puppet Digimon equipped with the extremely wide-angle, high resolution "Yarimasu Gurasan" (with blur correction), which reliably lock onto the desired target without missing. It performs humiliating attacks on the opponent with the sneakers it seems to have mistakenly put on both its hands.

  • Cephalothorax: A monkey's head with limbs.
  • Determinator: It never gives up no matter how badly it loses.
  • Maniac Monkeys: A monkey Digimon that likes to humiliate its opponents.
  • Shock and Awe: It can generate electricity from its sneakers, which it wears on its hands.
  • Troll: It prefers to use humiliating attacks.

Thunderballmon (Thundermon)

Also known as the "Digimon Dynamo", it is a Mutant Digimon that is thought to be a member of the Mamemon-species. Its tiny body has the properties of a magnet, and is always clad in electricity and discharging lightning.

  • Cephalothorax: As with all Mamemon variants, it's a spherical head with limbs.
  • Mutant: It's a mutant-type Digimon.
  • Shock and Awe: It uses electricity in all of its attacks.

Thunderballmon-X (Thundermon-X)

  • Elemental Punch: Its official artwork shows it using a lightning-based one.


'Debuted in: Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th

The evolved form of Ludomon, it has grown even more durable and attained outstanding speed. It dashes at high speed across battlefields, rescuing straggling Digimon who are no longer able to fight. It is capable of transforming itself into a shield to be wielded to aid in escaping the battlefield, protecting its wielder from any attack that comes their way. Tialudomon's shields have magical properties that allow it to erect barriers of ice, which freeze and nullify opponent attacks.

  • An Ice Person: Able to create barriers of ice, as seen in its artwork.
  • Barrier Warrior: It can create barriers of ice, an ability which apparently isn't one of its named attacks.
  • Living Weapon: Well, living shield, but it comes with the territory of being a Legend-ARMS.
  • Morph Weapon: It can turn itself into a shield.
  • Noble Wolf: Invoked. It wears wolf-themed armor and shields and acts to rescue the wounded in wars.
  • Throwing Your Shield Always Works: It can throw the shields on its arms to attack.
  • Wolverine Claws: It has them as part of its armor, carrying over from Ludomon.


A Puppet Digimon which has the appearance of a cat that flies about the Net Ocean. Although it has a rough temperament, it loves the ocean, and as the "F14" engraved on its body is proof that it is a Digimon that fights despite its outer appearance, it is said that only 1% of the strongest among Tobucatmon are known and respected as "Cat Gun". It is able to fly at high speed by folding its wings, and it has a regular habit of flying where it flashes the claws on its right feet when turning right, and flashes the claws on its left feet when turning left, but sometimes its movements are read to the enemy.


A Plant Digimon resembling a gigantic cactus. It can store nutrient data within its body, and can even survive for a long time in empty desert areas. What it's thinking usually can't be understood at all by trying to discern it from its facial expression, as it spends most of the day staring off into space. However, once Togemon is angered, that expression changes completely, it starts getting violent, and it becomes unable to settle down.


Tortamon (Tortomon)

A tortoise-type Digimon armed with a shell from which sharp blades grow. It is heavier than it looks, as both its shell and body have formed to be highly dense, such that it creates fierce tremors with every step it takes. Furthermore, it holds the alias "Noise Digimon" due to its shrill, metallic-sounding cry. While its unusual walking movements are extremely slow, it can retract its limbs so that its body is in the shape of a disc and spin itself, allowing it to move ten times its usual speed.


  • Cool Train: All of its variations except for Trailmon Ball.
  • Cyclops: Trailmons Angler, Ball and Buffalo have one eye.
  • Gatling Good: Trailmon Battle Form has two Gatling guns on its sides.
  • More Dakka: Battle Armament Trailmon has a ridiculous number of gun turrets.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: The Trailmon of Darkness has red eyes all over.
  • Tank Goodness: Trailmon Battle Armament is built like a tank.

Tsuchidarumon (Chuchidarumon)

A Digimon whose body is mostly made out of earth data. It is said that it may be a mutant who was born out of a mutation of Yukidarumon. As it possesses a gentle personality, it hates battle, but when push comes to shove, it exhibits the power that it usually doesn't show.

Tuchidarumon (MudFrigimon)

MudFrigimon is said to have been born from a mutation of Frigimon; instead of snow, its body is made out mostly of earth data. It hates battle, as it possesses a gentle personality, but when push comes to shove it exhibits the power that it usually doesn't show.

  • Dishing Out Dirt: Besides being made out of earth itself, many of MudFrigimon's attacks involve the manipulation of soil and mud.
  • Mutants: It's a mutated Frigimon that developed a connection to a very different aspect of nature than usual.
  • Palette Swap: A brow recolor of the white Frigimon.


A martial artist Digimon discovered within the hinterlands of a Chinese mountain province. It pursued the viruses that exploit e-mails to do evil as their eternal enemy, and wandered the world. Although it is blessed with the makings of an unparalleled Ch'uan Fa, it is still developing it. It uses the original Togaken that it has worked out.


A super-heavyweight class Dinosaur Digimon that grew gigantic horns from both of its shoulders. It holds the alias "Panzer Digimon", from how it will destroy all obstructions in sight as it charges forth due to its reckless personality. It specializes in performing charging tackles, and countless Digimon have been sunk by this attack. The star symbols on its two arms represent the number of Digimon it has defeated (100 represented by one star). Also, it's a fool's errand to attempt to break the horns on Tuskmon's shoulders, as the broken horns will fall out and get replaced with new ones, just like shark's teeth.

Tyranomon (Tyrannomon)

A Digimon that resembles an ancient dinosaur that existed in the prehistoric world. It sweeps everything away with its two well-developed arms and its gigantic tail. It is extremely easy to tame due to its intelligence and docile personality. For that reason, it is highly valued by beginner Tamers, and is often raised with care. You could probably say that it is a representative figure of the most basic Digimon.

  • Breath Weapon: It has a fire-elemental one called Fire Breath.
  • Cutting Off the Branches: Word of God in interviews with the original Digimon design team suggested that it was Tyranomon who was designed with being the face of the franchise and Agumon's main evolution. Greymon was designed with the intention of being a super-secret character that only experts could unlock. This is evident in the Digital Monster ver. 1's box art, which features Tyranomon. However, they underestimated the ease of this task immensely. It was incredibly easy to achieve a Greymon in the original Digital Monster virtual pet, it was Tyranomon that was difficult to obtain (since evolving one required raising an Agumon to be not as good as Greymon but not bad enough to get a Devimon). As a result, all adaptations feature Greymon instead.

Tyranomon X-Antibody

The primeval data engraved into its Digicore has been drawn out, transforming it into a form which accentuates its fierce, dinosaur-like traits even more. Having gained more power and speed due to its increased muscle mass, Tyranomon has become harder to tame than before. The ridge along its back has grown to become beautifully translucent but sturdy, just like gemstones, and can now even be used as a weapon.

  • Art Evolution: Thanks to the X-Antibody, Tyranomon now looks more like an actual T. rex.


A Composite Digimon based that has both the horns of the unicorn, the legendary holy beast, and the wings of a Pegasus. With the gigantic wings growing from its back, it instantly runs about the world of the Computer Network, stabbing enemies with the sharp horn extending from its brow. A wild Unimon has a rough temperament like a restive horse, but once tamed it can be handled as if it was the tamer's own limbs.

Vdramon (Veedramon)

A mythical Ancient Species Digimon that, even with the vastness of the Digital World, is said to only exist on the Folder Continent. Its existence is extremely precious, and even on the Folder Continent it is rarely encountered. Also, it is said that only one Digimon Tamer was able to tame V-dramon. With the exception of it becoming known as V-dramon due to the "V"-shaped pattern on its chest, its way of life is a mystery, but for some reason it is always mistaken for a dog. It is the owner of offensive power that is uncommon even among Champions, but if it is put into a predicament, it exhibits power that even surpasses Ultimates.


An insectivorous Plant Digimon with long, outstretched vines and a wide, open mouth. Although it is a fierce, brutal Digimon that uses the sweet scent it breathes from its mouth to attract small Digimon and its long, tentacle-like vines to pull them in, it is unable to stand against larger Digimon due to its lack of offensive power. As Vegiemon grows, it will start flowering and eventually bear fruit.

  • Dung Fu: It has a dung-throwing attack with the same name as one of Scumon's.
  • Plant Person: A sapient plant.


A Cyborg Digimon that defends the mysterious, secret aerial base "Royal Base". The antenna-parts on its head have high reconnaissance ability, so it is always patrolling the vicinity on the lookout for Digimon approaching the base, and will come swooping down on them just for coming close. By using the propellers on its shoulders and the stabilizers on its back, it is able to rapidly move up, down, forward, back, left, right, or in any direction, which allows it to defend against approaching enemies and drive them off with its powerful laser cannon.

Wendimon (Wendigomon)

Lopmon underwent a "Dark Evolution" due to anger and hatred, becoming a brutal Beast Man Digimon. It is not completely "evil", and deep within its heart it possesses the gentle side it had while it was Lopmon. However, its "warmth" can be broken by the power of its anger, so that it runs the whole gamut of destruction. Also, it has the ability to manipulate time and space, and is able to warp by passing through other dimensions, as well as to create a special space.

  • Chest Blaster: It has cannons that extend out of the flesh of its chest.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Wendimon evolves via Dark Evolution, which for Digimon living in the wild is a perfectly acceptable means of evolving.
  • Extendable Arms: Extends its arms for Club Arm attack.
  • Hulking Out: The result of Lopmon doing this.
  • Magikarp Power: As Lopmon, it was a tiny, barely dangerous bunny creature. Endigomon has the ability to travel through and warp space and time, something even most Mega level Digimon can't do.
  • Space Master: Able to manipulate spacetime, travel between dimensions and create a special space.


A large Aquatic Mammal Digimon that lives in the deep oceans of the Net. Its enormity is of the highest class in the Digital World, and due to this it carries a volume of data that can't be processed by a normal computer. Although it has been possible to confirm them as the same species as those in File Island's coastal waters, those Whamon that live off of Folder Continent's coast, and whose appearance is totally the same, have surpassed the previous in both offensive ability and vitality, and accomplished a digivolution to Ultimate. There is a phantom "White Whamon", which is being pursued by Hookmon.

  • Making a Splash: Two of its attacks, Jet Arrow and Tidal Wave, have it send powerful jets or waves of water at its opponents.
  • Moby Schtick: The White Whamon pursed by Hookmon, a mashup of Moby Dick's famous chase and Peter Pan's Captain Hook.


A Digimon resembling a witch, Witchmon came from "Witchelny", the Digital World of another dimension, in pursuit of its rival, Wizardmon. In its native Witchelny it mastered an advanced programming language known as the sorcery of wind and water, and in order to gain an advantage on Wizarmon, who aims to become a great wizard, it followed and diligently trains in this Digital World. It's a little cruel, it has great pride, and it despises customs and rules.

Wizarmon (Wizardmon)

An advanced Demon Man Digimon that came from the Digital World of another dimension. In its native Digital World, Witchelny, it mastered an advanced programming language known as the sorcery of of fire and earth, and although it aimed to become a great wizard, it appeared in the Digimon World in order to train. Although it has a personality that likes playing a few practical jokes, because it has another, shyer side, it tries to never show its uncovered face.


A Plant Digimon resembling a large, withered tree. It usually passes itself off as an ordinary tree, and survives by sucking up energy when it seizes Digimon that happen to pass close by. In addition, it is able to move about using its root-like feet. Due to its frenzied personality, it never stops attacking once it is angered. Although its defense is high because it has a hard trunk, it is vulnerable to fire, and is very poor against Flame-species Digimon like Meramon and Birdramon, so it regards them as enemies.


An Adult-level Mythical Dragon Digimon that attained V-mon's natural power and evolved. XV-mon is a pure breed of V-dramon, and it is said that the variant species is V-dramon. The attacks it unleashes with its developed arm and leg strength are tremendous, and are powerful enough to destroy a mountain of rock without leaving a trace. It is feared because it possesses such destructive power, but in reality it has a strong sense of justice, and will not use that power recklessly.


  • Dreadful Dragonfly: It's a dragonfly the size of grown human, and an aggressive predator.
  • Shock and Awe: It can control electricity, like many other insect Digimon, and has an attack called Thunder Ray.


Attacks: Homuradama, Jaenryu

A Bewitching Beast Digimon which has the appearance of a gigantic blue fox that grew nine tails. Unlike Kyubimon, it is feared as a bewitching beast that brings about destruction and decay. Although its defensive ability is not very strong, it possesses powerful spiritual ability and specialises in "Arts" techniques, and it's said that it races through the heavens with its red, blazing limbs.

Yukidarumon (Frigimon)

An Icy Snow Type Digimon whose body is covered in ice and snow crystals. Contrary to its cold appearance, it is warm-hearted and is gentle in nature. Yukidarumon hates to fight against those it likes, and Digimon who make friends with it will find their hearts warm, too. Amongst Digimon it fights, it is sure to lose against Meramon.

  • An Ice Person: All of its attacks are ice-based, and it is itself made out of snow and ice.
  • Breath Weapon: It has an ice-based one, Icy Breath.
  • Elemental Punch: Two of its attacks, Ice Punch and Zettai Reido Punch (aka Sub-Zero Ice Punch), are ice-based ones.
  • Snowlem: It's a living, vaguely bear-shaped snowman.

Zassoumon (Weedmon)

A subspecies of the Vegimon species whose body is completely green. Unlike Vegimon, its body does not ripen and turn red; in turn, it has obtained the vitality of a weed, allowing it to survive no matter how many times it is cut or beaten.

  • Palette Swap: A green one of Vegiemon — the original's already green, but Weedmon has a deeper green body and replaces Vegiemon's red stripes and leaf details with a lighter shade of green.
  • Plant Person: A sapient plant.


'Debuted in: Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th

"I, who am the Twentiest, will never halt! I'm going to keep on running forth!" With those words carved into Zubamon's heart, it evolved into a form that embodies that forward-charging style. Zubaeagermon's policy is simply to continue charging forth without pause, no matter if smooth or rough terrain awaits it, or even if it has to crawl and struggle to continue forward.

  • Bling of War: As with the rest of its line, it's golden.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Its preferred method of attack, even to the point of ignoring anything in its path.
  • Living Weapon: Part and parcel of being a Legend ARMS.
  • Morph Weapon: As one of the Weapon Digimon, it's capable of turning into a weapon, in its case a sword.
  • Numerological Motif: Twenty. Like Zubamon, it even has the number emblazoned on its helmet-blade.
  • Spin Attack: It curls up and spins when attacking with its tail blade.
  • Unusual Weapon Mounting: It has a BFS on its tail and a second on its helmet.


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