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A list of Digimon at the Ultimate (Perfect) level. Not to be confused with Mega Level, where its Japanese name is translated to Ultimate.

The Deva is listed first followed by the rest of the Ultimates in alphabetical order. The tropes listed here pertain to how these Digimon are depicted in Bandai's profiles and across the broader Digimon canon, rather as they are in a single work.

Ultimate Level (Kanzentai, or "perfect" in Japan) Digimon are the fifth stage of Digivolution. The name says it all — full-grown and tested, these Digimon are among the most powerful. For the longest time they were the final stage of Digivolution, up until the Mega Level came along. Even with that, Ultimates are ridiculously strong and powerful.


As the dub version is many times inconsistent, the Digimon covered here are listed by their Japanese names, with their English name(s) listed second. note 

Tropes Applying to multiple Ultimate Digimon, or Ultimate Digimon as whole:

  • Oddly Common Rarity: The number of Digimon that reach Ultimate is supposed to be incredibly low. And yet, there sure are an awful lot of them. In fact, they're the second-most common level, after Mega, which are supposed to be even rarer.
  • Olympus Mons: When they first appeared, they were the final stage of Digivolution. Most Digimon still don't manage to get beyond this level.

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    The Deva 

The Deva

Tropes that apply to most or the entire group

  • Eastern Zodiac: Each one is modeled after one the animals.
  • Jerkass: The Deva who serve Zhuqiaomon are every bit as nasty as their boss, being arrogant and rude.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Most of them, save Vikaralmon and Khumbahiramon, have at least some purple somewhere in their design, and they are the servants of the four most powerful Mega level Digimon around.
  • The Smart Guy: Qinqlongmon's Deva are ludicrously smart. They're also prone to staying neutral whenever they can.
  • Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors: Each Deva's attribute matches that of the Holy Beast it serves. Xuanwumon's Devas are vaccine-attribute Digimon. Zhuqiaomon's are virus-attribute, and Qinglongmon's and Baihumon's are data-attribute, though Andiramon does have a virus-attribute variant.

Andiramon (Antylamon)

Attacks: Mantra Chant, Meditation Cure, Asipatravana

A Holy Beast Digimon resembling the Rabbit. It is one of the "Deva Digimon" who serve Four Holy Beasts, one of the few groups who are recognized as gods. It is able to freely manipulate the "qi" flowing within its body, allowing it to interact with softness as well as hardness, so that at times it moves flexibly as if it were flowing, and at other times it unleashes heavy blows like iron.

  • An Axe to Grind: Its arms can simulate this weapon. They are called Bǎo Fǔ.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: It turns its hands into axe blades.
  • Heal Thyself: It can do this with Meditation Cure.
  • The Jester: A possible interpretation of this variant, from its posture, pants design, and lack of raiment to its designation as a Virus type among the Devas.
  • Righteous Rabbit: Zigzagged. It is supposedly a Holy Beast Digimon and serve its holy authorities, but it has the Virus attribute, not Vaccine.
  • Spin Attack: Asipatravana has it spin with its arm blades extended.

Andiramon (Data) (Antylamon (Data))
Debut: Anime/Digimon Tamers
Attacks: Pao Fu, Asipatravana

One of the Deva Digimon, it's a Holy Beast Digimon resembling the Rabbit. As a follower of the Holy Beast Qinglongmon, it's the owner of a gentle spirit. It likes small things, and because it attends to them with profound tenderness, if anything appears that tries to tread on them then its personality is completely reversed, and it attacks with the Bǎo Fǔ which are its arms transformed into razor-sharp axes. Once it loses its temper and spins it doesn't calm down until the opponent's figure is no more.

  • An Axe to Grind: Its arms can simulate this weapon, same as the virus version.
  • Berserk Button: Harming small-sized beings it adores turn its personality 180 degrees.
  • Righteous Rabbit: This one follows this trope closer than it Virus counterpart. Though it is not a Vaccine, it specifically follows the divine and god-like Qinglongmon.
  • Token Good Teammate: For the Devas, where it's described as being gentle and having a soft spot for little Digimon.
  • Warrior Monk: Compared to its Virus counterpart, it's clad in more religious-looking gear, plus it is a worshipper of Qinglongmon.


One of the Deva Digimon, Caturamon is a Holy Beast Digimon resembling the Dog. As a follower of the Holy Beast Baihumon, it looks after its fellow followers Makuramon and Sinduramon as if they were its younger brothers, although they do not appear to feel the same degree of obligation. Its sense of justice is strong, and it's unsatisfied when it can't make something clear in black-and-white. When all of its comrades are quarrelling, it will sometimes serve as a moderator or presiding judge, changing into the Bǎo Chuí, which is itself as a gigantic hammer, and passing judgement over guilt and innocence.

Indaramon (Indramon)
Attacks: Adhomukha, Pao Pei

One of the Deva Digimon, it's a Holy Beast Digimon resembling the Horse. As a follower of the Holy Beast Zhuqiaomon, it has an intolerably arrogant personality. When it opens its mouth only bragging comes out, and it is constantly fussing over the glossiness of its mane and tail. It indulges in its talents, and ridicules those who work hard. Among the Deva, it is on especially bad terms with Vajramon. Though it fusses over its appearance, in battle it is comparatively unrefined; using the gigantic trumpet shell tied to its arms, it beats the opponent down by wielding it like a cudgel.

  • Attack Reflector: Adhomukha, which absorbs attacks into the conch shell and fires them back out.
  • Catch and Return: Its Adhomukha attack does this with its conch shell.
  • The Fighting Narcissist: It's very vain, and, while not much of a skilled fighter, it's still tough.
  • Loud of War: It fires blasts of sound from its shell.
  • Named Weapon: Its giant shell named Bǎo Bèi, translated as its Treasured Shell.
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: Inverted — it's half-horse, half-human in the same vein of centaurs being half-human, half-horse.

Attacks: Krimisa, Pao Chu

One of the Deva Digimon, it's a Holy Beast Digimon resembling the Rat. As a follower of the Holy Beast Xuanwumon, who boasts of its great wisdom, it's a sage who plays the part of the "challenger" in Xuanwumon's Zen Kōans. With the psychology of anyone but Xuanwumon, it is mostly able to see ahead, and has a habit of bewildering the opponent by announcing their next move. Though it uses sarcasm with an acrimonious tone, it charmingly ends all of its sentences with "~chū". As it's not very strong, it's not suited for charging at the opponent straight-on to attack. Instead, it uses its powerful abilities of telekinesis to freely operate a weaponry on its back.

  • Batman Gambit: It's very good at reading and predicting its opponents' actions.
  • Mind over Matter: It has telekinesis, with which it uses the weapon on its back.
  • Mythology Gag: It's noted to be incredibly weak physically. The Kumbhiramon of Tamers was defeated by the Champion level Leomon.
  • Named Weapon: Attached to its back is a giant steel pestle as big as its own body; it is called the Bǎo Chǔ, translated as the Treasure Pestle.
  • Verbal Tic: It ends its sentences with "-chuu".
  • Visual Pun: Its chief weapon is a giant pestle called a Bǎo Chǔ. "Chu" is the Japanese word for "mouse".

Attacks: Vedhaka, Pao Shi

One of the Deva Digimon, it's a Holy Dragon Digimon resembling a Chinese dragon. As a follower of the Holy Beast Qinglongmon, it's extremely calculating (to the point that it priced its own attack!) and hates to even lift a finger if it won't benefit itself. However, if it realizes that something will benefit itself, it will want to poke its head in no matter what the thing is. It has a habit of putting a price on everything, and expressing various matters by their cost in money. During battle, it shoots through the opponent with hairs from its transformed tail and whiskers.

  • Breath Weapon: Vedhaka, where it spits a blast of fire.
  • Flechette Storm: It can do this with its hair.
  • Greed: Much like classic Western dragons — but not the Eastern ones it's based on — it's very, very greedy.
  • Only in It for the Money: The only reason it does anything — it only acts if there's a chance it will gain some material benefit, and will not lift a finger otherwise.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: It largely resembles a classical Chinese dragon, but with a centaurine stance, moose-like antlers and a greedy personality more befitting an European dragon.
  • Shock and Awe: Bao Shi, which unleashes arrows of lightning from the heavens.

Attacks: Raurava, Pao Yu

One of the Deva Digimon, it's a Holy Beast Digimon resembling the Monkey. As a follower of the Holy Beast Baihumon, it has a curious disposition of not speaking and not showing its emotions on its face. However, contrasted with its facial expressions, its body movements are overflowing and its emotions are expressed through its bodily poses. Those suggest that it is often in a more or less good mood, but that its overflowing curiosity doesn't last very long. It makes a hobby out of collecting and locking up the things that catch its eye in its Bǎo Yù, and in battle, it is a pacifist that locks up the opponent to settle its issues.

Attacks: Vimohana, Pao Bang

One of the Deva Digimon, it's a Holy Beast Digimon resembling the Tiger. As a follower of the Holy Beast Qinglongmon, it's the biggest ruffian among the Deva, though it is also a brilliant tactician that specializes in reading the terrain. With its tremendous speed, faster than the wind when racing across the land and quicker than a sound when soaring through the sky on its two wings, it runs down the opponent. In battle, it cuts the opponent apart with its sharp fangs and claws, and it can turn its tail into a three-section staff.


One of the Deva Digimon, it's a Holy Beast Digimon resembling the Sheep. As a follower of the Holy Beast Zhuqiaomon, it's a powerful figure who rules the world of dreams. It doesn't make friends with the other Deva, and is steadfast in its opinions. Among the Deva, it has surprisingly many secrets whose truth is not divulged, and it is also known as the Dark Deva. Its personality is cruel, and lacks feelings of consideration for others. It is equipped with its treasured crossbow. With an arrow of light shot from it, Pajramon is capable of knocking its opponent out from a distance.

Debut: ''Digimon Tamers]]
Attacks: Krishna, Pao Kui

One of the Deva Digimon, it's a Holy Beast Digimon resembling the Snake. As a follower of the Holy Beast Zhuqiaomon, it's the most cunning and cruel among the Deva. It doesn't like to decide matches in an instant, and prefers to instead choke the life out of the opponent while tormenting them bit by bit. It usually lives deep beneath the ground, and subterranean manoeuvres are its speciality. During battle, it can produce a spear made of light, the Bǎo Kuí, from its mouth, and skilfully wield it with its tail wrapped around it like a hand. Although the Bǎo Kuí vanishes once it slashes the opponent, as long as Sandiramon's energy lasts, it can spit out any number of them, and they will not degrade in sharpness

Attacks: Puyavaha, Pao Chu

One of the Deva Digimon, it's a Holy Bird Digimon resembling the Rooster. As a follower of the Holy Beast Baihumon, it likes to quarrel and gossip above all else. With its provocative attitude, it will pick a fight with its opponent one way or another, but when they move to attack, it immediately draws its head and wings within its spherical armor. Its armor is the hardest among all of the Deva's equipment, and once it gets inside of the armor, it is absolutely protected. During battle, it is occasionally possible to cut through the breach when it rolls around in that state. Just like Kumbhiramon, it carries the Bǎo Chǔ on its back, only this time, it can unleash an intense lightning blast from it.

  • Shock and Awe: Puyavaha allows it to shoot lightning from its Pao Chu.

Attacks: Rodha, Pao Jian

One of the Deva Digimon, it's a Holy Beast Digimon resembling the Ox. As a follower of the Holy Beast Xuanwumon, it's a seeker of truth who aims for detachment from material and emotional concerns. Its warrior-like personality values honor, and loathes cowardice and effeminacy. With the most well-tempered physical strength among the Deva, it can easily wield a giant pair of swords that it carries on its waist.

  • A Load of Bull: Its upper body is more minotaur-ish.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Its Rodha attack creates fissures and hurls rocks at the target. English materials even call it Terra Blade.
  • Dual Wielding: It wields two big-ass swords.
  • Named Weapon: The pair of swords it holds are called Bǎo Jiàn, meaning Treasured Swords.
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: It has the upper body of a minotaur and the lower body of a regular bull.
  • The Stoic: It aspires to be this by separating itself from emotional entailments on its search for truth.

Attacks: Sukara, Pao Lun

One of the Deva Digimon, it's a Perfect Digimon resembling the Pig. As a follower of the Holy Beast Xuanwumon, it's an observer-type that gazes on everything from the outside without ever losing its broad smile. Although it has a special skill of sleeping with its eyes open, it soon comes to light that it is sleeping due to its intense snoring and the grinding of its teeth. The wheel of light that it spews from its mouth is called the Bǎo Lún, and its effect differs depending on its color; the blue one captures the opponent, the yellow color is able to have things placed on it by taking the shape of a disk, and the green one instantly heals the target, and so on, as there are several variations.

  • Combo Platter Powers: Its Pao Lun does different things depending on color. A red one is its own attack, called Sukara.
  • Deadly Disc: Sukara fires a red Pao Lun that bores through its target.
  • Full-Boar Action: A gigantic Kaijuu level pig.
  • The Medic: It can heal others with a green Pao Lun.




A God Man Digimon based on Jove Aegiochus, one of the many epithets of the sky and lighting god, in which its next evolved form would be based on. From a base of a human body, it adapts to its surrounding to an extent where its appearance drastically changes. This comes from its desire for omnipotence. There are many variations of Aegiochusmon. For this version, it is composed of data taken from the Dragon-tribe, so the data of the Dragon-tribe sleeping within its body manifests on the surface of its body, centered upon the crystal in its chest, and establishes itself as armor. This armor is a Powered Suit that affects not only Aegiochusmon's defensive power but also its physical strength, drastically increasing its offensive power.

Aegiochusmon Blue

This form is composed of data taken from the Cyborg-tribe, so the data of the Cyborg-tribe sleeping within its body focuses itself on its upper body, particularly the left side, centered upon the crystal in its chest. It is equipped with a release for the characteristic power of the Cyborg-tribe, and a lock-on function which doesn't miss its designated target. Its gigantic left arm, the "Mechanization Powered Arm", has the ability to attach and detach, and is able to independently pursue and attack a locked-on opponent.

Aegiochusmon Dark

This form is composed of data taken from the Evil-tribe, so the data of the Evil-tribe sleeping within its body has infected its entire body.

Aegiochusmon Green

This form is composed of data taken from the Plant-tribe, so the data of the Plant-tribe sleeping within its body establishes itself as an upper body and arms, centered upon the crystal in its chest. Said data made its weight light, especially compared to the other forms. It is able to fire sturdy thorns from the Busters equipped to both of its arms, and perform tricky movements that hook its thorns in various places similar to Rope Action, or perform others that are used for offense and defense. Its keen movements which capitalize on its equipment and agility can definitely be said to be this form's greatest distinction.

Aegiochusmon Holy

This form is composed of data taken from the Angel-tribe, so the data of the Angel-tribe sleeping within its body covers its whole body, and its heart is as serene as a still lake.

AeroV-dramon (AeroVeedramon)

From being a V-dramon, this Holy Dragon Digimon gained a pair of wings to fly high through the sky. Not only that, several parts of its body evolved even further. It is stronger, sturdier and its hands got a better grip. If you account for aerial combat, no other Digimon can match this one!

V-dramon, as a species, are already rarely found exclusively in the Folder Continent, and even among them, veterans have to go through lots of tough battles to be able to digivolve into this Ultimate level. As the result, AeroV-dramon is considered a legend.


Debut: Digimon Savers: Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode

A Mutant Digimon that developed from a bug in an algorithm. Due to its high-speed processing ability, it uses its countless ivy tendrils as tentacles, and takes complete control of a vast field. Its Special Moves are using its tentacles to constrict the opponent's powers, completely restricting its movement and an erasing beam fired from the eyes on its limbs. Also, when it takes control of a vast field it transforms into a parasite called "Worm Phase".

  • Combat Tentacles: It can use its vines to fight.
  • Eye Beams: It can fire beams from the eyes on its armor.
  • Forced Sleep: Worm Phase does this and then seals the victim in a pod.
  • Japanese Ranguage: It is entirely possible that Algomon's name is an intentional version of this. Either Algo for algorithm, which it formed from, or Argo for the mythological creature with hundreds of eyes.
  • Plant Person: A humanoid Digimon with vines everywhere.


A human-type Cyborg Digimon. It possesses a fighting strength which can fell a Digimon below Perfect in a single blow. Andromon was developed as a prototype for Cyborg Digimon, and the mechanically-based Andromon and organically-based cyborg Boltmon were manufactured at the same time. This technology was appropriated for MetalGreymon and Megadramon. As a prototype Digimon it possesses neither will nor emotion, and it is faithful to its programmed behavior. It was upgraded with a program based on the data acquired from the Andromon of File Island, and the strength of that program varies.

  • Chest Blaster: It fires organic missiles from its chest.
  • Cyborg: It has mostly machine parts, but its face and most of its right leg are organic.
  • Foil: For Boltmon; the were created as prototypes for cyborg Digimon at the same time, and Andromon is mostly mechanical where Boltmon is mostly organic.
  • Pure Energy: Spiral Sword sends out a blade of energy.
  • Super Prototype: For all Cyborg Digimon.

Debut: Digital Monster Ver. S

An Archangel Digimon which has the appearance of a beautiful woman. It was originally classified as an Angel Digimon before accounting for its battle abilities. As their trait, Perfect-level angels have eight wings. Although its personality is extremely gentle, it cannot forgive those who are crooked or evil, and it will not stop attacking until the opponent converts. Because of its soul and power, it is described to be a goddess of the Digital World.

Anomalocarimon (Scorpiomon)

An Ancient Crustacean Digimon which as made up of data of ancient life forms. It was originally a computer virus that infected the databanks of a laboratory and grows based on the recorded investigations and excavations of ancient life forms. It became like the life form which in ancient times was the apex of the food chain, which had a great appetite and supplied it with an ability capable of allowing it to see food that was of the finest quality. Skillfully using the tentacles that grow from its head it catches the enemy and kills them with the sharp blade that grows from its tail. It can also use its sharp tentacles to dig up the sea bed and hide itself from a disadvantageous battle. From there, it uses its pair of Radar Eyes extending above its head and keep an eye on its enemy and wait for a chance to turn the tables around and ambush it back.

Anomalocarimon X

Archnemon (Arukenimon)

A Demon Beast Digimon based on the "Queen of Spiders" in Greek mythology. As the queen who presides over all Dokugumon, it is a highly intelligent and extremely cunning Digimon. It is skilled at transforming into a human-like appearance, getting the opponent to let down their guard so that it can approach and completely devour them. Also, because of its extremely short temper and brutal personality, many Digimon are afraid of it.

Arkadimon Perfect

Attacks: Freeze Tentacle, Dot Matrix


  • More Dakka: In a fight, Assaultmon will uses its shoulder cannons, hand cannons and hip cannons on an enemy.


Attacks: Hellfire, Maverick

As a Prince of the Dark Area, Astamon is a Demon Man Digimon who governs a legion of Demon Digimon. It shows cruelty to its enemies and kindness to its friends, and because of that charisma it is expected to gain a considerable number of followers among Demon Digimon. Despite being an Ultimate level, its powers surpass even a Mega.


A legendary Digimon with four arms and three heads. It appears on a computer screen with documents on ancient Hindu cultures. Its three faces represent wrath, mercy and blessings. Although it is a Demon Man Digimon and appropriately appears demonic, it is of the Vaccine attribute, and honors justice; it will deal injustice with no hesitation, as together with its personality, it's as if to be an avatar of the god of light.

AtlurKabuterimon Blue and Red (MegaKabuterimon Blue and Red)
MegaKabuterimon Red

Evolutions of Kabuterimon that were discovered within the tropical region of the Net Area. They are almost 1.5 times Kabuterimon's size, and are quite large among Insect Digimon. Their main differences are in their color and stats. They have a strong sense of justice and seek to protect weak Digimon from harm, and there are even times when their behavior has appeared knight-like.

MegaKabuterimon Blue's flying skill becomes limited, but its horn improves drastically and its limbs and muscles lengthen and strengthen, plus its fighting skills improve, making it even stronger than before!

The strength of MegaKabuterimon Red's horn, which is its main weapon, has likewise soared, but its flight ability seems to have surpassed its counterpart's. Muscular tissues have also appeared on the base of its forelimbs, so its grappling ability has also improved.

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Bipedal beetles the size of a house.
  • Competitive Balance: Between the two color variants; they are differentiated by their flight abilities and physical combats.
  • Flight: They can both fly, but the red variant does so better than the blue one.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Its Horn Buster attack involves charging at the enemy and ramming it with its horn.
  • Law of Chromatic Superiority: Zigzagged. While this version is faster than the blue AtlurKabuterimon, their combat specialities are different. While the red version specializes in grappling, the blue is a better physical fighter overall.
  • Mighty Glacier: While the red version has better flying skills and has a specialized fighting style, this one has limited flying capacity, but is a better physical fighter overall.
  • Red Ones Go Faster: Or at least have better flight ability.
  • Shock and Awe: Their Mega Blaster attack is lightning-based.
  • Thunder Beetle: Much like the rest of the Kabuterimon line, these beetle Digimon wield powerful lightning attacks.


For tropes pertaining to this Digimon, see its entry in the page for Digimon with no Level.


A Beast Man Digimon that is called the goddess of cats. It loves to be showy and has a sly personality, and its speciality is using the charmingly sparkling eyes and the jewels all over its body to bewitch the opponent, allowing it to pull their strings as it desires. Generally, if one becomes the victim of Bastemon's glamour, they are completely eviscerated. Although it excels in nimbleness with its flexible movements, it is also powerful despite its appearance, and the claws on its hands are sharp enough to cut a rock to pieces. It is said to be at loggerheads with Nefertimon, who is an avatar of light.


Attacks: Cold Gag, Tsukkome Punch

An eccentric Digimon that impersonates all sorts of Digimon in order to confuse the enemy. While it is a Puppet Digimon, similarly to Etemon and Monzaemon, it is a rare type capable of disguising itself as various types of Digimon by changing the Digimon Suit it wears.

  • An Ice Person: It can freeze people by telling bad jokes.
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Directly referenced with its Tsukkomi Punch attack.
  • Cat Folk: Its default disguise is a Gatomon.
  • Gonk: Its face has a very creepy expression and is retained regardless of disguise.

Attacks: Big Mame Bomb, Buster Dive

A Mutant Digimon that exists as a boss of Mamemon, which holds the alias of "Smiley Bomber". It's questioned whether it simply isn't an aggregation of Mamemon. Since normal Mamemon are the same size as Rookie Digimon, they possess a degree of power that couldn't even be imagined from their appearance, but as its name suggests, BigMamemon is dozens or even hundreds of times the size of Mamemon. However, the reason why a "Mamemon" is this size is unclear. Its personality is extremely gentle, and it hates conflict and battle. It is always playing with its Mamemon followers.

  • Benevolent Boss: Usually, but in a fight it uses its beloved Mameon as explosives.
  • Cephalothorax: A gigantic, spherical head with arms and legs.
  • Fusion Dance: Speculated to be one of several Mamemon. Or, given its size, a lot.

Attacks: Bishop Laser, Bishop Cross, Magic Stick

A Puppet Digimon that freely uses technical arts. The reach of its attacks is very wide, so it can strike at long range enemies. Its catchphrase is "Oh Lord, give me strength!".


  • Evil Wears Black: Seems to be averted. Yes, it's a Virus, but there's no original counterpart to compare its attribute with.
  • King Mook: To the rest of the Numemon family, being a stronger variant with a crown and royal title.
  • Poisonous Person: It has an attack called Poison Mucus.


A Cyborg Digimon whose digivolution process was abnormal. The mysterious secretion Black Digitron was mixed into Gaogamon while it was evolving, resulting black appearance. Black Digitron turns a Digimon into a Mighty Glacier. For BlackMachGaogamon's case, its highest air speed is lower compared to a normal MachGaogamon, but it can achieve a greater flight duration.

  • Mighty Glacier: To an extent, it cannot reach the same speed as its original counterpart in terms of flight, but it can fly longer.
  • Paint It Black: Averted. As Gaogamon evolved, the Black Digitron affected the resultant in a different way. Instead of making it evil, it exchanged its flying speed for flight duration.
  • Palette Swap: A black ecolor ofe MachGaogamon.

BlackMegaloGrowmon (BlackWarGrowlmon)

A Perfect Cyborg Digimon which, like its evolved from BlackGrowmon, Virus-species nature is expressed by its darker appearance, and it is called the "Black Destroyer Dragon". Its upper body has been metallized with the strongest metal, "Chrome Digizoid", and it is able to take flight with the two vernier attached to both of its shoulders. Also, since the cable-like object extending from the back section is extensible, it can be used to impale the opponent.


A Cyborg Digimon who is designed specifically for stealth in the dark. To cope with blindness while camouflaging, it improves radar to promptly discover enemies who otherwise cannot be seen.

  • Arm Cannon: Its arms are cannons.
  • Evil Wears Black: Averted. BlackRapidmon is under under the Vaccine Attribute; its color does not show that it's evil, it is supposed to help it hide in darkness.
  • Palette Swap: Of Rapidmon.

Blikmon (Tinmon)

Attacks: Anti-Magic

A Machine Digimon resembling a toy robot.

Attacks: Spiral Flower, Pollinosis Shower, Thorn Whip

With the appearance of a giant flower, Blossomon is a Plant Digimon that grew countless vines as roots from its body. Despite its strange appearance it is very docile, and due to its personality it rarely appears before others. For a plant it has an unusually long life span, and although the petals around its body (or face, really) fall out whenever the seasons change, it has the special ability to grow back new petals. It hates arid regions, and always inhabits areas near the water.


Attacks: Cold Flame, Ice Phantom, Mental Point Alchemy, Vision Bind, Frost Knuckle, Ice Bomb

A Flame Digimon that looks like a regular Meramon, but blue. Just as how blue flames burn hotter than red one, this coloration burns at a higher temperature than normal Meramon, giving it an upgrade from a Champion level to Ultimate. It mostly attacks with an Ice-based attribute, though.

  • Elemental Punch: Frost Knuckle.
  • Oxymoronic Being: A Digimon that seems to be of a Fire-Attribute by being even hotter than its Champion counterpart has Ice attacks instead.
  • Palette Swap: A blue variant of Meramon.
  • Technicolor Fire: Blue flames to show how much hotter it is. Odd, since it uses ice attacks.



Debut: Digimon Story: Lost Evolution



A massive Digimon that defends the mysterious aerial, covert honey base, Royal Base. The aerial base is exposed to danger from a full 360 degrees, but with a bombarding barrage fired simultaneously from the gigantic arms container on top of it, it can completely cover a large range.

  • Bee Bee Gun: Inverted. Its a giant bee with lots of guns attached.
  • More Dakka: It has a laser gun instead of a stinger and has even more cannons attached to the rocket boosters where its wings should be.
  • Unusual Weapon Mounting: It has a laser cannon for a tail.


Captain Hookmon is a heroic ship's captain Digimon that is relied upon to exert its leadership from a pirate ship that cruises the Digital World. It excels in the art of survival, but the duty to support its subordinates weighs heavily on it, and it knows firsthand just how difficult that is. Therefore, it not only crosses the ocean with gentlemanly conduct before weak opponents, and so forth, but is also skillful at making its way through the world. It isn't brutal enough to challenge one to an unreasonable battle, but if challenged to a battle it will meet the enemy with all its power.


A Mutant Digimon resulting from the evolution of Mamemon after it was fused with data from a file management software. It has a serious personality and an uncompromising side, and seems to think that protecting digieggs is its duty. It is also capable of walking without needing to float, by using its arm parts as legs.

Cerberumon (Cerberusmon)

A Demon Beast Digimon known as the "Watchdog of Hell". The claws on its feet are hard enough to easily tear through Chrome Digizoid alloys, if they have a low purity. Also, its body is protected by a hard living shell, which has the ability to instantly repair any damage it incurs. The armor on its shoulders each possess sentience, and are able to instantly sense an attack coming from any direction, then report it to Cerberumon's central body.

Cerberumon Jinrou Mode

A sudden mutation of Cerberumon, who resides in the Dark Area and is known as the "Watchdog of Hell". It is feared that the data born from the overflowing "malice of humans", expressed on the internet through text and images, could potentially impact the Digital World; as a result, it mutated into this form to guard against that influx of data. Its entire body is covered in an organic living shell, and it has gained the ability to walk on twos; the data of its arms has been overwritten to become more powerful, designed to crush evil infected data with their jaws.—-

  • Arm Cannon: It has two of them that look like its default form's head.
  • Bishōnen Line: A humanoid version of Cerberumon aside from the cannons.

Cerberumon X

It has been confirmed that it acquired grappling abilities in order to bring down its targets more reliably. It uses its "Styx Killer" claws, which have increased in sharpness, in its quadrupedal and bipedal forms for a variety of things depending on the battle situation, and uses them skilfully not just to attack, but also do things like slashing, piercing, sweeping things away, and parrying as weapons for hand-to-hand combat. Cerberumon, who roams near the entrance to hell, easily takes on assignments. However, it is a cunning and ferocious dog who turns even its clients into prey for its claws without mercy when its rewards are unbalanced.

  • Breath Weapon: One of its cards shows it breathing ordinary fire.
  • Shoulders of Doom: It has huge shoulder guards that resemble the two fake heads on its default form.


Debut: Digimon Story: Sunburst and Moonlight
Attacks: Fool Rainer, Multi-Gatling, Call Machines, AT Change, Chaos Slash

Chimairamon (Kimeramon)
Attacks: Heat Viper, Hybrid Arms

A Composite Digimon based on the mythical Chimera. Like its name sake, its body is made up of different kinds of Digimon: It has the head of Kabuterimon, torso of Greymon, arms of Kuwagamon, SkullGreymon and Devimon, wings of Angemon and Airdramon, legs of Garurumon, tail of Monochromon and MetalGreymon's hair. It is actually synthesized from those Digimon, though the method is a mystery. It can be seen as a counterpart of Mugendramon, another Composite Digimon made up of metal parts of various Digimon, while Digimon used to make Chimairamon are all organic-based. Regardless, Chimairamon is a deadly threat, as it has terrifying instincts.

  • Breath Weapon: Heat Viper.
  • Flesh Versus Steel: It's made of a mix of organic parts as opposed to Mugendramon's mechanical parts.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Literally. Kimeramon is made out of a jumble of parts of prominent Digimon from Adventure; specifically, it has Garurumon's legs, Monochromon's tail, Greymon's chest, jaw and eyes, AtlurKabuterimon's, SkullGreymon's and Devimon's arms, Angemon's and an unspecified draconic Digimon's wings, and Kabuterimon head plate.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: It has four clawed arms.


Attacks: Hard-Swung Homerun, Dadada Minchi, Roast of the Pig

A Puppet Digimon resembling a swimsuit girl in a pig costume. It used to be under the Angemon-species, but it committed a crime that incurred the wrath of Ophanimon and was banished from heaven, leaving it with its current appearance. As it is normally optimistic, it doesn't mind that it was changed into this appearance, and it has a very cheerful personality, but if it gets hungry it will be voracious enough to start getting all worked up, and it will take on a ferocious personality. If it becomes starved, it will go completely out of control.


A Demon Man Digimon with a flexible body, allowing it to perform nimble movements as it attacks its enemies. It excels in battling elegantly, and its power is said to double when it is exposed to moonlight.


Only a select few Paledramon are able to evolve into CrysPaledramon. It is capable of freezing its entire body, forming armour that greatly raises its defensive and offensive power. Thanks to the large icicles mounted on its wings, it is not affected even by high temperatures. Not only that, the cold air it blasts from the icicle nozzles can be used to control air currents, allowing CrysPaledramon to maintain high-speed flight even during snowstorms.


A Dragon Man-species Cyborg Digimon that covered its body in a unique rubber armor, with which it can endure any attack. When Virus Digimon break out on the Computer Network, it suddenly appears out of nowhere and annihilates them all. However, it is a lone warrior that is not affiliated with the group of justice, the "Virus Busters", and its true colors are shrouded in mystery. As for its unique rubber armor, not only does it have excellent defensive ability, but it also has a feature it unleashes that amplifies its offensive ability.

  • Cybernetic Mythical Beast: A cyborg with Draconic Humanoid with implanted rubber armor, mechanical limbs, numerous exposed cables, transparent sections showing its inner wiring, and a metallic plate clamped over its head and face. A redesigned version appears in Digimon Xros Wars with a blue metallic exoskeleton, a cluster of simple Glowing Eyes on its otherwise featureless face, and a tail ending in a large arrowhead/jet intake.
  • Cyborg: A cyborg dragon.
  • Disintegrator Ray: Its Erase Claw attack works like one.
  • Draconic Humanoid: A draconic being with a distinctly humanoid body shape. It's outright classified as a Dragon Man Digimon.
  • Dressed All in Rubber: Armor, but the point stands.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: A cybernetic dragon.
  • Wild Card: Though it fights virus Digimon, it has nothing to do with the Virus Busters and its allegiance is unknown.
  • Wolverine Claws: Those claws aren't just for show.


An evil god Digimon called the "Sinful Priest of the Ocean Floor". It is thought to have evolved from a computer virus that would infect the computers aboard ships and the like, then knock their direction and course out of order. It bundles up its innumerable, multiplying tentacles and takes on a humanoid appearance, but its natural shape is a strange evolution of a Mollusk Digimon.

  • Prongs of Poseidon: Wields a trident.
  • The Red Baron: Known as the "Sinful Priest of the Ocean Floor." In American media, it is also referred as the "Depraved Monk of the Deep".


For tropes pertaining to this Digimon, see its entry in the page for Digimon with no Level.


Produced from the observational data of a black hole, it is a Digimon dyed in darkness. It has left behind its dreams and its wishes, and it appears to be so heavily burdened by its past that it uses its sunglasses to shut out all light.

DeathMeramon (SkullMeramon)

Attacks: Heavy Metal Fire, Heat Chain

An evolution of Meramon, this Digimon's body is cloaked in blue, high-temperature flames. The flames that arize from its body blaze brightly in blue, as these flames burn hotter than Meramon's. Its offensive and defensive abilities have risen considerably, which in conjuction with the strength of its flames, bestow upon this power-type Digimon tremendous destructive power. Although Flame Digimon tend to be weak against Aquatic and Ice-Snow type Digimon, fighting the strength of DeathMeramon's flames with them is as futile as pouring water upon hot stone.


After the Prototype Digimon of the “Doru Series” underwent experiments that aimed at further evolution, the result was this Undead Digimon that resembles the Perfect form of the experimental stages. By continuing to prey on other Digimon’s Digicore it remains active even though it is dead and it seeks a massive Digicore in order to evolve. As it instinctively hunts for Digicores, its eyes and nose are covered in armor and there are sword edges on the tail and wings, which are made to skewer many Digimon and then prey on their Digicore.


Attacks: Royal Nuts, Gorgeous Beak

A Bird Digimon with lush vegetation growing on its back. Like Kiwi, it is flightless and contains data of plants. As its pride is quite high, it believes itself to be nobility, but it considers the fact that it cannot fly to be mortifying. However, even though this Digimon has only evolved to a Perfect, its combat ability is possessed of high merit. It boasts of its golden beak as well as its crown worn on its head.

  • Bullet Seed: Royal Nuts fires objects from its beak. Whether these are eggs or nuts is not stated.
  • Planimal: It has a flowering shrub growing from its back.



A Digimon taking the form of the beginning and end of Digimon: the Digitama. Digitamamon, being at the apex of evolution, is said to have not evolved from a normal Digimon, and will not evolve without the merging of data from another dimension. It is covered in an exoskeleton which shapes like an egg, which turns all attacks meaningless against it.


A Mutant Digimon which Jogress-evolved from Stingmon and XV-mon. A chimera of a dragon and an insect, it is a Digimon which possesses the name "Terrible Bee". It is hard to classify its species as either a Dragon type or an Insect type, but its Insect nature is more pronounced. It flies through the sky with its four wings, and accurately perceives the opponent with the compound eyes on its head, so it can reliably choke the life out of its opponent. Also, Dinobeemon possesses a considerably ferocious personality.


A colossal Beast Dragon Digimon whose form was released via the Interface on its brow by the potent life-force data of the legendary beast, the "Dragon", which slept within the deepest part of its digicore, and that holds the alias of "the Final Enemy". With its overwhelming stature it can demolish any dauntlessly courageous Digimon, and even the attacks of the "Nightmare Soldiers" are deflected with one sweep of its wing. It is highly intelligent, and won't reveal its existence carelessly, so it is difficult to even detect it.


Versed in onmyoudou, it is a onmyouji Digimon that freely uses every technique in battle. Its faculty with magic is particularly high, and its speciality is attacks with talismans and spells. Like Taomon, it is a being that lives and lurks within darkness, but unlike Taomon it specialises in death curses and assassinations. Also, it is able to turn its talismans into shikigami and command them.


Debut: Digital Monster Ver. 20th

As it continues to sprint forward, this Perfect level Digimon is a step closer to crossing into the world on the other side. Although it knows not what future awaits it, it continues training and tempering its swords to cut through any obstacles that stand in its way. When it transforms itself into a weapon, it uses the characteristic greatsword on its back to unleash countless varieties of attacks.




Debut: Digital Monster Ver. S
Attacks: Twin Neptune, Lobster Step

A nonconformist of the Dramon-type which has a tough, shrimp-like shell and gigantic pincers. If one is misled by its outward appearance and makes light of Ebidramon, they will become prey of the offensive ability characteristic of the Dramon-type.

  • Giant Enemy Crab: A giant lobster.
  • Natural Weapon: Its Twin Neptune attack uses its pincers.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Very. It's a member of the dramon family, and its has its characteristic snaggletoothed mouth, but is otherwise a regular if gigantic lobster — apparently, it's the nonconformist of the family.


An unidentified Digimon that suddenly appeared in the Digital World. It calls itself "the King of Digimon", and its fighting strength is beyond imagination. And, well, it's rumored that it pulls the strings of the mysterious Digimon Monzaemon. It is dressed in a reinforced "Saru Suit" which can endure every attack, and even today it bustles about the whole world for the sake of its unending battles.

  • Dismotivation: Love Serenade causes opponents to lose their fighting spirit.

Etemon Chaos

Etemon Chaos is the form of an Etemon after fusing with the Dark Network, with the head and upper body of an Etemon, however it's lower body is just a mass of Dark Network cables.

  • Body Horror: Fusing with the Dark Network caused an Etemon, to turn into Etemon Chaos bulking up its body rather grotesquely.
  • Casting a Shadow: Etemon Chaos' Dark Spirits Chaos fires a ball of darkness.
  • Cool Shades: It wears a set. Seems to be a species trait.
  • Cyborg: Etemon Chaos has the head and upper body of Etemon, however it's lower body is just a mass of Dark Network cables.
  • Dark Is Evil: The Dark Network and his attacks Dark Spirits and Dark Spirits Chaos, a ball of energy made of darkness.
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: It's a Digimon based off of a monkey.
  • Fusion Dance: Of an Etemon and the Dark Network.
  • One-Winged Angel: When an Etemon fuses with the Dark Network, it became much more muscular with a giant mass of network cables below now called Etemon Chaos.


A puppet Digimon that sneaks around in a Tyranomon-shaped plush toy. The reason why it is a Tyranomon plush toy is unclear, but it is likely that the mysterious Digimon that is stealing away inside just broke into the plush toy that was closest. However, this plush toy possesses power rivalling that of Monzaemon at its limits and the defensive power of an impregnable fortress, so ordinary Digimon and the like are unable to oppose it. However, like Monzaemon, if nothing is pulling its strings, then it is nothing but an ornament.

Fantomon (Phantomon)
Attacks: Soul Chopper

A Reaper-like Digimon holding a gigantic sickle and chain. It is a higher class of Ghost Digimon compared to Bakemon, so when a person is possessed by Fantomon, they are in their last moments, and it comes upon them when they die completely. There is a crystal shaped like an eyeball hanging from its neck, and similar to Mammon's crest, it is able to foresee everything with its power of clairvoyance, in order to perceive those that are close to death.

  • Deader Than Dead: Anyone hit by Fantomon's "Soul Chopper" has their soul completely annihilated.
  • Grim Reaper: Its scythe, hood and undeath are all reminiscent of the figure of the reaper man.
  • In the Hood: Its face is covered by its dark red hood.
  • Sinister Scythe: Its weapon of choice.


Although its regal mane and imposing manner may be intimidating at first glance, this strong willed Beast Man Digimon will brave any hardship for the sake of its comrades.



Attacks: Shadow Wing, Eagle Claw

A Bird Man Digimon that has gigantic talons and wings that let it dance freely through the sky. Garudamon honors justice and order, and is a guardian deity of the land and wind that loves nature. Its intelligence and combat ability are the highest among Bird Digimon, and it is admired due to it being said that only chosen Digimon can evolve to it. It is thought that if the order of the Digital World is disturbed, it will suddenly appear out of nowhere, and quell the source of the unrest. Also, it is matchless friends with the hero Leomon, who possesses the same will.

  • Blow You Away: One of its video game-exclusive attacks, Eagle Twister.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: One of its video game-exclusive attacks, Boulder Breaker, causes earthquake.
  • Natural Weapon: Eagle Claw and Talon Tear both use its claws.
  • Playing with Fire: Shadow Wing and the video-game exclusive Fire Hurricane.
  • Tornado Move: Eagle Twister generates whirlwinds. Fire Hurricane creates fiery whirlwinds.

Garudamon X

  • Blade on a Stick: Now wields a spear.
  • Magical Native American: Its design has a feathered headdress and it wields a totem pole-themed spear. The attack that summons said spear is called Great Spirit. This is despite it being named after a mythical figure from India.


Gerbemon (Garbagemon)

A trash can from a desktop computer that gained life and evolved into a Mutant Digimon. Unlike Scumon, which mutated from discarded scum data, this Digimon is the trash can itself. Until now garbage Digimon were said to be the absolute weakest, but with the arrival of Gerbemon that conventional wisdom will probably be reversed. Also, the trash can can act like a black hole, so that anything that is sucked into the trash can disappears from the Digital World without a trace.

  • Abnormal Ammo: Its bazooka fires bright pink excrement, of all things.
  • Toilet Humor: It lives in a garbage can and fires dung from its bazooka.


Debut: Digimon Worldnote 
Attacks: Genocide Attack, Genocide Gear, Guilty Claw

A dark dragon Digimon developed at the same time as Megadramon. As a combat dragon that was armed to the teeth by further remodeling, its existence is the epitome of a fiendish computer virus.


A Digimon patrolling within the Computer Network while floating lightly in the air. Also known as the "Net Keeper", it repels Digimon who try to illegally enter the Network. It is surely a frightening Digimon, as when it judges the intruder to be an opponent, it will repel them with all the attacks it is able to muster, and it is said that if it is driven into a predicament, it will completely annihilate the intruder by blowing itself up.

  • Action Bomb: It's capable of self-destructing.
  • Chainsaw Good: Its preferred weapon.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: It's a menacing Digimon with horns, sharp fangs, a wicked grin and a chainsaw, but it's in truth a heroic Vaccine that dedicates itself to fighting dangerous viruses.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: Done with mines.
  • The Red Baron: It's the "Net Keeper", as it is the Digimon that patrols the Computer Network.

Gizmon: XT

A Digimon with no sense of self that was artificially remodelled to execute missions as ordered

  • Bishounen Line: It is humanoid shaped compared to its two previous forms.
  • Empty Shell: As with all other Gizmon. It's just designed to kill other Digimon.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Its main attack, "XT Laser", which permanently kills any Digimon it hits.


Gokuwmon, who was born from within the boiling magma of Boot Volcano, pursued strength and extracted modeling data from numerous databases, becoming a Combat Digimon that awakened to the combat instinct it was born with. Although it is journeying across the Digital World to challenge formidable enemies and satiate the craving engraved inside of its heart, if it encounters an opponent that it judges to be strong it will insolently request a battle, regardless of the situation. However, due to the "Kinkoji" which was placed on Gokuwmon's head by Sanzomon when it was born, its head will be constricted and it will pass out if it swears to excess, so it reluctantly observes decorum. Gokuwmon is proficient in a large number of martial and magical arts, and since the "Nyoikinkobou" in its hand is extensible, it can inflict strikes on enemies that are far away, and is also an all-purpose weapon that can fire a lightning cannon while connected, and fire lightning bullets as pistols when split in two.


Debut: Digimon Chronicle
Attacks: Cross Slash, Grade Slash

A Warrior Digimon with a pair of swords that is called the "Golden Meteor" due to the way it cuts into the vanguard with daring and resolve. When it uses its "Souken Gradalpha" with its twin-sword style, a godly speed is brought to those sword techniques, but due to the cursed swords it becomes impossible for it to control itself, and it can't fight and still retain its sanity. Although its overall power is, after all, inferior, its sword techniques surpass even the Holy Knight Lord Knightmon, of the "Royal Knights", and it is said that its royal blue mantle is proof of the honor that was bestowed for its achievements over many battles.

  • Dual Wielding: Wields two swords.
  • Foil: To LordKnightmon. Grademon's sword skills surpass LordKnightmon's abilities.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Cross Slash is fully capable of doing this.
  • The Red Baron: Due to the way it cuts into the vanguard with dauntless courage, it has been called the "Golden Meteor".


A Grappling-species Beast Man Digimon that took in the data of various fighting games, using their original secrets to crush the opponent. Although it rapidly spins the turbines on both its arms and feet to unleash ever-changing techniques, the turbines rotate by being blown into all at once by the fighting spirt emitted by its Digicore, and can't run on mediocre emotional strength. GrappuLeomon inherited the data of the king of beasts, Leomon, and so that strong will to justice rapidly spins the turbines to their extremes.


An Earth Dragon Digimon with giant arms on its back. The arms on its back are said to be wings that mutated, allowing it to more efficiently dig through the ground. It usually lurks within the tunnels it carved deep underground, and seldom comes to the surface. Also, as Groundramon tends to prefer to inhabit veins of the rare Huanglong Ore, it has been discovered that it is very likely to find the elements of Huanglong Ore comprising the scales covering its body. Its personality is extremely ferocious, and as most people lose their life when they encounter one, it is one Digimon for which the details of its ecology are not well understood.

Hangyomon (Divemon/Divermon/Scubamon)

An Aquatic Beast Man digimon wearing a wetsuit. It has a cheerful personality, and is always swimming around the "Net Ocean". It's good at underwater activities. In combat, it uses underwater high-speed movement motor on its back and takes the advantage of the speed.

  • Fish People: It resembles a large, humanoid fish in SCUBA gear. Its Japanese name directly references this.
  • Named Weapons: Its harpoon is named Torrent.
  • Prongs of Poseidon: It wields a harpoon, fitting its role as a chiefly aquatic Digimon.


Attacks: Heat Wave, Sonic Voice

A mythical beast Digimon which has the appearance of a composite animal. It is said it will become a Griffomon if it evolves, but the details are not clear. Its intelligence is not as high as Griffomon's, and since its being is closer to that of a beast, its personality is also ferocious.


A Beast Dragon Digimon clad in thick, shining scalemail who soars the skies unbounded, taking this form when the fierce combat data of the "dragon" and "general" that lay slumbering in the depths of its Digicore was released by the interface on its forehead. It has great mobility, allowing it control over nearly the entire Net airspace. Its demeanour is usually sagacious and calm, akin to a god; however, the moment the crystal-like orbs it holds in both its hands are scratched, its wrath will be incurred, turning it into a god of anger that will attack with all its might. Not only that, it is said the orbs it holds in its hands contain the souls of its fallen comrades; the orb in its right hand is the soul of "Kinryu", while the orb in its left hand is the soul of "Kakuryu", and Digicore information lies within both of them

HolyAngemon (MagnaAngemon)

Attacks: Heaven's Gate, Heaven's Heal

An Archangel Digimon with eight shining, silver wings. HolyAngemon's mission in the Digital World is as a law enforcement officer, and it has the duty of supervising and surveying the many Angel Digimon. Furthermore, although it is the speaker for the essence of "Light" trying to preserve the order of the Digital World, and is usually in the shape of a priest, when the Digital World is overturned by the essence of "Darkness", it changes into its Battle Mode and attacks the evil. In its Battle Mode, it consigns the opponent to oblivion with the Beam Shield on its left arm and the holy sword Excalibur equipped to its right arm. Also, although HolyAngemon has a personality replete with gentleness and kindness when it is in Priest Mode, it takes on an austere personality when it is in Battle Mode.


Attacks: Hell's Grenade, Cocoon Attack

A Perfect Digimon which has an appearance like a long-legged spider. Its form is usually in an outstretched state, with its head and limbs extended, but it is also able to assume a cocoon form, with its limbs retracted into its body. When it goes into its cocoon form, its defensive power is raised such that every attack is deflected, but it can only go forward in a straight line, and the fact that it cannot modify its trajectory is a clear weakness. It is able to penetrate every Network, despite the strength of their security. If Infermon is released from the Network, the world will probably then collapse into chaos.


Attacks: Cosmo Flash

A form of Gottsumon which for some reason had the meteorite data within the ore data it possesses appear on its surface. It is made from a hard material which only exists in space, and possesses powerful defensive ability.


An Insect-type Digimon who radiates a glow of rainbow colors like the jewel beetle. Its prism-like armor changes color depending on one's point of view, so in addition to being sturdy it also has a dazzling effect on its enemies. It is a combat expert which prefers its fights to be beautiful.


A mimicking Digimon which is able to hide itself from opponents with its potato-like appearance. Although it has a timid personality and doesn’t much like to fight, its hidden combat abilities are extremely great. In fact, with its peaceful personality it loves to eat and sleep. Since its rind is several orders harder than it looks, it can curl up its limbs and head to allow it to endure the opponent’s attacks. The visible part of its sprout serves as radar which can perceive the motion of enemies above and behind it, so even if its head is hidden it can take in the conditions of its surroundings, and understand them.
  • Planimal: Apparently based on a potato.

Jyureimon (Cherrymon)
Attacks: Cherry Bomb, Illusion Mist

If you notice a Woodmon that has lived a long life, quickly fell it before it evolves to Jyureimon. It is Plant Digimon that has acquired extreme intelligence and power. Called the "Lord of the Deep Forest", it is a terrifying Digimon who tempts Digimon who have gone astray in the dark deep forest to go further and deeper into the woods, so that they will never break out of that forest. The fog it generates from its body displays illusions, tempting the opponent into the forest depths, where it uses its branches like tentacles and ivy to capture the opponent for its own nutrition.

  • Combat Tentacles: It uses its vines this way.
  • Evil Old Folks: All Jyureimon, since any Woodmon that evolves into it has to have lived a long time just to reach the Ultimate level.
  • Fog of Doom: It can create illusion-generating fog.
  • The Lost Woods: This is the sort of forest where Cherrymon typically lives, and it uses its illusion magic to make it even easier for people passing through to become hopelessly lost.
  • Master of Illusion: It can do this with the fog it generates.
  • More Dakka: It can use its cherries this way.
  • Mythology Gag: The Jyureimon of Digimon World protected itself by covering a forest in mist.
  • The Red Baron: It is called the "Lord of the Deep Forest".
  • Treants: An ambulatory tree that lives deep in the forest, can control plant life to use as a weapon, and causes trespassers in its woods to become hopelessly lost in the forest.



Attacks: Ballistic Feathers, Enlightenment

A Demon Man Digimon which has an appearance like a Shugenja. It is a follower of the Daitengu Digimon, and its face is the epitome of a crow. It excels in Shugendo, and freely manipulates its Genriki. The two swords that Karatenmon possesses are called the "Irataka no Ken", and contain strong magical powers.


A largely-built Warrior Digimon whose body is clad in armor made from heavyweight Chrome Digizoid. It possesses enough power to easily wield its cherished greatsword even while dressed in that armor. According to one theory, it wears the armor on its body in order to restrain its mighty, uncontrollable power. Also, Knightmon is a Digimon that exists to faithfully serve its master, and its personality is deeply loyal. For that reason, it is in distress over becoming either wicked or righteous, depending on its master's attitude, in order to follow through on those convictions.

  • BFS: Its main weapon, though it also has regular swords.
  • Undying Loyalty: To the point that it becomes more like whoever it serves.


A Bewitching Beast Digimon that can manipulate wind and whose defining feature is its light pink body. From both its arms it can give rise to vacuum tornadoes. Even if a Digimon with a perfect body were to exist, it would be easily torn to shreds. Though it is said to certainly appear alongside dust devils, its origins and territory are wrapped in mystery.

Debut: Digital Monster Ver. S
Attacks: Darkness Wave, Poison

A female Fallen Angel Digimon of noble stature. Because of its strength due to the incomparable purity of its dark side power, it is said that the limits of its spread and growth on personal computers is "0".


A Dragon Digimon with large wings that lift even its heavy body effortlessly into the air, and well-trained leg strength that allows it to stand imposingly. It dwells in the magma beds of active volcanoes around the Digital World, and it is theorized that it may live nearby Volcdramon. Its fighting style involves scattering mineral dust, covering the enemy with it, and causing it to explode by freely manipulating its ignition point. If the enemy even moves, it will result in ignition, so if they are covered in mineral dust, they fall into fear of when the dust will explode in the end.

  • Breath Weapon: It can fire laser-like heat rays from its mouth.
  • Having a Blast: It can make the mineral dust it scatters explode at will.
  • Magma Man: A dragon made of lava.
  • Meaningful Name: It's derived from La Garita Caldera, from the San Juan volcanic field (which produced one of the largest recorded volcanic eruptions).
  • Our Dragons Are Different: A volcano-dwelling wyvern made of mostly-cooled lava.

Debut: Digimon iC 20X
Attacks: Lila Shower, Beauty Slap, Un Dux Pollen

A Fairy Digimon which has an appearance like the lilac, a flower that is loved by everyone. It is pure and innocent, and despite its beautiful appearance, it is said to govern over death and rebirth. Its leaves are toxic, and are enough to kill the opponent.

Lilimon (Lillymon)
Attacks: Flow Cannon

A Fairy Digimon born from beautifully blooming flower petals. Also being plant-based, it gets along with FanBeemon. Although it has an appearance like a human child, it hides unfathomable power within. Due to its whimsical, tomboyish personality, Lilimon is said that to open its heart to a human girl with a similar temperament. Also, because it becomes unable to settle down if it starts crying like a crybaby, a great effort is necessary to win it over. However, it also has an aspect that kindly extends its hand to small or weak things. It can fly in the air with the four leaf-like wings growing from its back, and it is said that after Lilimon flies by, a fresh breeze will blow.

  • Arm Cannon: Lillymon can turn its hands into cannons for its attacks.
  • Fairy Sexy: It has a more fairy-ish design than Lilamon, but is still pretty fanservicey.

Lilimon X (Lillymon X)

When any kind of horrible Digimon sadistically toy with Lilimon, she greets them with a sticky light that dismisses them even if they attempt to threaten her. She personally will sometimes ignore them, and it is said that those ignored Digimon will become adversely shocked. Her whimsically tomboyish personality has become accelerated, and although she does not look scary, she has in a sense become the strongest Digimon around.

  • It's All About Me: She puts herself before anything else. If someone says what she wants can't be done...
  • Tantrum Throwing: If told something she wants is impossible, Lilimon starts beating the crap out of everything around her.


A Machine Digimon that was produced when CAD data for construction machinery leaked onto its server, then fused with the configuration data of a Beast Digimon. Its mane has become a pneumatic drill, and it works primarily in tunnel construction and in the Chrome Digizoid mines. The Chrome Digizoid mines are often surrounded by a solid layer of bedrock, so it boasts both power and stamina, as well as top-class performance among Machine Digimon. There are many LoaderLiomon with a stubborn personality due to their pride in their work, but there are many people with the viewpoint that states, "LoaderLiomon is just quarrelsome." It seems that one mine, which had the best deposits in the world, was blown away by a fight between LoaderLiomon.


Attacks: Steam Bomb, Wheel Grinder

With the appearance of a steam locomotive, it is a Machine Digimon whose purpose in life is to keep running. It is a being which transports the data within the Network across the Digital World. Within the Digital World, where a large quantity of information comes and goes, the meaning of life for Locomon and other Vehicle-species Digimon is in how quickly they can convey that information. However, there are times when old models of Locomon have run completely wild as a result of seeking to go too quickly. Also, although its range of movement is confined because it can only run on rails, there are occasions when it has generated spacial distortions by continuously running in circles.

  • Cool Train: A steam locomotive.
  • Mythology Gag: The idea of a Locomon creating distortions by going in circles is a reference to one of the movies, where the first Locomon introduces did just that.
  • Space Master: Downplayed. It can distort space by running in circles.

Lucemon Falldown Mode (Lucemon Fallen Mode, Lucemon Chaos Mode, Lucemon Wild First Mode)

For tropes pertaining to Lucemon Falldown Mode, please see the "Seven Great Demon Lords" section of Digimon Mega Digimon Special Groups.


Attacks: Lightening Feel, Lumina Flash

A Digimon that shines the light of hope on humans and Digimon. It is said to possess a "Lightning Feel", in that if it is approached and touched by a pure heart, that person's immediate future will shine brightly in any difficult. However, Luminamon cannot be seen unless one has a pure heart, and because it has the ability, and because it has the ability to make itself vanish further from view, it is spoken of as a Digital World legend.

  • Holy Halo: It has one around its ears.
  • Light 'em Up: It stores light for its abilities, and then uses them to escape.
  • Only the Pure of Heart: It's invisible to anyone else and can become invisible even to them if it wants to.



A Cyborg Digimon that carries rocket engines with enormous propulsive power on its back. Although its flight duration is limited, it momentarily exploits its maximum thrust, and is most skilled in "Hit and Away".


For tropes pertaining to this Digimon, see its entry in the page for Digimon with no Level.


A Mutant Digimon that evolved in a harsh environment. Contrary to its cute appearance, it conceals a terribly destructive power. With the exception of one Digimon, it is perhaps the most powerful class. The large hands attached to its small body are capable of turning into powerful bombs and detaching themselves. Its nickname is the "Smiley Bomber".

  • Cephalothorax: A perfectly spherical head/body with arms and legs sprouting directly from its sides.
  • Killer Rabbit: It's a small, cute, round Digimon... and also a terribly powerful fighter.
  • The Red Baron: It is famously known by its nickname, the "Smiley Bomber".
  • Red Boxing Gloves: It wears them and can throw exploding ones.

Mamemon X

  • Hot Paint Job: Gains a fire pattern on its gloves, its shoes and above its left arm.


A tiny Mutant Digimon feared as the Tiny Tyrant. It condensed Tyrannomon's data into its tiny body, pushing its ferocious nature and combat instinct to the surface, where they have strikingly manifested in its behaviour. While its body may be tiny, rather than assaulting opponents en masse, it always acts by itself, swooping down on Digimon roaming its own territory without wasting breath on discussion, and always making a show of being the strongest in its domain. However, because its body is tiny, its territory is not very wide. With its physical strength condensed several hundred-fold into its tiny body, and its tenacious jaw that can crunch even super-hard armor, it possesses fighting strength that surpasses even that of gigantic Dinosaur Digimon.

  • Cephalothorax: Much like Mamemon proper, it has a roughly spherical head serving as its entire body and attachment point for its limbs and tail.
  • Red Baron: The Tiny Tyrant.

Mammon (Mammothmon)
Debut: Digital Monster Ver. S
Attacks: Nose Stomp, Snowball, Tundra Breath, Tusk Strike, Tusk Crushers

The fact that this Digimon existed long ago was made clear by a multitude of evidence. Due to Digital World warming, its super-compressed data was expanded, and it made its way from the once-icebound Ice-Snow Area. Its whole body is covered in dense fur, and although it is an ancient Digimon that possesses immense power, it also has a weakness to extreme heat. The crest engraved into the mask covering its face is a super-ancient crystal of wisdom, so it possesses the power of clairvoyance so that it is able to see far into the distance, and its large ears can identify sounds from faraway places.

  • An Ice Person: It has two ice attacks, Tundra Breath and Snowball.
  • Breath Weapon: Tundra Breath, a blast of freezing air.
  • Eyeless Face: Played with. Its face is covered by a solid metal plate, hiding its actual eyes, but a stylized eye symbol is etched in the middle of where its forehead would be.
  • Natural Weapon: It can use its trunk and tusks to attack.

Mammon X (Mammothmon X)

MarinDevimon (MarineDevimon)

A dirty fighter that even Devimon hates to fight. Though it is a subspecies of Devimon, it completely lacks all emotions but hatred due to its lonely life in the ocean depths. In order to win by any means, it won't let up with its attacks even if the opponent loses their fighting spirit. The two tentacles growing from its back each possess their own will, so they will struggle for the catch and act without permission.


A Dinosaur Digimon that evolved from Tyranomon that overcame many fierce battles. The scars covering its body act as the proof of the numerous battles it has survived. It takes on a master-like role, coaching its Tyranomon followers and raising them to become full-fledged warriors.


Attacks: Butterfly-Breaking Trumpet Kick, Bulldog, Thousand Arrow

A bloodsucking martial artist Digimon that performs a magnificent dance. It is said that it was born from the folk-dance database of a certain museum, and that it has mastered the unique steps of the "Bulldog". It uses its fluttering garment to deceive the opponent, and when the opponent drops its guard from a glance at the soft-colored cloth, it falls upon them with the countless rapiers stocked on its arms. Because it is a vampire, it can't survive unless it sucks a Digimon's blood, but as not just anyone will do, it seeks only the blood of strong Digimon and seems to constantly be moving from place to place.


A Powered Suit Digimon used exclusively by tiny Digimon, and the first Vehicle Digimon in the Digital World. It's unique Digimon in that it's unable to move on its own and is incapable of action unless it is being piloted by another Digimon. Considering its Virus attribute, the pilot Digimon can probably be considered a Virus attribute, too. It is a Digimon that is still in development, and if it is overworked then its computer kernel (Digicore) will totally overheat.


Attacks: Genocide Attack. Ultimate Slicer

A Dark Dragon Digimon who boasts the strongest and most wicked power of all Dragon-type Cyborg Digimon of the Perfect level. As it was artificially remolded, it is programmed to destroy everything. As a representation of a computer virus, it can easily penetrate Computer Networks protected by strong security, and can very easily destroy and then completely reformat the host computer.

Attacks: Thunder Javelin

A Seadramon-species that evolved to survive the harsh environment around the Folder Continent, where the weak are very easy preyed on. Its body became a size larger, the carapace covering its head got harder, and a lightning-shaped blade has grown on its calvaria. Its intelligence has developed even further, so it can chase its opponents persistently, like a seeking torpedo, and bring them down without fail.

MegaSeadramon X

  • Breath Weapon: The only attack it retains from its default form is Maelstrom.

MegaloGrowmon (WarGrowlmon)

Possessing the name "Great Growmon", it is a Cyborg-type Perfect Digimon. As its name suggests, it body has grown gigantic, and its upper body has been metallized with the strongest metal, "Chrome Digizoid". It is able to take flight with the two vernier attached to both of its shoulders, so it is possible for it to perform both anti-air and anti-ground attacks. In order to suppress its rampaging due to excess power, a restraining tool similar to a bit is attached to its jaw section. Also, since the "Assault Balancer" extending like a cable from its back section is extensible, it can be used to impale the opponent.

MegaloGrowmon Orange (WarGrowlmon (Yellow))

This colorization of MegaloGrowmon carries the Data Attribute, rather than the original's Virus Attribute.

MegaloGrowmon X


The evolved form of Meicoomon, it often acts alone due to the fact it hates conflict, in addition to its shy temperament. It is usually seen with its body curled up in sunlit areas, napping leisurely. When it senses someone drawing near, it takes cover using its keen movements and observes the situation. Although it will soften up to those who come bringing food, it will continue to lay low if they are an enemy. However, if the enemy refuses to leave its territory, it will engage them by displaying power that is unimaginable from its usual calm demeanour in order to protect its home.

  • Beware My Stinger Tail: Its tail has a scorpion-like stinger at the end, which it can paralyse its enemies with.
  • Cat Folk: Despite being a Perfect level, it acts like... well, an ordinary housecat, snoozing away most of the day, and following around someone who brings it food, or viciously attacking intruders.
  • Doppelgänger Spin: Its Felt Made attack, which turns the cat-shaped lures that float around it into copies of itself.
  • Wolverine Claws: Wears clawed boots.

Meicrackmon Vicious Mode

Attacks: Berserk Thinking, Felt Made

As the normally gentle Meicrackmon's gentle heart is tainted by evil, its entire body transforms into a cracked form. It views the whole world as an enemy it has been wronged by, and its desire is to see the world destroyed. Making use of its exceptional leg strength and perception, as well as its phenomenal feral instincts, it hounds the opponent and doesn't let up until they've met their end. The Cursed Claws it extends from its arm and leg armor are made of Red Digizoid, further adding to their already great cutting ability brought out by its tough body, and allowing it to slice up even slabs of metal as if they were made of paper.

  • The Berserker: The name suggests it, and one of Vicious Mode's attacks is called "Berserk Thinking".
  • Cat Folk: Due to being a variant of Meicrackmon.
  • Doppelgänger Spin: Shares its base form's Felt Made attack.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Its card info says it wants to destroy the world.
  • Wolverine Claws: It has claws made of Red Digizoid on its wrist-guards and boots.

Mephismon (Mephistomon)
Attacks: Death Cloud, Black Sabbath

A Fallen Angel Digimon which has the appearance of a giant ram. It is also a dark being born from the lingering thought-data of an Apocalymon that attempted to destroy all life. Like Apocalymon, its governing principle is the extermination of all life. It specializes in the black magic of the Dark-species, and its personality is endlessly cruel. However, it is highly intelligent, and is also a tactician.


Debut: Digimon Story: Lost Evolution
Attacks: Charm Plunder, Northern Cross Bomber

This Digimon, which takes the form of the mythical Mermaid, can live even in the coldest sea of the Digital World. It is one of the most inscrutable Digimon known. Like a siren, highlights the beauty of its singing and its ability to hypnotize anyone who listen it. Digimon who own data, as a treasure, are attracted and charmed by it just before their goods are looted as its desire for the treasures of both worlds is very strong. Therefore, it is said that all this looted treasures lie somewhere in the Net Ocean, but as soon claim the ownership of this flow as it is bored of it and undone.


For tropes pertaining to this Digimon, see its entry in the page for Digimon with no Level.


Attacks: Grave Scream

A Cyborg Digimon that fully mechanized the body of the Reaper-like Fantomon. It operates using an energy supply from another dimension's Digital World, and it is even said that its strings are being pulled by someone.

MetalGreymon Virus

A Greymon mechanized more than half of its body and became the strongest Cyborg Digimon. Before evolving, a Greymon must defeat all enemies who come after it, one after another. It is only by going through numerous battles can it survive its body being mechanized. A MetalGreymon's offensive power is said to equal that of a single nuclear warhead. It can fire missiles from the hatch on part of its chest. A low-leveled Digimon unfortunate enough to get caught in its attack will be annihilated without leaving a trace.

  • Chest Blaster: It fires missiles from its chest.
  • Cyborg: Its left arm and most of its chest, head and upper jaw have been replaced with mechanical implants.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: It was a regular Greymon that became corrupted by its attempt to evolve into a mechanical being, transforming into a powerful and dangerous Virus-type being.
  • Extendable Arms: Trident Arm.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: A cyborg dinosaur.
  • Palette Swap: A blue recolor of the regular orange Vaccine-type MetalGreymon. In a twist on the trope, MetalGreymon Virus technically came first — the regular Vaccine-type MetalGreymon was created later as a heroic counterpart to it, and subsequently came to be treated as the default version while the original was retooled into being the Virus variant of the line.
  • Playing with Fire: Revenge Flame.

MetalGreymon Vaccine
Attacks: Trident Arm, Giga Destroyer

Usually, MetalGreymon from File Island were able to drastically extend their vital functions through remodeling, but their flesh portions could not hold out and were discolored blue. Those who succeed and retail their orange coloration draw out stronger power instead. Between the 2, you will most likely recognize this one as one of the evolutions of Taichi's partner Digimon from Digimon Adventure.

MetalGreymon X


A Cyborg Digimon that evolved further in strength that Mamemon, who holds the alias of "Smiley Bomber". As usual, if one is deceived by its cute appearance, they will have a terrible experience.

  • Arm Cannon: Its left arm ends in an energy cannon called the Psycho Blaster.
  • Cephalothorax: Like the other Mamemon variants.
  • Wolverine Claws: It has a Freddy Krueger-esque glove on its right hand.

MetalMamemon X


A Cyborg Digimon that remodelled its body in order to acquire mightier powers. After Megadramon was remodelled for anti-air use, MetalTyranomon was remodelled as an anti-ground Interceptor Digimon. Its reinforced body deflects all attacks, and it possesses the terrifying offensive power to smash through armor with its sturdy chin, no matter how hard it might be.

MetalTyranomon X

Although its roughness stands out compared to MetalGreymon, who is recognized by everyone as having "ultra-high performance" among remodelled Digimon, it boasts the best performance in subversive activities on the ground. The original Tyranomon's durability has endured excessive remodelling by the Crack Team, and its ferocity has been transformed into tremendous offensive power, so those remodelled contents have been fully drawn out.


Debut: Digimon Life
Attacks: Homing Laser, Emit Blade

A subspecies of Kuwagamon which rapidly boosted its offensive power by means of armification. It has also gained grappling ability due to the fact that its form has become humanoid, and as it has both a tough shell as well as nimble movements, it boasts top-class balance among Perfect Digimon.

  • Facial Markings: Two purple stripes on each side of its face.
  • Homing Lasers: Shoots these from its fingers. The attack is even called Homing Laser.
  • Laser Blade: It can generate these on its fingers.


A Magic Warrior Digimon who came from another dimension of the Digital World, "Witchenly". In addition to having mastered numerous magics (high-level programming), it is a sword user who possesses skilful swordsmanship. Well-versed in both knighthood and witchcraft, it can attack with the magical power possessed in its sword.

Debut: Digital Monster Ver. S
Attacks: Lovely Attack

A Digimon that is completely shrouded in mystery. From its looks, it is an unmodified plush toy of a bear, so it's rumored that there is someone within who got in through where the chuck is attached to its back section. It wraps up the opponent in the love overflowing from this cute body (with scary eyes), and makes them feel happy.

Attacks: Snake Bandage, Necrophobia

An Undead Digimon whose whole body is wrapped in bandages in the manner of the Egyptian mummy. It is also known as the Necromancer due to its summoning and manipulation of the reluctant souls (residual data) of annihilated Digimon. What its thinking is difficult to understand, because it is taciturn and its facial expressions are concealed, but it is a dangerous being that if attacked will brandish its weapon and beat down the opponent, and if cornered it will start randomly firing its cherished gun, Obelisk.

  • Bandage Mummy: Several of Mummymon's traits, such as its leg braces and its use of a rifle as a crutch, point to it being based off of a heavily injured and totally bandaged soldier more than anything else.
  • Cyclops: It only has one eye — the left one, to be precise.
  • Mummy: Its design is chiefly based off of a Bandage Mummy, with some visual cues from the Egyptian kind.
  • Necromancer: Necrophobia allows it to call up spirits of the dead to attack its opponents.
  • Psychotic Smirk: Its default expression.
  • The Red Baron: It is the "Necromancer" due to its summoning and manipulation of the reluctant souls (residual data) of annihilated Digimon.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: Well, eye.

Nanomon (Datamon)

An ultra-small, therapeutic Machine Digimon. Datamon was once a Vaccine Digimon used to restore crashed computers, but it was attacked by a strong Virus Digimon, which destroyed its logic circuits and, of course, made it run wild. It selfishly re-constructs data, even in computers that are preforming well. Despite its small stature, Datamon can easily delete bigger and stronger Digimon.

  • Cyborg: Datamon is mostly mechanical, but its left eye is clearly organic.


Attacks: Guilty Claw

An evolved form of Devimon that was enhanced by someone. It is an Artificial Digimon that was artificially strengthened and completely controlled, even as far as its own will. The mask which covers its face suppresses NeoDevimon's own power, and it is said that it is worn in order to control its will.

  • Blow You Away: Deep Sorrow is both, being described as gales of despair.


Attacks: Scissor Arms Omega

As an evolution of Kuwagamon, it evolved more balefully than Kabuterimon-species Digimon. It was enhanced with a particular focus on Kuwagamon's inferior defensive side. As for its offensive side, the reconnaissance ability of its antenna was improved, and the attack accuracy of its scissors was increased. In addition, it has been proven that it possesses not only its survival instinct but also its destructive impulses as its primary traits. It can be said that it is a more aggressive evolved form.

  • The Berserker: Subverted. Its survival instincts balance out its violent impulses.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: The O in its name is from the Japanese word for big.
  • Eyeless Face: As with many other insect Digimon, Okuwamon's face and eyes are completely obscured by a solid plate of chitin.

Okuwamon X

  • Super Mode: The only thing that sets it apart is that it's stronger than the default form. Its appearance doesn't change at all.

Attacks: Ame no Murakumo, Sake Breath

A Demon Dragon Digimon that appears to have eight heads, but seven of them are dummies controlled by the black head in the middle. The roots of Orochimon's creation are old, and even in the ancient Digital World its menace was a thing immemorial, but although it was a being that could drive an area to the very brink of destruction, it was sealed due to the tamer of a "being" which sought to preserve the harmony of the Digital World.

  • Beware My Stinger Tail: Ame no Murakumo turns its tail into a blade.
  • Breath Weapon: It breathes alcoholic fumes, with full intoxicating effects, to reference how the mythical Orochi was defeated after being inebriated with rice wine.
  • Cybernetic Mythical Beast: An interpretation of the Yamata no Orochi where the additional seven heads are robotic implants.
  • Dragons Are Demonic: A Demon Dragon Digimon that rampaged through the Digital World in ages past, destroying anything in its path.
  • Multiple Head Case: Subverted. It appears to have eight heads, but only one of them is real — the rest are mechanical replicas.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: This one is a demonic being that has an additional seven robotic heads and is described as having been a terrifying destroyer in ancient times.


Attacks: Desperado Blaster

A Dragon Man Digimon which Jogress-evolved from XV-Mon and Stingmon. Its dragon-based elements are more pronounced, and it acquired impregnable defensive ability due to the power possessed by dragons and shell possessed by insects. It finishes off the opponent with its keen movements, even more so than with its power. Its loyalty is unwavering, and is even willing to lose its life for the sake of its master.


A Puppet Digimon with the appearance of a panda. With its lack of expression and emotion, and blunt personality, it has no charm at all. Although it considers itself a lone wolf, it is thought that it is secretly jealous of the more popular Monzaemon due to its similar appearance. However, since it is surprisingly powerful, meddlesome opponents will have the tables turned against them. Its population is small, so it is rarely seen.


A Beast Man Digimon of proud justice. For some Leomon, who go through repeated training day after day in order to defend justice, it is a form that acquired power over the cold in the freezing lands of the Digital World's Ice-Snow Area, and evolved. By being in the cold, it tempered its mighty will and body, and they cannot be broken by any attack.

Panjyamon X


A Giant Bird Digimon shaped like a parrot. A strange, mysterious bird that wandered from another Digital World through a space-time rift, the talons on its feet possess mighty power. As it is very highly intelligent and calm, it prefers not to battle, but once it is angered, it gets out of control.


A Fallen Angel Digimon dressed like an aristocrat. In exchange for granting someone their desires, it is said that it will snatch away their soul. It is said that it is a Boogiemon that advanced and evolved, but the details are still uncertain.

Piccolomon (Piximon)

A Fairy Digimon that is fluent in magic. It can recite the advanced programming language of another dimension, allowing it to generate miracles with the appearance of magic. This miraculous Digimon is able to pop up in every place, time and space, and although its body is small, it can seal away the enemy's ability with its own ability, and then pulverize the enemy with a mighty blow. With its mischevious, fun-loving personality, it enjoys making computers run wild with its cherished spear, Fairy Tale, that it always holds in its hands (though it means no ill intent).

  • Blade on a Stick: It wields a spear.
  • Cephalothorax: A flying one. Piximon has no body to speak of — its legs, arms and wings sprout directly from its head.
  • Clarke's Third Law: Piximon's magic isn't really magic — its abilities are based on its knowledge of an extradimensional programming language, allowing to manipulate the digital world in a way that seems like magic.
  • Our Fairies Are Different: A small, flying pink orb creature with fairy wings, magic abilities and (in English) a name based on a type of fairy.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: Its Bit Bomb attack uses flying ones.


A plush toy Digimon with a pumpkin head. There's an urban legend that says Pumpmon came to be when mutations developed in a computer virus developed the season of the Western holiday of Halloween. However, although it doesn't inflict any harm at all because it was not a malignant virus, its external appearance belies its possession of powerful offensive ability. As you can tell even from looking at its blank face, a rare expression of emotions is characteristic of Puppet Digimon.

  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Due to being a jack-o-lantern.
  • Green Thumb: Trick or Treat produces a giant pumpkin, which it uses to squash enemies.
  • Playing with Fire: Its Jack O'Lantern attack is fire-based.
  • Pumpkin Person: A humanoid Digimon with a jack-o-lantern, completed with an axe embedded in it, for a head. This is apparently due to it having incorporated data on Halloween into its being.



The evolved form of TiaLudomon, it has been further mechanised and attained the ability to fly. By sacrificing its agility, it gained durability that allows it to withstand even an attack from an Ultimate level head-on. The shields attached to its shoulders and arms automatically put up an electric barrier which cannot be seen, causing enemies to be confused as to why their attacks are not working. Not only that, it is also able to increase the area covered by its barrier in exchange for being unable to move, allowing it to protect entire regions to a certain extent.

  • Barrier Warrior: Able to create electric force fields from the shields on its armor at the cost of its speed. It can take this even further by expanding its barrier to cover huge areas at the cost of immobilizing itself.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Part of an evolution line personifying this concept. Its arms are covered with shields.
  • Shock and Awe: Its shields and one of its attacks are electrical in nature in contrast with TiaLudomon's ice barriers.
  • Some Kind of Force Field: It can make invisible barriers.
  • Wolverine Claws: It has them on its gauntlets just like TiaLudomon.

Rapidmon Perfect

A green-colored Cyborg Digimon that holds the alias of "Keen Hound", and it reliably brings down the opponent with movements near the speed of light. It also freely uses its gigantic ears as radar, can act even in the dark, and is also able to detect the existence of distant enemies. The silhouette of its body makes you think of a shaved poodle. During battle its neck protector shuts.


A Cyborg Digimon that has mechanized more than half of its body. Despite its large build it flies to the sky to attack the enemy. The offensive power fired from the gigantic revolver on its left arm is said to rival that of a single nuclear warhead, and due to its tremendous power and recoil, it is normally impossible to rapid-fire. In addition, the gun barrel is made from Chrome Digizoid in order to withstand that power.

RookChessmon (Black)

Within the Chessmon family, this Puppet Digimon resembles a walking pillar of tower, as if it's a moving fortress. RookChessmon boasts impregnable defense, and it is very fast for its gigantic size. It defends against opponents' attacks, then counter them back. Its catchphrase is, "The opponent is nothing after me!"

  • Evil Wears Black: Averted. Both colors of the entire Chessmon family are of the Virus Attribute.

RookChessmon (White)

Since RookChessmon and BishopChessmon appeared in Digimon Savers only in black and white colors respectively, and a black BishopChessmon appeared in Digimon Xros Wars, there has to be a white RookChessmon somewhere.


A Demon Man Digimon that was banished from the Digital World's heaven, and fell to the backwoods of North Bridge Island. Although it usually has a cheerful, joke-cracking personality, if it touches the skulls wrapped around its waist it goes into a fury like a raging fire. That is because if even one of the nine skulls wrapped around its waist is lost it will be transformed into a terrifying Digimon.

  • Kappa: It's based on Sha Wujing of Journey to the West, who is often depicted as a kappa in Japan.
  • Making a Splash: It shoots ranged water attacks from its staff.
  • Palette Swap: Of Swajuinmon. They even share the same backstory (being kicked out of Heaven for misbehaving), and attributes.
  • Unstoppable Rage: It goes into one if someone touches one of the skulls on its belt, but is a pretty nice guy otherwise.


A Monk Digimon that is journeying around the Digital World in order to achieve enlightenment. It overcomes many difficult ordeals, and as training it imposes asceticism on its own body, day and night. Although Sanzomon doesn't carry any weapons at all, it unleashes various techniques by reciting sutras.


It evolved into this form after repeatedly meeting and parting with Digimon over its long journey, and living through countless fierce battles. It militarily intervenes in the strife that occurs incessantly throughout the Digital World, seeking ceasefires, and has brought aid to the Digimon onsite who have suffered harm. The result is not always a success, but the tears SaviorHackmon sheds before those tragic scenes only strengthen it further, as it earnestly reaches out to the next Digimon that cries for help. It is capable of walking bipedally despite them being blades; in addition, crimson blades extend from both of its arms and tail, and its blade-covered body exudes an aggressive air. The crystal in its chest is a crystallisation of proof that it refined its power with no lack of effort.

Scorpiomon (SkullScorpionmon, Scorpionmon)

An Insect Digimon referred to as the "Assassin of the Desert". It sneaks up from behind the opponent while hiding its presence, and pierces the opponent with the venomous stinger at the tip of its tail. The venom that Scorpiomon carries acts faster than the transmission of nerve data, killing the opponent before they even realise they've been stung. It is referred to as an assassin for this reason, since its opponent will not even know of its existence.

Scumon Daiou


A Mutant Digimon with white wings on its silvery body. According to one theory, it is an Angel Digimon that descended to the Ancient Digimon World. It can rotate its neck and torso 360° to attack in any direction. Its face is fixed and expressionless, so it is difficult to determine what it's thinking, and some finds it disturbing, but its personality is exceedingly gentle.


A Demon Man Digimon banished from the Digital World's heaven. Although it is a calm and collected Digimon, it is said that a certain Digicore was sealed among the nine beads of its necklace, and if even one bead is lost it will be transformed into a terrifying Digimon.

  • Kappa: Based on Sha Wujing, who is often depicted as a Kappa in Japanese media.


A Beast Man Digimon which Jogress-evolved from Aquilamon and Gatomon. It possesses tenacious leg strength, and its leaping power is said to reach great heights. Also, it is able to fly about by spreading both of its arms and soaring like a glider after leaping into the sky. Because it processes the information detected by its radar as images, and transmits it to the head-mounted display equipped to its head, it is able to accurately find the opponent regardless of day or night.


A God Man Digimon which has an outward appearance like a blending of bird and fish. Its personality is cheerful, and it is always singing pleasant songs throughout the skies and seas. Its voice has a miraculously sweet sound and actually has an eight octave range from very high notes to very low notes, and it brings tranquility even to devastated battlefields with its singing voice. It is said that by healing its listeners and performing good deeds, it will continue on to a shining evolution. It is able to sing in three different notes, each having different effects applicable to afflicting its opponents in various ways. These notes are said to have the marvellous trait of ricocheting to always strike their targets, even separate enemies. Each technique also has the characteristic of increasing in power if there are others singing alongside Sirenmon, corresponding to their quantity. Even the weak gain great power by singing in chorus with Sirenmon.


A gigantic Undead Digimon reproduced from the data of several counterfeit fossils, which were in the data of a fossil of what was thought to be the largest land mammal. It has no emotions or intelligence, and because its body operates by reflex with only the data of the nerves laid out within its body, it keeps mercilessly attacking until it can no longer move. It is said that it will plunge any Digimon into the terror of death, either from the curse which forcibly revived it from the data of its corpse, or the cold black vapors which flow unceasingly from its Digicore.

  • Fossil Revival: Played with. It's made from the data of fake fossils.


An Undead Digimon whose whole body has become nothing but bones. It was a Digimon that put too much importance on fighting, and as a result of its combat instinct it clung to life despite its body rotting away, becoming SkullGreymon. As it doesn't have even a scrap of intelligence to balance its combat instinct, its existence is a threat to other Digimon.


Pursuing strength and destruction, it fell to the Dark Area as a Fallen Angel Digimon with its appearance a ruin of what it once was. However, its wickedness was refined even more, so that its dark powers are unfathomable. Its Digicore, concentrated with mighty powers of darkness, is the characteristic of Demon-species Digimon called the "Dark Core".


Even among Filmon, only a small fraction of those who have tempered their quills to the extreme can achieve evolution into this Perfect level Digimon. The fur covering its entire body is said to possess hardness rivaling that of Red Digizoid, acting not only as a shield that protects its body from harm, but also as a weapon that boasts unparalleled offensive power. The "Hurricane Knuckles" it wields in both hands are its prided weapons, made from compressing its own shed fur to high density. It views WereGarurumon as a rival and dreams of the day that it can face WereGarurumon in battle, and so it trains diligently every day in preparation.

  • Petting Zoo People: An anthropomorphic hedgehog.
  • Prickly Porcupine: It keeps Filmon's head-quills and now has a number of drill-shaped spikes all over its body, the largest of which is its tail.
  • The Rival: It wants nothing more than to fight WereGarurumon.
  • Stripperiffic: Aside from its belts and Wolverine Claws, its only articles of clothing are cowboy boots and a pair of chaps.
  • Super Toughness: Its fur is compared to Red Digizoid.
  • This Is a Drill: It has multiple drill-shaped spikes on its body and one of its attacks is a Spin Attack utilizing them.
  • Too Many Belts: Carrying over from its previous evolution, it wears a number of belts around its torso and left arm.
  • Wolverine Claws: Its Hurricane Knuckles are spiked gauntlets.


The space warrior Starmon transformed into this Ultimate level Mutant Digimon. It raised its self-satisfaction and clothed itself in a flashy outfit, making its debut as a star. Although it means to use its sunglasses as a disguise to conceal its superstar identity, they do not help at all.

  • Cephalothorax: Its limbs are attached to its main body, which is also its face.



A Machine Digimon which functions as the riot-suppression and assault-extermination for the mechanized "D-Brigade". It specializes in the extermination of hordes of "Targets", and it boasts overwhelming firepower. It is equipped with radar which is able to lock-on to thirty "Targets" simultaneously, and if one Tankdramon supplements its "Targets" by data-linking to other Tankdramon, it is said to be impossible to escape. Also, its mission survival rate is very high, and it is said that so far only one has ever been shot down during a sortie.


Versed in Onmyoudou, it is a Demon Man Digimon with wide versatility. Its faculty with magic is particularly high, and attacks with talismans and spells are its forte. Also, it is a master of concealed weapons, and hides various weapons up its sleeves. It doesn't talk very much due to its extreme reticence, and it is a being that lives and lurks within the darkness. Also, it is able to turn its talismans into shikigami and command them.

Taomon (Silver)

  • Palette Swap: Both its body and its clothes are silver. This one is a Vaccine Digimon, unlike the regular Taomon, which is Data-type.


A malicious, Machine type Virus Digimon. If you underestimate its power, you'll be defeated in a second with its sword.

  • Evil Counterpart: It's a malicious, destructive version of the Vaccine Digimon Giromon.
  • Palette Swap: It's Giromon, only purple and missing the horns.
  • Shock and Awe: It has an attack whose name translates as Slicing Electric Sword.
  • Slasher Smile: Its default expression is a menacing, too-wide grin full of fangs.

TonosamaGekomon (ShogunGekomon)

An updated version of Gekomon with an antenna resembling the chonmage of a feudal lord. The upgrade is said to have first occurred in a karaoke grading system. It plays a melody from the two horns extending from its shoulders, and its singing voice, which is several octaves below that of Gekomon's, imparts a feeling of a lordly air of superiority.

  • King Mook: To Gekomon — it's a bigger, stronger Gekomon named after Japanese feudal rulers.
  • Musical Assassin: Like the regular Gekomon, it attacks through weaponized singing.


A bipedal ceratopsian Digimon which has the appearance of a Triceratops, which has offensive ability competing for the first or second among herbivorous dinosaurs. The sturdiness of its skin is top class among biological Digimon. Just like its skin, the two horns growing from its brow are super-sturdy, and far harder than that of Monochromon. It has a fundamentally gentle personality. However, its charging attacks have the offensive power to obliterate even the sturdy-bodied mineral species Digimon, though you wouldn't guess it from its sluggish movements.

Triceramon X


Said to be an ancient Digimon that was born at the creation of the Digital World, it is a Holy Beast Digimon that has been handed down through legend as boasting strength on par with a Mega, even though it is an Ultimate. Although it is a Digimon that possesses mighty strength, it deeply detests conflict, and it is said that it will never shed blood. Although it has a deeply compassionate personality that loves everything in the Digital World, when it is up against a being that commits senseless killings, it is said that it will inflict merciless punishment.


An Alien Digimon shaped like something that came from the far reaches of the cosmos. However, it was rumoured that it was born from the seed of a plant. While it is hard to imagine from its overdeveloped head and octopus-like lower body, it carries terrifying offensive power.

  • Alien Invasion: It's named after the concept.
  • My Brain Is Big: In a tribute to older depicting of alien invaders, Vademom's brain is disproportionately large — about half as tall as the rest of the body — and its complex folds visibly dominate its seemingly cranium-less head.
  • Plant Person: It supposedly grew from a plant-like seed.
  • Ray Gun: It's usually depicted as holding one, as typical for classic sci-fi space invaders.


A Machine Digimon which boasts of the greatest size among vehicle Digimon. It is able to load and carry as many as forty Digimon within its body, and transports them to strategic points. If attacked by an opponent while carrying, it possesses the power to repel them as much as possible.

Vamdemon (Myotismon)

Resurrected through the dark arts, it is the king of undead Digimon which has obtained mighty powers. Originally a fiendish computer virus which destroyed the data it absorbed, it possessed the ability to revive the destroyed data as malignant computer viruses. As it possesses an extremely cruel and cunning personality, it is exceedingly difficult to destroy this Digimon. However, it cannot demonstrate its powers outside of the night, and its power is cut in half during the daytime.

  • Bat Out of Hell: Commands some for Night Raid.
  • Casting a Shadow: Nightmare Wave is described as a dark wave.
  • Cool Mask: It has a red, bat-themed mask, which shows up again with both BelialVamdemom and NeoVamdemon.
  • Familiar: It has a whole swarm of bats at its command.
  • The Paralyzer: Dead Scream allows it to paralyze opponents.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: It's based on the original, Bram Stoker version of Dracula. Much like that version, Vamdemon doesn't die in sunlight, instead becoming only slightly less powerful, and can turn those it destroys into more versions of itself.
  • Whip It Good: Its Bloody Stream attack conjures a glowing red whip.


A Dinosaur Digimon that is more than a Monochromon with a red color scheme; it is originally a Monochromon who evolved by adapting to the sulfuric surface of the various volcanoes they frequent. As the result, it developed a crimson armor that simulates lava. They are ill-tempered, and won't think twice before trying to gore their opponents.


A powerful cyborg Digimon with a large build. It is named Volcamon after how the large volcano on its back will erupt when its anger reaches its peak, or when its excitement reaches past its maximum. Furthermore, it is not only a strong opponent but also a close rival of Etemon's. Its deafening voice shakes the atmosphere and causes the earth to rumble.


A Dragon Digimon that inhabits the magma beds of the active volcanoes that dot the Digital World. Since it is always behind volcanic eruptions, volcanologists study it and how it stir up volcanoes, rather than natural volcanic activity. It looks terrifying, but it is gentle and prefers not to fight. However, those who offend Volcdramon, even just once, will get scorched by it like a raging fire.

  • Dinosaurs Are Dragons: It is described as a Dragon Digimon, but it looks more like a dinosaur. Particularly one in the Sauropod subgroup.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: It scorches those who offend it.
  • Gentle Giant: Zigzagged. It is large and looks terrifying, but it is gentle and prefers not to fight. That is until it's offended.



This fiendish-faced Puppet Digimon is a far cry from Monzaemon. It's on good terms with MetalEtemon, and it is said that the WaruMonzaemon plush toy it wears on its waist is something that WaruMonzaemon sent to it. Still, similar to Monzaemon, its true form is unclear, but the peeking out of its strange, shining eyes from within is eerie. Its personality is wickedness itself, and it is treacherous due to its malice. Its left arm is equipped with the character "Evil" and the powerful "Bear Claw" of a grizzly bear.

  • Care-Bear Stare: Inverted. Its Heartbreak Attack induces negative emotions.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Monzaemon; it looks like a rougher and more beat-up version of the latter, is more violent and malicious, and attacks by causing negative feelings rather than joy.
  • Killer Teddy Bear: A violent, malicious version of Monzaemon.
  • Shock and Awe: Its Megalo Spark attack fires a ball of electricity at a target.


It was a Seadramon that evolved with wickedness. It is able to control the powers of darkness with the blade-like horn on its head. Its personality has become even more sly, and its tenacity in chasing its prey exceeds that of MegaSeadramon.


A Beast Man Digimon that evolved from Garurumon and became able to walk on two legs. Due to becoming bipedal it lost its speed, but became a Commando Type Digimon with stronger offensive and defensive power, as well as developing a tactical nature. Its kicking techniques, which it unleashes using the leg strength it inherited from Garurumon, are quite strong, so its jumping ability contends for first or second place among other Digimon. Also, it is rich with loyalty, and has a reliable nature, faithfully executing its mission if its master gives it an order.

WereGarurumon (Black) (ShadowWereGarurumon)

WereGarurumon X

It is known for a fact that it has developed a more powerful physique. With its physique, which has nearly doubled in strength, this stout-legged beast warrior dishes out energetic kicks powerful enough to send even heavyweight Digimon flying with a single strike. Its Chrome Digizoid equipment is made to be thin and lightweight, so as not to hinder its movements when it carries out its kicking techniques. This combat specialist is balanced in both offense and defense, and is a reliable Digimon who will fight and use its own body to shield its master when the situation calls for it.

  • Close-Range Combatant: It only retains close-range attacks such as Garuru Kick and Kaiser Nail from its default form.


Possessing greatly developed wings, it is a Sky Dragon Digimon able to fly freely through the air. Because the scales on its wings are able to block gravity, it is able to fly without flapping its wings. It seldom lands on the ground, and spends most of its time living in the sky. It is said that its air speed exceeds Mach 20, and there are few Digimon who can survive a dog fight with Wingdramon.

  • Not Quite Flight: What seems to be flying is really Wingdramon blocking gravity with its wings.


A Digimon completely shrouded in mystery, it can appear anywhere in time and space via the Book. Treating the Book as a spiritual vessel, it frequently alters its shape to appear anywhere within the space-times which the Book has connected, and it is said that its true form remains within a separate dimension. Among researchers it is rumored that it is in the same family as Piemon, and of the same Demon Man type. The Space-time Stones that it holds in both hands are able to playback a record of a space, preserving every event and object within that space-time of the Digital World.


Possessing three legs, it is a bizarre Bewitching Bird Digimon. Although its jet-black body presents an evil image to those who see it, it is told that it is the Digimon who guides the chosen to the "Golden Land" in the eastern Digital World. The eastern Digital World is a region where there are still many mysteries, and it is said that the "Golden Land" is protected by multiple sacred barriers. Although it is said that with Yatagaramon's guidance the barriers will be released, traditionally, only those who surmount the "Threefold Trials" submitted by Yatagaramon will finally arrive at the "Golden Land", and it is told that those who were not able to endure the trials are dispatched to the Dark Area.

Yatagaramon (2006_Anime_Version) (Crowmon)

Possessing three legs, it is a bizarre Bewitching Beast Digimon and a subspecies of Yatagaramon.


A Toy Digimon that originated from a thrown away yo-yo toy.


A Marine Animal Digimon that further guards its already well-tempered muscles with protectors, which it made from the pelt and shell that it stole from its opponents. The horn on its head has been replaced with one that became impossible to regrow, so it voluntarily processed it into a saw shape. However, after all is said and done it dug up "Thor Hammer" from ancient ice. It is made of Chrondigizoit and is Zudomon's strongest weapon.


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