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Here are the Loads and Loads of Characters inhabiting the MOBA game Arena of Valor.

Warrior Heroes

    Amily, the Crusher 

Amily is a Warrior/Assassin hybrid who is a master at one on one battles. Her passive Duel is simple: Her physical attacks and Combo deal 1.5x damage when only hitting one target. Her first ability Kickblade flings a blade that bounces between enemies, damaging and slowing anyone hit, with the slow enhanced on the initial target. Afterwards, the blade will bounce back to Amily, healing her, increasing her speed, and lowering Kickblade's cooldown. Her second ability, the previously mentioned Combo passively restores a fixed percentage of HP and Mana as well as increasing base movement speed when out of combat. When activated, she attacks twice, with the second hit knocking up her foes, and allows her to follow up with an empowered basic attack. Her ultimate Enrage will have Amily unleash a blast of energy that deals magic damage. Afterwards, she enters a state where she gains increased attack power and based movement speed, reduces incoming damage by a fixed amount, and gaining an aura that deals magic damage over time.

    Arduin, the Spirit 
Arduin is a Warrior/Tank type hero whose giant axe can turn the tide of a battle thanks to his considerable sustain and crowd control. His passive is Bloodlust, which drives Arduin into a fury when his HP reaches half. For a short period of time, Arduin regains a percentage of his max HP when damaging enemies. His first ability is Rend, which has Arduin send out a burst of energy with his axe that damages and slows the enemy. If he hit an enemy hero, he can follow up with a smash that damages and knocks up the targets. His second ability is Undying Protector, which creates a shield equal to a percentage of his max HP, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies in the process. For a few seconds afterwards, Arduin's basic attacks deal additional true damage and lower the cooldown of his ultimate. Said ultimate, Cull, has him chuck his axe at a target, stunning them. He then launches himself where the axe landed, dealing additional damage. He also becomes Unstoppable as he casts the ability.

    Arthur, the Chosen 
"Courage, my friend. Courage!"

The first of mankind that rose up to challenge the darkness encroaching Athanor, the chivalrous knight Arthur rallied mankind in the darkest hour and faced off against Maloch and his hellish horde, allowing humans to become a respected race. The Valiant Order is built under his creed and teaching, and his undaunted spirit and dedication towards order and justice is followed by many, especially his successors, such as Thane.

Arthur is a Warrior/Tank hero who charges into the fray of battle and disrupts his enemies while withstanding what he enemies throws at him. He does not utilize mana, only depending on his cooldown. His Passive, Paragon, grants him scaling damage reduction as he levels up. His first skill, Righteous Fervor boosts Arthur's movement speed until he attacks first, in which he gains increased range by leaping to the enemy, and it grants his enemy a movement speed and defense debuff while rallying his allies to move faster. His second skill, Holy Guard, has him summon magical circling swords to damage nearby enemies per second. His Ultimate, Deep Impact, makes him leap to a nearby enemy and stab his sword to the ground, creating a blast that knocks nearby enemies upwards and leaves a mark in the ground, those who stay there will take damage over time.
  • BFS: A big knight needs a sword as big as he is, and he has no problems swinging it.
  • Close-Range Combatant: Arthur always needs to get close to his enemies to start dealing damage. If the enemy tries to kite it, he can run forward to close the gap himself.
  • Expy: One can say he's based on Garen, since he has a speed boost + debilitating first strike buff and a constant spinning strike (though he doesn't personally spin himself) and an ultimate that involves stabbing the sword to the ground (although not an execute), and does not use mana at all. Then there's also the knightly motif. It's not that uncommon to see Arthur hiding in the bush waiting to strike, a strategy familiar enough for those who knows their 'Bushren'.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Since this is a MOBA, Arthur has no problems fighting alongside/against Thane, who was supposed to take prominence long after Arthur's era was done.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Arthur is fast, able to burst targets and also kind of durable. His versatility makes him a welcome addition to almost any team.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: He's a chivalrous knight with exceptionally good spirit, fighting for the safety of mankind.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: Most likely his name is inspired by King Arthur, as he also shared the traits of wielding a Cool Sword, is The Paragon chivalrous knight that led humanity, although this Arthur has never been a King officially.
  • Lightning Bruiser: All those big armor and giant sword didn't stop Arthur from running and striking fast.
  • The Paragon: Of mankind, bringing them to the levels of respect amongst the residents of Athanor.

    Astrid, the Indomitable 
Astrid is a Warrior who can both take and deal considerable amounts of damage before finishing off injured foes in a single mighty blow. Her passive Bladed Guardian gives her a shield that blocks a certain amount of damage for a short period of time when either brought below 80% HP or when taking a hit while below that threshold. Bladed Guardian has a cooldown that can be reduced by damaging enemies. Her first ability Spin Slash has her perform a spin attack. If she hits an enemy hero, her attack speed increases for a few seconds afterwards, gaining an increased benefit if multiple heroes are hit. Her second ability Fearless Charge has her charge forward, buffing her next basic attack to deal increased damage, slow, and shred the armour of enemies hit. Hitting at least one enemy hero reduces the Fearless Charge's cooldown. Her ultimate, Dire Blow, makes her immune to damage for a few seconds. Just before the invulnerability ends, she unleases a powerful blow that deals phyiscal damage to targets hit. Dire Blow gains additional effects if either her or her target is below 60% HP, with an injured Astrid stunning targets hit by her attack, and injured enemies taking additional true damage equal to a percentage of their lost HP.

    Florentino, the Gentle Blade 
Florentino is a fabulous Warrior/Assassin hero who forces his opponents into one on one battles where he can quickly burst them down. His passive Shuffle turns his first basic attack in each combat into a Lunge that deals additional damage and slowing the target hit, while Florentino gains increased movement speed and CC immunity for an instant afterwards. If an enemy hero was hit, Florentino also heals a small amount of HP. His first ability Blossom chucks a dart that damages and stuns the target. Afterwards, three flowers bloom around the target that restores Florentino's energy as well as allowing him to Lunge. It also resets the cooldown for his second ability, Triple Threat. Triple Threat is a three hit combo that deals physical damage and true damage to targets hit, as well as reducing the cooldown of Blossom if an enemy hero is hit. The second hit knocks up enemies, and the third hit's physical damage hits twice. After all three attacks are used, Shuffle is triggered. His ultimate, Gentleman's Duel has him charge forward after a short moment and mark the enemy hit. During the duel, his opponent's armor is reduced while Florentino deals additional damage. Unmarked enemies deal half damage to Florentino and cannot affect him with CC. If Florentino wins the duel, he gains a stack that boosts his attack power for the rest of the match.

    Kil'Groth, the Terror 
Kil'Goth is a durable Warrior who can deal considerable damage to unwary enemies with his basic attacks. His passive is The Fanatic, which gives him a stack that boosts attack speed when he lands a basic attack, as well as boosting the range of the third attack in his attack chain. His first ability is Sea Spear, which is a charge that deals physical damage and slows enemies hit. If an enemy hero is hit, the ability's cooldown is reduced. His second ability Enraged Spear passively adds some magical damage to the third basic attack in his attack chain. The ability can be activated for a buff that adds magic damage and lifesteal to his basic attacks for a short period of time, with the lifesteal increased when attacking enemy heroes. His ultimate, Gore Lord, maxes out his The Fanatic stacks and makes him Unstoppable and increases his movement speed for a short period. The duration of the Unstoppable buff can be increased by attacking enemy heroes.

    Lu Bu, the Great Warlord 
Lu Bu is a powerful Warrior with versatile abilities who can smash through enemies if allowed to build up power. His passive Martial Master lowers the cooldown of his Impale ability when damaging enemies as well as increasing his attack speed when casting abilities. His first ability Red Stallion allows him to charge to a selected location up to three times, dealing physical damage to enemies hit. The third charge also knocks up enemies. His second ability Impale launches a blast of dark energy that slows and deals physical damage to enemies. His ultimate Conqueror has Lu Bu power up, increasing his attack power, lifesteal, and CC resistance for a few seconds.

    Maloch, the Merciless 
Maloch is a demonic Warrior/Tank hero who can slowly but surely tear through unprepared enemies. His passive Plunder gives him a boost to attack range compared to other melee fighters. His first ability Cleave is an uninterruptable swing that deals considerable physical damage to enemies hit. If he hits an enemy hero, his blade becomes enchanted. An enchanted sword allows his basic attacks and Cleave to deal True Damage and heal a percentage of his missing HP. His second ability Souleater steals the souls of nearby enemies, damaging and slowing them. In addition, Maloch gains a shield based on the amount of souls he stole. His ultimate Shock has him slam into a targetted location that damages and knocks away enemies hit, while also creating a zone that slows enemies that try to enter or exit it.

    Max, the Wunderkind 
Max is a Warrior/Tank hero who slowly drains his opponent's health with true damage and unparalleled initiation. His passive Static Shock puts a debuff on enemies Max damages, lowering their healing and dealing a small amount of true damage over time. His first ability Bionic Blender is a spin attack that deals physical damage and increases Max's movement speed for each enemy hit. His second ability Smooth Moves has Max jump over his foe, stunning them for a few moments while giving himself damage reduction for a few seconds afterwards. The ability can be used twice in quick succession before going on cooldown. His ultimate Liftoff will reveal the enemy team while preventing them from recalling. Max can then follow up by flying to an enemy hero of his choosing, dealing considerable physical damage and knocking them back if he hits them. After the flight ends, regardless of whether he hit an enemy, he actvates a shield that grants damage and CC resistance as well as apply his passive to nearby enemies

    Omen, the Insatiable 
Omen is a Warrior that unleashes a relentless barrage of attacks to bring his opponents to their knees. His passive Thirst gives Omen a stack when using a basic attack on an enemy. When reaching 5 stacks, Omen temporarily gains increased movement and attack speed, and his basic attacks deal additional true damage and reduce the cooldown for his normal abilities. In addition, the third normal attack in his attack chain deals 1.5x damage over two hits, with each hit granting a stack. His first ability Death's Beckon pulls nearby enemies to him, dealing physical damage and slowing them. His second ability Untouchable grants Omen massive damage reduction and considerable movement speed for a couple seconds. In addition, he can reflect one basic attack from each enemy hero during that period, dealing physical damage and slowing them. Finally, his ultimate Death's Embrace is a charge that deals physical damage to an enemy hero it hits. The enemy is then cursed, reducing their attack power and preventing them from moving too far away from the point of impact.

    Ormarr, the Frenzy 
Ormarr is a Warrior who excels at pinning down his opponents with considerable crowd control to allow his teammates to tear through them. His passive is Gut Punch, which gives him a random chance to stun enemies hit by his attacks as well as deal magic damage equal to a portion of his own max HP. His first ability is Unstoppable, which has him charge forward, empowering his next basic attack to deal additional physical damage and knocking up enemies hit. His second ability is Swagger, which has him smash the ground to deal physical damage and a slow to enemies in an area. If at least one enemy hero is hit, Ormarr gains a stack, and casting Swagger with three stacks guarantees an activation of Gut Punch. His ultimate Walking Tall has him swing his hammer in a circle, dealing physical damage to enemies hit while restoring a percentage of his max HP for each enemy hero hit. Ormarr can be affected by movement impairing effects while casting Walking Tall, but the ability itself cannot be interrupted.

    Richter, the Imbued 
Richter is a Warrior who adapts his fighting style based on his surroundings. His passive Battle Instinct gives him a buff when he stays in one type of terrain for a period of time, with brush increasing his attack speed, riverbeds increasing his movement speed, and roads granting damage reduction. He also gains a small boost to movement speed when switching between terrain. His first ability Jungle Strike is a two hit combo, a charge and a slash that both hit for physical damage and allow him to charge forward with his next basic attack for bonus magic damage. Brush allows Jungle Strike to knock up enemies, while riverbeds increase the distance of the charge. Jungle Strike does not go on cooldown when it hits an enemy, but not if it's used too many times in quick succession. His second ability Retaliate has Richter become invulnerable and unstoppable for a brief moment before dealing physical damage to nearby enemies, as well as stunning if he blocked any CC. His ultimate Mark of the Hunter creates an aura around an enemy that damages them and other nearby enemies. If the marked foe is damaged 5 times before the mark expires, the mark is consumed, dealing considerable phyiscal damage and silencing them for a moment.

    Rourke, the Captain 
Rourke is a Warrior/Marksman who, uniquely for Marksmen, is skilled in close range. His passive Scattershot grants him a special basic attack that fires four shots at once. Not only does this make Rourke's basic attacks stronger than those of other Marksmen if the majority of the shots hit, each bolt shreds the armour of enemy heroes hit. His first ability Charged Shot increases hit movement speed and empowers his next attack to deal increased physical damage, as well as slowing a target hit with all four bolts. His second ability Bolt is a charge that stuns and knocks back the target and other nearby enemies. His ultimate, Determination cleanses CC and gives him a shield. For a few seconds afterwards, Rourke enjoys increased attack power and armour, as well as CC immunity while the shield is active. To help keep the shield up, a portion of the damage Rourke deals replenishes it.

    Ryoma, the Ronin 
"I am my own master"

Heir of an esteemed samurai house, Ryoma grew up and trained together with his childhood friend Kondo. As they grew up, they ended up in the services of two different warring princes that eventually came to clash together in a succession crisis. Ryoma and Kondo ended up in a duel to death, in which Ryoma won, but the duel crushed his heart that he had to kill his best friend. After burying Kondo, snapping his own katana to be buried with him too, Ryoma took on Kondo's naginata, using only his left hand since he refused to use the hand that killed Kondo and became a Ronin wandering Athanor.

Ryoma is a Warrior/Assassin that utilizes the range of his naginata to deal massive damage to his enemies. His passive, Naginatajutsu, modifies his normal attack every 5 seconds to have greater range and deals more damage and reduces enemy movement speed. The slash creates a shadow wave at the edge of the slash, and if the enemy is hit on that spot, they will receive extra damage. His first skill, Pinwheel, had him slash while doing a backflip, moving backwards. If this hits an enemy hero, the cooldown will be reduced. In his second skill, Wailing Blade, Ryoma thrusts his Naginata forward, unleashing an extra shadow thrust, dealing damage to all enemies hit, but more damage for the closest enemy hit. However, the enemies hit at the edge of his thrust will be stunned. His ultimate, Spectral Ire, had Ryoma thrust his Naginata several times forward, dealing damage to all enemies in a cone and healing him per thrust.

    Skud, the Smasher 
Skud is a Warrior who's a nightmare in team fights thanks to his control. His passive Anabolic Rage periodically empowers his basic attack, increasing its power, as well as refreshing his energy, healing himself based on his maximum HP and restoring MP based on his lost MP. Hitting enemies with basic attacks allows Anabolic Rage to trigger more often. His first ability Furious Charge deals physical damage and knocks up enemies hit. His second ability Power Glove increases his attack and movement speed. His next basic attack is empowered to deal increased physical damage and slows the target. In addition, Skud builds up power, dealing up to double damage based on how long he goes before using the empowered basic attack. His ultimate Wild Beast Fury is a spin attack that deals physical damage and stuns all nearby enemies. The damage dealt is based on the target's current HP as well as reseting Furious Charge's cooldown.

    Superman, the Man of Steel 
"This looks like a job for Superman!"

The son of Kryptonite scientist Jor-El, sent to Earth for his safety and growing up as Clark Kent, eventually becoming one of Earth's mightiest superhero. Superman has made many friends and foes in his pursuit of truth and justice. During a battle with one of his Arch-Enemy Brainiac, Superman discovered that Jor-El was researching about the Andura Stones, which originated from Athanor and had the potential to be a power source which could devastate the world. Superman then ventured to Athanor to secure the Andura Stones and making sure that no one, Brainiac included, would abuse the power and destroy any other.

Superman is a Warrior/Tank hero, roaming through the battlefield and taking his enemies out with sheer might and the strength of a Kryptonian. Superman usually has two states depending on his Passive, Flight, which allows him to accumulate charge as he walked, and when he has enough charge, he will fly, granting additional movement speed and his attack will be a flying tackle that gains bonus damage the more HP he got, and all of his skills would be aimed to be in front of him instead of flickering the skill button. With his first skill, Kryptonian Strength, Superman uses his freezing breath in an arc to damage and slow nearby enemies when he's not flying, otherwise he charges the enemy like a normal attack, but then follows up with his heat vision, dealing damage to all enemies in a straight line. With his second skill Man of Steel, Superman will remove all of his crowd control effects and gain movement speed, which allow him to charge his passive faster when not flying, otherwise he will instead leap and punch the ground, knocking away nearby enemies and also gaining movement speed. His Ultimate, Speeding Bullet, allows Superman to speed up his charge meter filling speed, allowing him to enter flight mode faster, and when used in flight mode, will have him execute his normal attack, but in wider area, while also giving him the Charge speed boost.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: He's not a newbie-friendly character, since Supes needs to juggle his two separate movesets, one which is only accessible by running around several times first, and then they're only aiming forward. Those who don't really understand Supes' gameplay will become easy feeder. However, if you get by that, Supes is a dangerous superhero who's faster than you and stronger than you with every punches he throws. He's constantly banned in ranked because a good Superman is a terror in the battlefield.
  • Flight: He can fly after he walked several distances. And this changes his moveset.
  • Flying Brick: The typical superhero with the power of flight, Super Strength and toughness... and literally hits like a brick too.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Superman is often a top tier character because he moves very quickly, and yet hits like a truck even on normal attack alone. And when you think you had him on the ropes, he simply shrugs off your crowd control and resume beating you up while hounding you.
  • No-Sell: Man of Steel have him shrug off every crowd control he has been inflicted with. Including stuns.
  • Not the Intended Use: Superman is designated as Warrior/Tank, but thanks to his flight making him an excellent roamer, he's more played as a Warrior/Assassin, flanking his enemies or invading jungles (but not jungling himself)

    Wonder Woman, Amazon of Themyscira 
Wonder Woman is a Warrior who excels at isolating priority targets in skilled hands. Her passive Amazon Shield has her throw her shield on every third basic attack, dealing additional true damage and slowing enemies hit, as well as restoring her own HP. Her first ability Sword And Shield is a two hit combo. The first hit is a shield bash that deals physical damage and slows the target while giving Wonder Woman damage reduction if she hit a hero. She then follows up with a slash that can deal double damage if aimed properly. The damage of both hits are also affected by the target's maximum HP. Her second ability Lasso Of Truth launches her lasso to grab an enemy, dealing physical damage and stunning the target. If her target is below 50% HP, her target will be pulled over to her, if not, she'll jump to her target instead. Her ultimate Bracelets of Submission deals physical damage and stuns enemies in front of her, while Wonder Woman gains a shield based on her maximum HP and considerable damage reduction. Allies behind her also get this shield.

    Zanis, the Dragoon 
"My spear shall deliver justice!"

A wandering spearman in service of the Valiant Order, courageous, virtuous and ready to charge to the battlefield on notice. Within his veins are the blood of a dragon that enhances his combat prowess.

Zanis is a Warrior/Assassin hero with considerable jungling capabilities that can snowball into an exponentially powerful hero if he's allowed to kill more enemy heroes or assist his allies. His passive, Dragoon, grants him HP recovery and permanent attack damage buff that could stack up to 20 times if he gained kill/assist score. His first skill, Blood Wyrm makes him remove all debuffs while gaining a considerable speed buff temporarily, while making his next normal attack deal extra damage and slows for a considerable time. His second skill, Tail Sweep, have him spin and strike his surrounding, and if he hits someone with his strike, he would gain increased attack speed and life steal temporarily. His Ultimate, Dragon Strike, have him target one enemy and leap to strike them with a mighty force that it knocks them upwards and for a few seconds, Zanis gains attack buffs with True Damage.
  • Blade on a Stick: He's using a very long spear to skewer his enemies.
  • Dragon Knight: Downplayed. While he can't transform into a dragon, he's a knight with heavy dragon Theme Naming on him. And he has dragon blood running in his veins.
  • Expy:
    • He's basically AOV's answer to Xin Zhao, a sticky spearman with good morals best used for jungling and capable to be a snowballing hero. Furthermore...
    • His personality of a straightforward honorable soldier with a spear draws similarity with Zhao Yun, incidentally also being the inspiration of the aforementioned Xin Zhao. Ironically, in Wangzhe Rongyao, Zhao Yun was there, but using the moveset of Zanis' Evil Counterpart Zephys.
  • Irony: When using Blood Wyrm, Zanis' quotes is more geared in preparing to kick ass. However, the speed buff he got means that the skill could be used to run away from a battle that went south, so he could be saying his Pre Ass Kicking One Liner while running away.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: While not as blatant as Arthur and Thane, Zanis has the 'chivalrous spear knight' personality to the tee.
  • Magikarp Power: The definition of a snowball hero. Zanis is encouraged to be in the heat of battle, killing enemy heroes or helping others secure a kill. With more kill points, Zanis can snowball into a hero that kills everything with a few touches.
  • Pre Ass Kicking One Liner: "Taste my spear!!", whenever he activates his first skill. He's either on the hunt to make sure his enemy does not escape his beatings... or just to make a hasty retreat.
  • Skill Gate Character: He's the first jungler-specialized hero you get, you can easily learn the ropes of what it means to be a jungler and can still be an extremely potent jungler in the hands of an expert.

    Zephys, the Doomspear 
Zephys is a warrior/assassin who uses mobility and his surprising strength in fights others wouldn't risk entering to defeat unsuspecting foes. His passive Unwavering Death grants Zephys up to 33% damage reduction based on his lost HP. His first ability Death Rift is a charge that deals physical damage and empowers his next basic attack to deal more damage and slow his target. His second ability is a Death's Flurry is a barrage of attacks that damage enemies in front of him, as well as healing himself if he hits an enemy hero. His ultimate, Death From Above, has him leap to a target area, dealing physical damage and knocking up enemies in an area. For a period of time afterwards, Zephys deals additional magic damage to enemies hit by the ultimate.

    Zuka, the Pandharma Master 

Tank Heroes

    Arum, the Conjurer 

    Baldum, the Monolith 

    Cresht, the Mermidon 

    Mina, the Reaper Queen 

    Omega, the Awoken Mech 

    Roxie, the Adventurer 

    Taara, the War Hammer 

    Thane, the Legendary Monarch 

    Toro, the Bull King 

    Wiro, 212 Warrior 
"Muridnya sableng, gurunya gendeng!"Translation 

During his infant days, Wiro Saksana was almost killed by the evil martial artist Mahesa Birawa who killed his parents shortly before. Saved by Mahesa's master, Sinto Gendeng, he was raised by her in martial arts and got rubbed by her crazy antics, eventually becoming known as Wiro Sableng (Crazy Wiro), who wandered the Earth, improving his martial arts and defeating evil wherever he went, and riling them up with his crazy personality. For some reason, Wiro stumbled onto Athanor and noticed that wherever he went, problems and evil would still lurk, and as usual, it's still his calling to squash them. Armed with his sacred axe, 'Kapak Naga Geni 212', and easily recognized with the 212 mark on his chest, Wiro is ready to kick evil's ass and drive them crazy.

Wiro is a Tank/Warrior hero that gets into his enemies' rank and wreaks havoc there. His passive, Sacred 212, not only gives him a defensive buff, but also allows him to come back from the dead after channeling for a few seconds, but he can still be hit by enemies, killing him and he had to depend on respawn timer after that. Allies can also tag him during the process, giving him more health for him to recover, and when he rises back up, he deals damage and debuffs his enemies while gaining buffs on his own. In his first skill, 212 Axe, Wiro buffs his next three attacks, the first two deals increased damage and the third one knocks surrounding enemies to the air. His second skill, Tornado Fist, gets Wiro to charge forward, with his fist enlarged by ki power and pushes enemies forward, if they hit a wall, they take extra damage and stunned for a second. Wiro can also deal damage to buildings this way. With his ultimate, Sunray Fist, Wiro charges up and a growing circle appears surrounding him. He can then release his inner power any time to deal massive damage and knock up enemies within the circle, which grows larger the longer he charges. If he cancels his skill or is interrupted by crowd control, the cooldown will be drastically reduced, so he can try again in a short time.
  • An Axe to Grind: The double-headed axe known as 'Kapak Naga Geni 212' is Wiro's Weapon of Choice and he sure swings it pretty hard.
  • Auto-Revive: If you kill him once, unless you take extra efforts to beat him down again, Wiro will just come back instantly like nothing happened.
  • Ax-Crazy: 'Sableng' is Indonesian for 'Crazy'. And with a name like Wiro Sableng...
  • Bilingual Bonus: Speaks in Bahasa Indonesia, although Tencent also prepared an English speaker somewhere.
  • Mythology Gag: One of his quotes, "Aku melangkah menyusuri dunia!"Translation , is taken straight from the lyrics of the theme song of his own TV Series show that aired during The '90s.
  • The Power of Friendship: Weaponized. When Sacred 212 is in effect, up to three friends can walk through the marks left by Wiro, and he gains more health to withstand more attack and get active again with more health.
  • Stone Wall: Wiro isn't the type to quickly kill his enemies, but he's a tough guy who will continuously disrupt his enemies' ranks and is particularly hard to kill when he's assisted with others.

    Xeniel, the Immaculate 

    Y'bneth, the Old Growth 

Assassin Heroes

    Airi, Shadow Dragon Ninja 

    Batman, the Dark Knight 
"I am Batman."

After he lost his parents by a criminal, millionaire Bruce Wayne donned the identity of the vigilante of Gotham, Batman, to cleanse the city from criminals. Along the way, he has also fought against multidimensional threat. The Doomspear Zephys at one point stumbled onto Gotham and Batman fought him. The battle dragged him onto Athanor, where the Demon Hunter Valhein helped him drive away Zephys. Brought to Thane, Batman discovered the material known as Andura Stones, and its capabilities to unleash destruction through time and space. Despite being thrown back to Gotham afterwards, Batman made preparations to get back to Athanor and fight to secure the Andura Stones and the safety of the multiverse.

Batman is an Assassin/Warrior hero specializing in eliminating a single enemy, one by one. His passive is Caped Crusader, granting Batman bonus movement speed whenever he's closing in to an enemy hero. With his first skill, Forearm Strike, Batman throws a hook punch in a circle, damaging everyone in his range, and randomly chooses an enemy to receive double damage. His second skill is Batarang, where Batman threw his signature batarang to damage enemies in line and marking them and slowing them. The mark will explode and deal damage depending on the enemy's HP. And those hit by Batman with the mark will be stunned and heal Batman for a percentage of HP. His Ultimate, Dark Knight, enables Batman to enter Stealth and will not be revealed unless he attacks, get near tower or stays near an enemy for 3 seconds. While in this mode, Batman can recast the skill, where he will leap and execute a flying drop kick that massively damages everyone in his way. Once he exits stealth, Batman will gain increased attack speed temporarily.
  • Badass Normal: Athanor is full of magic, superpower, fancy weapons. So what does Batman needs to kick ass? Just his limbs. And a few batarangs. The usual.
  • Crutch Character: Amongst DC Heroes, Batman, while servicable, tends to be the lowest amongst the DC Heroes in tier list because of this. He's an ungodly terror in early game, but once the game go longer and shifts more into team fights, he became more or less irrelevant. A good Batman, however, makes sure that his team can snowball and win early by striking fear and shutting down his opposition before they could have time to grow.
  • Dynamic Entry: You were just minding your business, and suddenly there's a pair of white eyes icon above your head... And before you realize it, Batman suddenly appears, just getting out of the stealth and drop kicks you in the face.
  • Invisibility: One of the few heroes in this game that can go invisible.
  • Terror Hero: And why he's a Crutch Character. Batman works well in spreading terror to weak heroes, but when they grow stronger, Batman is not that terrorizing anymore.

    Butterfly, Death's Whisper 

    Kriknak, the Scarabim 

    Murad, the Wanderer 

    Nakroth, Judgment's Blade 

    Quillen, Purifying Blade 

    Wukong, the Monkey King 

Mage Heroes

    Aleister, the Lord of Mischief 

    Azzen'ka, Sand Wraith 

    Diao Chan, the Crystal Lotus 

Diao Chan is an exceptional beauty that is very selective in choosing her mate, after surpassing her mother's expectation. After rejecting many suitors and only seeking companionship with those who had power, she ended up in the service of a warlord that liked conquering places and sought a way to defeat a terrorizing dragon and Diao Chan was ordered to learn magic to help his quest, something she mastered quickly. The warlord and his band of men eventually fell under the hands of a dragon-blooded warrior, the mighty Lu Bu, but Diao Chan became intrigued with him and her knowledge on dragon magic soothed his fury and they fell in love, traveling together and also combining their strengths to defeat Lu Bu's Dragon Father that threatened to separate them.

Diao Chan is a Mage hero specializing in ice magic, she can stop or slow down her enemies while delivering icy death on them, controlling the battlefield. Her passive is Ice Queen, allowing her to deal extra damage to enemies frozen by her second skill. Her first skill is Chilling Frost, where she creates a small icy explosion that deals damage and slows everyone around it. Her second skill, Diamond Dust, had her generate an ice field that after a delay, freezes everyone around in in tact and activates her Passive. The skill also comes with two charges, with the second charge freezing in less time than the first if it hit the same unit. Her ultimate is Blizzard, where she channels to cover a wide area around her with an ice storm that deals continuous damage and slows every enemies within.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: Zig-zagged. As opposed to the source character from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, Diao Chan here is a lot more confident, ruthless, selfish and haughty. On the other hand, some of her questionable traits like being a Manipulative Bitch is also omitted. The trope was played more straight before she got a lore update.
  • An Ice Person: She's the token ice mage of the game.
  • Expy:
    • Before her lore update, she's practically similar to "Romance of the Three Kingdoms' Diao Chan, only bitchier.". Nowadays, she has a different story, but it's clear that she's based on the novel's Diao Chan.
    • Gameplay-wise, Diao Chan is basically AOV's version of Crystal Maiden, the ice mage with area slow, a disable (Diao Chan's skill covers an area, however, instead of a single target) and a channeled ice storm ultimate.
  • Crutch Character: Diao Chan's skills does not scale very well damage-wise. In the beginning of the game, she can work well as a lane bully, but as time goes on, she is usually more geared for supporting her allies by disabling her opponents.
  • Femme Fatale: A lot of her quotes are attempts to seduce her foes or even the player, like asking to have some tea instead of fighting, or asking to go somewhere comfier with her. Of course, as a mage, it won't be long until she decides to freeze you to death.
  • Lady of Black Magic: She's an elegant lady that has several ice magic to control the battlefield.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She's an attractive lady that shows off some of her breasts
  • My Eyes Are Up Here: One of her selected quotes, and not without a reason: She's got a pair of nice racks that are rather visible thanks to her clothes.
  • Official Couple: With Lu Bu, just like the original source, even if there were story changes.
  • Proud Beauty: One of her lines flat out tells others to bow before her beauty.

    The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive 

    Gildur, the Golden King 

    Ignis, the Anointed One 

    Ilumia, the Seer 

    Jinna, the Incorruptible 

    Kahlii, Spectral Rule 

    Krixi, the Pixie 

    Lauriel, the Archangel 
"Mercy is only for the deserving."

Lauriel is one of the most devoted Servants of the Great Ones, assigned as the guardian of Temple of Light. She's the head angel of the Temple and commanded the legion of angels to fight against the demonic horde of Maloch and The Fallen. She's very sincere in her job, which granted her the domain of reincarnation as well as unrivaled power of light.

Lauriel is a Mage/Assassin hero, despite her mage specialty, she's encouraged to get right into the heat of battle and rip through the enemies with light and her own immaculate mobility. Her Passive, Divine Punishment, allows Lauriel to mark enemies hit with any of her skills, which can stack up to 4 marks, in the fourth mark, the enemies gets dealt with extra True Damage and slowed down while Lauriel heals her own HP. With her first skill, The Wheel, Lauriel shoots out a beam of light in the ground, damaging enemies hit with it, and the beam lights up again, damaging anyone that still stays in the line of fire. Her second skill is Blink, where Lauriel dashes to a direction, and then shoots out three orbs of light that homes to nearby enemies. The cooldown is greatly reduced if Lauriel manages to hit an enemy hero with it. Lauriel's ultimate is Smite, where she creates a circle of light that damages enemies when the circle is created and fizzles out. When she's inside the circle, her cooldown time for all skills are greatly reduced, allowing her to spam her skills with impunity as long as she has enough mana.
  • Angelic Beauty: She's an angel, and also an extremely attractive lady.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Just because she's one of the nicest ladies in the game doesn't mean you should try her patience, she's capable of single-handedly multi-killing a group of heroes when properly equipped.
    My patience runs thin with you.
  • Light Is Good: The Temple of Light can get a bit nefarious with people like Ilumia around, but Lauriel is still a good hearted angel that flings around the light for good cause.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: She's blonde and she's a serene, sincere soul.
  • The Fettered: Her power comes from her sincere attitude in doing good.
  • Magikarp Power: Lauriel's early game can suffer a bit, but she's usually known as a late-game monster that can jump to three or four heroes head on... and win (five heroes might need some allies, but she has a high chance to deliver the killing blow herself).
  • Ms. Fanservice: Lauriel shows that 'Good' is sexy too, what with her Stripperiffic outfit and attractive blonde.
  • Spam Attack: Her cooldown is generally low, and gets further reduced with cooldown reduction items and her ultimate, allowing her to blink around and dealing damage on others or shooting out light blasts repeatedly.
  • Stripperiffic: Basically wears a metal bra that bares her skin greatly. She covers up her legs with very long robes, but her Divine Grace skin shows her legs and... damn.

    Liliana, the Elegant 

    Marja, the Ash Weaver 

    Natalya, the Nether Queen 

    Preyta, the Illest 

    Raz, the Fist 

    Sephera, the Water Ascendant 

    Tulen, the Pure 

    Zill, the Tempest 

Archer Heroes

    Elsu, the Soaring Falcon 

    Fennik, Vulpis Ignis 

    The Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime 
"You can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter'! Hahahaha!!"

Batman's most notorious Arch-Enemy, an agent of chaos styling himself as a clown that makes deadly jokes, whose past were very difficult to decipher thanks to his preference of Multiple-Choice Past. Joker, formerly a small time crook and eventually transformed into Gotham's most vicious criminal, has terrorized Gotham and attempted to crush Batman's ideal, but the Dark Knight never faltered and always ready to apprehend him and send him to Arkham Asylum. In here, he encountered a man driven into madness after discovering a portal that would lead into Athanor. After 'befriending' and getting his secrets, the Joker once again escaped Arkham Asylum and made his way to Athanor, considering it a new place of beauty and order... to be corrupted as a grand joke.

Joker is an Archer hero that sows chaos into the battlefield and harasses his target until they die laughing. His Passive, Punch Line, makes Joker reload his gun everytime he exits battle, therefore the next shot deals bonus damage and have increased attack range and temporarily reduces his target's speed. In his first skill, The Killing Joke, Joker pulls a rocket launcher and shoots in a line, damaging any enemies in the path, but it will have a reduced damage for the next enemy hit. For his second skill, Pick A Card, Any Card, the Joker will remove all his movement speed debuff and gains a movement speed buff along with immunity to normal attacks (but not skills). His ultimate is Canned Laughter, where Joker will leap to his target, stuff them with laughing gas, and vault back to his position. The gas will stun the enemy and deal damage in a short time, and for a brief time, Joker will gain increased attack speed.
  • Arch-Enemy: Batman's, naturally.
  • Ax-Crazy: An evil kind of crazy, if you compare him with Wiro.
  • Knife Nut: He's carrying an endless supply of knives that he throws to the enemy as his normal attack.
  • Monster Clown: The Monster Clown. Despite the existence of the jester-ish Mganga, Joker remain as one of the most well known jesters.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Joker is the only supervillain amongst the DC characters.

    Lindis, the Sentinel 

    Moren, the Technowiz 

    Slimz, the Trustworthy 

    Tel'Annas, the Ageless 
"Age is but a number."

Queen of the Elves and leader of the Forest of Shadows. Tel'Annas has fought the Lord of Darkness to protect the land for many millennial and shot a decisive arrow that mortally wounded them. However, the shot ended up inflicting a corruption within Tel'Annas, forcing her to seal herself and stave off the corruption. Maloch, successor of the Lord of Darkness, attempted to absorb the left behind dark power, but Tel'Annas' seal was too powerful. She awoke once more when Maloch initiated another invasion to humankind, once again defending humanity.

Tel'Annas is a pure Archer hero, positioning herself in the backline and shooting down her enemies dead with deadly marksmanship. Her Passive, The Morning Star, grants her bonus attack power as long as she's near a friend. With her first skill, Eagle Eye, Tel'Annas passively gains slowing effect on her attacks. When activated, Tel'Annas temporarily gains increased attack range, in addition of bonus attack power and speed. Her second skill, Penetrating Shot makes Tel'Annas shoot three arrows that damages anyone in its path, but has decreased damage for every next unit hit. However, it will also slow down any heroes hit with it. Her Ultimate, Arrow of Chaos, had Tel'Annas charge a bit and shoot out a long range arrow that damages and stuns everyone in its narrow path, and having increased damage and stun time the farther the arrow traveled and hit the target. In the same time, Tel'Annas will gain temporary movement speed bonus.
  • Archer Archetype: A calm, calculating archer queen.
  • The Ageless: Tel'Annas simply do not age, at all. She put herself in slumber, wakes up thousand years later, and she's still the same lady.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Tel'Annas is notorious that she absolutely has no reliable escape method, instead focusing on pure attack. She can wreak havoc if allowed to farm and gain her items, but if she's focused in a bad place, she almost have no means to escape.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Her arrow is imbued with the power of darkness, but Tel'Annas is a virtuous queen and has quotes to assure that her darkness is nothing to fear.
  • The High Queen: Queen of the Elves, anyone?
  • Magikarp Power: Pretty much the quintessential carry. She's extremely vulnerable in the beginning of the game, but if allowed to farm and gain her items, Tel'Annas can single-handedly turn a losing match into her team's victory.
  • Ms. Fanservice: A skin-baring, tough elven queen with pretty, long white hair? Yeah, Tel'Annas is one gorgeous queen.
  • Stripperiffic: Her clothes shows a copious amount of skin, including an Absolute Cleavage that shows a very noticeable pair of breasts.

    Valhein, the Demon Hunter 
"It's Valhein time!"

Deputy Commander of the Demon Hunter squad under the Valiant Order who took over the position after its former commander, Violet, resigned to become a mercenary. Valhein is young, optimistic and fearless in the face of danger, but hidden beneath his bravado is an immense willpower and dedication to defeat the demons of Athanor.

Valhein is an Archer hero who specializes in unloading a huge damage with his set of skills before letting his highly damaging normal attacks finish the job. His passive, Pocket Glaive, modifies every of the third attack he launched, signified with the color: Blue grants him additional mana recovery and cooldown reduction, Red deals splash damage, Yellow stuns the enemy. Throwing any of these grants him a Hunter buff that could be stacked and increases his speed temporarily. His first ability, Bloody Hunt, is similar to the Red Pocket Glaive, except with bigger damage and also gives him a Hunter Buff. His second ability, Curse of Death, is similar to the Yellow Pocket Glaive, but with bigger damage and gives him additional Hunter Buff. His ultimate, Bullet Storm, had Valhein shoot out multiple bullets from his crossbow and each hits will increase his movement and attack speed, allowing him to storm his targets to death.

    Violet, the Pistol Assassin 

    Wisp, the Firecracker 

    Yorn, the Hotshot 

Support Heroes

    Alice, the Adorable Mystic 

    Annette, the Diviner 

    Chaugnar, Herald of the Void 

    Grakk, the Devourer 

    Lumburr, the Elemental 

    Mganga, the Unspeakable 

    Peura/Payna, Faerie Guardian 

    Tee Mee, the Stalwart Twins 

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