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    Hifumi Togo / "Tennyo" / Sophia 

One of the main perspective character of the series. A Shogi player who attended Sophia University, she stumbled into meeting the Revenant Sion outside of her house. Upon being attacked by a Yokai, Hifumi gained a Guardian Spirit named Janomecho from Yukimura for her and Sion to join on the Phantom Thieves' quest in learning the source of the main conflict.

In Ch. 5 of Persona Vein, she and Sion have intercourse. In the final battles, she briefly sacrificed herself to save her friends from Saklas's attack, only that thanks to Sion's essence that tied to Yaldabaoth, she is brought back to life and harnessed part of the God of Control's power to become her own. Becoming the goddess, Sophia, she helped turn the tide by granting the Phantom Thieves Persona's Ascendancy and defeat Saklas before she restored the world.

At the end of Persona Vein, she meets Sion's modern incarnation named Skyler, as both are getting reacquainted in wonder what other urban adventures would come next.

  • Adaptational Badass: Getting a Guardian Spirit is the first start in making her strength on par with the Phantom Thieves. Even further when she became the goddess Sophia after taking part of Yaldabaoth's power.
  • Expy: Her role loosely tributes Yumiko Shirasagi from Digital Devil Story.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: As part of the Power Trio with Sion and Joker, Hifumi is the Mage.
  • Official Couple: With Skyler (Sion).
  • The Protagonist: Shares this perspective role alongside Skyler.
  • Reality Warper: Use these powers as Sophia, to the point besides restoring the universe, she actually rewrites history in having the Code Vein cast to exist in modern times that Hifumi is unaware.
  • Super Mode: As Sophia.
  • Took a Level in Badass: At the end of chapter five in Persona Vein, after she's killed by Saklas, Hifumi is brought back to life and became the goddess known as Sophia thanks to her's and Sion's lovemaking.

    Skyler Jones / Sion 

The other main perspective character of the series, based on the male character customization of Code Vein. Having accidentally traversed back to the present timeline in the first chapter of Persona Vein, the Revenant is finding questions by his involvement with the Phantom Thieves. These goals are for him to learn why is he sent? Are his memories flashing are real? Of course, he also has a special relationship with Hifumi, to which both are getting acquainted.

In Ch. 4 of Persona Vein, it is revealed that Sion is a clone of the CV protagonist created by Saklas, and his existence is tied to Saklas himself and the alternate Yaldabaoth. After Saklas's defeat, Sion ceased to exist.

However, in the last scene of Persona Vein's final chapter, Skyler is the modern day incarnation of Sion. He and the Code Vein cast are rewritten into existence thanks to Sophia's reality-warping powers, to which Hifumi is given a second chance to meet this young man.


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