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Call Back / Mortal Kombat vs. The Owl House

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The fic just loves making Call Backs and Continuity Nods to previous events in both Mortal Kombat and The Owl House or across time.

NOTE: The fic is for the most part completely in line with the two franchises canon with only small differences. Also, anything that references events that happened after Mortal Kombat 4 goes under Mythology Gag.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    Chapter 1 
  • The chapter mentions Shao Kahn’s failed invasion of Earthrealm and Kitana getting the Shokan to no longer align themselves with Shao Kahn and Outworld.
  • Kano is the commander of Shao Kahn’s army which did happen in canon after Shao Kahn had few options left.
  • Kano also briefly references Shang Tsung being deposed which Shao Kahn did do after his failed invasion of Earthrealm in canon torturing him for his failure and only releasing him after he got bored.
  • Goro briefly references the events of the first tournament when he fought against Liu Kang.
  • Liu Kang mentions defeating Shao Kahn twice.

    Chapter 2 
  • Amity’s crush on Luz is alluded to by Boscha who seems to have figured it out.

    Chapter 3 
  • The opening of the chapter talks about Eda losing her powers for complicated reasons. Fans of the Owl House will know that was due to the events of Young Blood, Old Souls.
  • Hooty beating up an entire demon army on his own is very similar to him doing so in Agony of a Witch when he took down a group of the Emperor’s coven.
    • He even does the same to another emperor’s coven group later with Eda alluding to him doing it before.
  • Eda having a portal to Earthrealm is important though Quan Chi doesn’t know she recently lost it.

    Chapter 4 
  • Noob references his former life on Earthrealm which is a reference to his human identity of Bi-Han.
  • Scorpion talks about the death of the Shirai Ryu clan and how Quan Chi was truly responsible for it.
  • Scorpion mentions Quan Chi banishing him to the Netherrealm something that did happen in MK4 though the events played out a bit differently.
  • Scorpion refers to Noob as his original identity Bi-Han and also references him killing Bi-Han.

    Chapter 5 
  • Luz talks about how she has been in the Boiling Isles for a few months.
  • Luz also mentions how she got into the Boiling Isles through a portal and has been training with Eda.
  • Luz mentions the events of the Season 1 finale where she had to destroy the portal hack to Earthrealm in order to save Eda.
  • Liu Kang again mentions beating Shao Kahn twice.
  • Edric mentions the events of "Enchanting Grom Fright" specifically Amity defeating Grometheus the Fear Bringer.
  • Liu Kang mentions Shinnok and Shao Kahn's invasions to Luz surprised she could still be ignorant about magic on Earthrealm.
  • Sektor is leading his own clan of cyborg ninjas the Tekunin which he did do in canon after failing to get the dragon medallion from Sub-Zero after killing his father to take over the Lin Kuei.
  • Liu Kang also mentions Sektor being the first to volunteer for the cyber initiative.

    Chapter 6 
  • As to be expected Scorpion mentions many times throughout the chapter how Quan Chi murdered his family and clan.
  • The opening of the chapter mentions Scorpion's events in Mortal Kombat 4 and how after defeating Sub-Zero Quan Chi revealed he was responsible for the death of his family and clan and banished him to the Neatherrealm. Though in Canon Scorpion was able to also send Quan Chi to the Netherrealm while in this Fic that doesn't seem to have happened.
  • The chapter mentions how the last time Scorpion has met any of the characters he was part of Shinnok and Quan Chi's invasion force.
  • The demon hunter trio's battle with Noob Saibot is mentioned by Tom.
  • Quan Chi having Shinnok's amulet is based on the fact that during Mythologies Quan Chi swaps Shinnok's real amulet with a fake one and gives Shinnok the fake one while keeping the real one for himself.

    Chapter 7 
  • Amity's crush on Luz once against plays a big role.
  • Kitana talking about her past to Amity is full of Call Backs to the past games
"I don't know about you Amity much, but It sounds like you are currently in a situation similar to mine a few years ago. In the past, I worked for the enemy my supposed father Shao Kahn until I found out who I was and what he did to homeward Edenia. I was also In love with an Earthrealm warrior named Liu Kang, but I was afraid to tell him how I felt due to fighting against him in the past and that he didn't love me back. But after he freed Edenia from Shinnok's occupation, I asked him to rule Edenia beside me, and he accepted, though he claimed it was to protect against bad guys I knew how he felt."

    Chapter 8 
  • Sonya and Jax working for the Outerworld Investigation Agency is what happened before the events of Deadly Alliance, as well as Cyrax joining them after they freed him from his programming something also refrenced.

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