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Awesome Music / TRON: Legacy

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"Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind."
"Hi, we're Daft Punk, and we're going to kick your brain in the butt for the next two hours with the best soundtrack you ever heard!"

With Daft Punk at the helm, TRON: Legacy's music will give anyone chills and thrills. (It rhymes, just go with it.)

  • For starters, check out "The Game Has Changed", a mix of orchestral and electronic to set the tone and theme of the movie set within a game and beyond, enough to wonder how an orchestra and some cool synths can work together so seamlessly.
  • Rinzler's theme is just... pure awesomeness. It starts off dark and omimous and then builds into a full orchestral piece. And there's a slight variation that plays later when Quorra decides to give herself up to Big Bad Clu so Flynn and Sam have a chance to stop him .
  • The awesome-sounding Fall, and the mournful Adagio For TRON.
  • That bit in C.L.U. where the music stops and hangs for a beat before returning? You can practically feel the gravity shift!
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  • Disc Wars. The way the song crescendoes can, quite simply, blow your mind.
  • Flynn Lives. The holy shit quotient will blow and doubts out of the water.
  • Don't you just want to kick the shit out of some bad guy to "Derezzed"? Or prepare for a final battle with "End Of Line"?
  • The End Credits theme. Triumphant and stunning, it's a perfect blend of orchestra and synth to wrap up the film and emphasise the heroes' victory, having avoided certain derezzing after everything they've been through.
  • "Overture". Not just the fact that it's an awesome preview of what's to come, but the fact that a movie soundtrack in the modern day has an overture is just amazing.
  • The magnificently threatening "Rectifier" will make you want to invade things.


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