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[adult swim] has said that they believe this series has the best soundtrack of all their shows, which is by no means a crazy statement. Whether it's through their driving guitars or their hyper-catchy refrains, there is no shortage of awesome music in FLCL. The fact that The Pillows accounted for almost the entirety of the show's soundtrack is probably a Moment of Awesome for them.

  • "Hybrid Rainbow" features one hell of a chorus and an Epic Riff in the bridge.
  • "Blues Drive Monster". The fact that it plays during a fight with a giant hand-shaped, gun-slinging robo-desperado makes the song (and the fight) even more awesome.
  • "Crazy Sunshine". The entire scene it plays syncs up with the music so perfectly it almost feels like a music video.
  • "Beautiful Morning with You", a brief track that's still great at conveying a sense of menace, or melancholy.
  • "Bran New Love Song". Sad and beautiful.
  • "Little Busters". You know awesome things are about to go down when the opening riff plays.
  • The part in Episode 6 where they play "Last Dinosaur" is perfection. Right as the final confrontation is about to start, Haruko yells "It's the climax!" and the song starts to play in all its glory. The fact that up until this point they have only played a portion of the song during the next episode preview really makes it feel like the final, climactic moment in the series.


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