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Drinking Game / FLCL

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Take a shot if:

  • Someone uses a guitar or a bass to do anything but play music.
    • Two shots for every time they are used to play music.
      • Three for every time it isn't Haruko using them.
  • Every time someone is run over by Haruko's Vespa.
    • Take two if it isn't Naota.
  • Every time something spouts out of Naota's head.
    • Take two if what spouts out is...suggestive.
      • Take three if it spouts out of someone else's head.
  • Each time someone says "Fooly", "Cooly" or "Fooly Cooly". Good luck!.
    • Take two if it isn't said by Naota's dad or grandpa.
  • Every time that they make a pop-culture reference.
  • Every time there is a close-up of Amarao's eyebrows.
    • Two if a character mentions them.
      • Three if they fall off.
  • Every time a character talks to the audience.
    • Two if it isn't Haruko.
  • Take one for each character that has a nosebleed.
  • There is a sexual/romantic moment between characters.
  • If characters have a kiss.
  • Every time Mamimi flashes the audience.
  • Every time Canti eats Naota.