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Awesome / Warrior Cats: Dawn of the Clans

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    The Sun Trail 
  • The HarperCollins preview for The Sun Trail is full of these, but nothing quite beats what Gray Wing (the POV character) does when a hawk flies down and tries to hunt his little brother. He kicks its feathery ass. And when another hawk tries it, more ass is kicked. Admittedly, this feat is not unprecedented in the books, but it is impressive that he did it alone both times, and the narration during those moments does a lot to establish Gray's character: he's leaping into the air and fighting a giant bird, while exhausted and half-starved, and he does not care. Even while all of that is going on, he remains absolutely fearless, absolutely devoted to saving his brother. Looks like we've got a badass over here.
  • It's offscreen, but Jagged Peak managing to survive all on in his own in the wilderness for a few days, especially since there was a blizzard. Yes, Jagged Peak is a badass.
  • Jagged Peak saving Gray Wing when he falls into a river. Kit's got balls.
  • Jagged Peak using his tracking skills effectively so that he and his brother don't fall off a cliff.
  • Gray Wing standing up to Clear Sky on how he's running his "community".
  • The ending, where Storm takes a building to protect her kits.
  • Shattered Ice and Jackdaw's Cry inventing tunneling, which starts their legend.
  • The beginning of Gray Wing's journey has him running across a collapsing ice bridge just to show his determination to find Jagged Peak.
  • Gray Wing and Jagged Peak looking out over the whole world, which is just dripping with awesomeness as the true journey begins.
  • The Followers of the Sun Trail are being attacked by a group of four eagles, and they flee under a rocky outcropping. The problem is, the eagles are waiting outside and complete outmatch the cats. As soon as they try to make their escape, the eagles will overwhelm them. Clear Sky's response? Catch one of the eagles and show them who's boss.
  • The battle against the foxes on the moor. Not only is it badass, Gray Wing gets to show off his nature as The Strategist like he was said to be in Battles of the Clans.
  • "From now on, I will be Thunder's father." And from that one moment, it all began.
  • Many Manly Tears were shed when Turtle Tail suggested that they name Storm's kit Thunder.

    Thunder Rising 
  • Jagged Peak opts to pull a Heroic Sacrifice by giving Shattered Ice and Thunder enough time to escape from the dogs. Thunder has none of it and proceeds to save Jagged Peak and buy enough time for Shattered Ice to bring backup.
  • Thunder figuring out how to run through fire to save Moon Shadow is a wonderful scene.
  • Thunder and River Ripple saving everyone from the forest fire and leading them to safety. It simultaneously shows their badassery and heroic natures.
  • Gray Wing, Jackdaw's Cry, Tall Shadow, and Owl Eyes are stuck in a badger's den. Not only do they manage to escape, but Jackdaw's Cry gives the badger several permanent scars and comes off no worse for wear.
  • Turtle Tail's “The Reason You Suck” Speech to Clear Sky.
    "You're power-mad, Clear Sky. You don't care who you hurt to get what you want. And're not the cat I came down from the mountains with. You''re an apology for a cat."
  • The ending. Thunder finally rejects his father's cruel policies, leaving the group with Frost and resolving to make it to the moor group, even though he knows how angry they will be.
  • In the last chapter, Clear Sky throws Thunder at a fox. Rather than panicking, Thunder coolly analyzes the situation, and recalling a story Gray Wing once told him, manages to defeat and scare off the fox. This from a cat who could barely keep his paws together at the beginning of the book.
  • River Ripple learning how to swim and becoming a Cat of the River.

    The First Battle 
  • Falling Feather bitching out Clear Sky's increasingly flawed argument that he should have total power. In the end, Clear Sky feels so threatened by her words that he goes mad with rage and claws her- proving beyond doubt that he is not the caring leader he paints himself as.
    "You act like you brought us here! Have you forgotten that we made the journey from the mountains together? Who saved Quick Water from drowning? I did! Who saved Jagged Peak from the eagle? Gray Wing. We protected each other. No cat is more important than any other- no cat except Stoneteller. She speaks with the ancients. She's wiser than you'll ever be!"
  • Thunder's race through the tunnels to get back to the Moor Group.

    The Blazing Star 
  • Tom racing in to save Sparrow Fur from One Eye, finally doing something for someone other than himself.
  • Clear Sky finally gets to be awesome again when he fights and endures the torture of One-Eye and his entire army to buy time for the alliance.


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