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Awesome / Wars of Light and Shadow

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War is hell. Awesome, arse-kicking hell.

Curse of the Mistwraith
  • Traithe is the most polite and least powerful of the Fellowship (having sacrificed much of his power to seal away the bulk of the Mistwraith), but when a Guildsman discovers that A Storm Is Coming, Traithe demonstrates very swiftly that he doesn't need magic to quietly kick someone's ass.

Ships of Merior

  • Arithon demonstrates to the mayor of Jaelot why you absolutely do not piss off a bard. After being treated like trained pets for a year (against the usual customs regarding the treatment of bards), Halliron, Arithon's teacher, plays a satirical ballad airing out all the dirty laundry the two of them had collected. The mayor has Halliron jailed and demands that Arithon (disguised as commoner Medlir) play for them instead. Arithon does. In the process, he wakes up a Paravian power node and destroys half the city completely by accident.


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