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Awesome / Warrior Cats: Omen of the Stars

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  • The destruction of the beaver dam in The Fourth Apprentice. Special mention goes to the fact that the team was helped by kittypets!
  • In The Fourth Apprentice Breezepelt attacks Jayfeather with Brokentail helping him! Jayfeather manages to hold his own until freaking Honeyfern pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment and saves him!
  • Regardless on whether or not Jayfeather's treatment of Leafpool in Omen of the Stars is incredibly selfish and petty, but Squirrelflight calling him out on it in an undeniable crowner for her:
    "Other cats have been hurt, too! This wasn't just about you, and I’m sick of you flapping your wings like an injured sparrow, feeling oh so sorry for yourself. You’re not the only cat suffering. Your pain isn’t the hardest to bear. I suppose I expected more from you because you’re the medicine cat; I suppose I forgot how young you are!"
  • In Night Whispers we are introduced to Mapleshade, who is made of these. After Ivypaw yells at her for blocking her way, she leaps onto Ivypaw and says this line.
    Mapleshade: "Show some respect, apprentice. You don't want to die in a place like this. There's nowhere beyond here, you know. Only Darkness."
  • Lionblaze, Leafpool, Crowfeather, Breezepelt, and Nightcloud randomly have a fight. No warning, just awesomeness.
  • Lionblaze taking on a fox in Night Whispers.
  • In Sign Of The Moon, Jayfeather volunteering to be eagle bait so that the Ancients can capture the eagle and become the Tribe Of Rushing Water. The fight with said eagle as well.
    • Also in Sign Of The Moon, Toadstep defeating a dog.
  • Tigerstar revealing the true power of the Dark Forest. He has a massive army equal in size to StarClan.
  • Half-Moon's Awesome Moment of Crowning. (That's a trope, don't scroll over it).
  • Jayfeather teaching himself to swim in a few moments.
  • The final showdown between Firestar and Tigerstar at the very end of The Last Hope.

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