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  • This from the President Thor arc.
    Ben Grimm: That suit gets powered by whatever super heroes you're surrounded by, right?
    Super-Skrull: Naturally.
    Ben Grimm: So what happens when the last guy alive doesn't have any super-powers?
    Super-Skrull: Ah.
    Ben Grimm: Exactly. It's CLOBBERING TIME!
  • Ben flooring Zombie Hulk in one attack.
  • Doom's response to being sent to the zombie Universe:
    Doom: Hmph. This could be a challenge.
    • And before that, Reed Richards using Doom's body (due to an earlier mind-swap) to solo the entire Zombie Fantastic Four gang - putting out Torch with a flame-immune substance and pinning him to the ground, ripping off Thing's arm, using magic to resist Sue's powers (along with further eroding her body), and easily tying up and immobilizing his alternate self, before throwing the mind-swap back in Victor's face, forcing him to change them back to save face and head to the Marvel Zombie universe himself to cut both universes off. See a summary of what happened, here.
  • Good rule of thumb - if Warren Ellis is writing a comic starring Ultimate Reed Richards, expect him to do something cool/impressive.
    • Like judo-flip Victor van Damme with superpowers van Damme knew nothing about.
    • Or shoot Annihilus in the face.

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