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  • In Eclipse.
    • Edward killing Victoria was awesome because Edward never does anything violent (as in kicking someone's ass onscreen). He used his powers to manipulate both villains and then ripped Victoria's head. Pretty awesome.
    • Seth gets one helping Edward fight Victoria and Riley.
  • Edward saving Bella from the rapists with his Volvo of Justice. Bella was also mostly helpless but at least she tried fighting back.
  • The first Twilight film gives Bella a little more backbone. For example, her pepper spraying James when he breaks into her house.
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  • Even though it's cut short, the baseball scene from the first movie. Vampires playing baseball, set to Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole" was cool. Especially since it takes place during a thunderstorm, since it's the only time they can really play due to the noise.
  • Alice coming back in Breaking Dawn.
  • Given Rosalie's usually the Alpha Bitch, her calculating not only the murder of her rapists but how to freak out her ex-fiance as much as possible (saving him for last, wearing a wedding dress) was her crowning moment. Especially when you consider that, from the fiance's perspective, it looked like (the vengeful spirit of) his fiance was coming for him, and he couldn't get away...which is exactly how Rosalie would have felt.
  • Bella stopping Edward right before he shows himself to the mass and gets killed at the Volturi in New Moon.
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  • In the books Edward reveals to Bella that he had a rebellious stage when he drank human's blood, but he only killed serial killers and rapists, which is awesome already. In the Illustrated guide is revealed that his first victim was Esme's extremely abusive first husband. You go Sparkles!
  • Jacob rebelling against Sam. "I am the grandson of a chief! I wasn't born to follow you, or anyone else!"
  • Leah chewing out Bella for stringing Jacob along and tormenting him so much, which is so strong and harsh that it actually reduces Bella to tears. It's meant to be seen as negative but considering that she has a good point and is doing this out of concern for her friend, you can't help but admire the girl's moxy.
  • Even if it turned out to be all just a vision, the battle sequence at the end of Breaking Dawn: Part II is surprisingly kinda awesome.
    • With major characters dying on both sides horribly, heads and limbs being ripped off, it's as if it's from an entirely different film. Most notably is a knockout moment where Alice drags Jane directly into Wolf-Sam's awaiting jaws.
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    • Benjamin smashing his fist into the ground which cracks open the Earth.
    • Edward and Bella personally fighting it out with Aro as a team. The Combination Attacks rocked! And Bella was the one who did the finisher.
    • Emmett literally curbstomping Alec into the snow.
    • Kate and Tanya avenging Irina's death by delivering what is easily the most Family-Unfriendly Death in the entire series to Caius.
    • Jacob making quick work of the Volturi vampire attempting to attack him from the treetops by jumping up, twisting over in mid-air to bite the vampire's head off, and twisting back over to land on his feet, all without breaking stride while running at full speed with Renesmee straddled safely on his back the whole time.
    • Aro decapitating Carlisle in the air and Felix and Demetri killing Jasper were pretty impressive.
  • A lesser one, but Bella's reaction to finding out Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. As mentioned on the main page, she kept her calm about it in the book, only losing her temper when she learns that he nicknamed her daughter "Nessie." Not so in the film: She screams "You imprinted on my daughter?!"
  • Felix teaching Edward the meaning of a curbstomp battle in the New Moon film, which shows the Volturi as a more effective enemy than shown in the books.
  • On the subject of the films, every fight scene in Eclipse. With people moving at inhuman speeds, jumping about like they're on the moon, and bodyparts being torn and smashed off frequently, it shows that while Meyer's vampires might sparkle in the sunlight, they can still be badass.