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WARNING: Untagged spoilers ahead, read at your own risk.


  • The way Thomas manages to put out wholesome content. He loves his fandom and his fandom loves him; a thing you do not see often in fandoms. The fandom is considered very optimistic, open-hearted and peaceful, not without reason.
  • His own acting is stellar, as well as the amount of work he puts into it. When Deceit happened, many fans were overwhelmed by how Thomas can act evil so convincingly.
  • His friend Valerie gets a CMOA of her own in one of Thomas' prank call videos. The prompt he gets for her call is that he needs help with homework, so he pulls out a complicated problem about when two trains will pass each other depending on when they leave and how fast they're going. Valerie not only solves the problem, but she solves it in her head in no more than 30 seconds. During a theatre intermission. Thomas is so gobsmacked that he levels with Valerie and admits that he was prank-calling her, and didn't actually expect her to answer, much less so quickly. This is just one of many examples of Thomas' friends being awesome.
    • Her call begins at the 12:10 mark on this clip.
  • What began as a joke has now turned into Ascended Fanon: Thomas actually partnered with Crofter's Organic to create a new flavor of jam called "Logan's Berry"!
  • The 2018 Vidcon Dad Joke Competition, where Thomas helped lead his teammates to victory by "getting into character" via glasses. He was able to come up with his own dad jokes without looking at/using the provided ones at all. His getting into character can be viewed as two things:
    • Thomas "getting into character" is him channeling the sides - specifically Patton (as evidenced by the complete glee that his face takes as soon as he puts on the glasses and the ability to nail the dad jokes) and some may even say Logan (helping him to remain stoic in the face of jokes) and Roman (thanking the random audience member) to an extent.
    • Thomas is a theatrical actor, therefore he could very well act through anything with a straight face.
    • This tweet confirms that Thomas actually did channel Patton and Logan. Either way, it was awesome.
      • What makes it more amazing, is that everyone knows Thomas getting into character is a force to be reckoned with - as noted by Evan Edinger's immediate nervous forehead wipe and collar pull, the moderator's immediate laughing and the crowd's excited cheers.

Sanders Sides

  • The way Thomas speaks as each Sanders Side is especially worth mentioning. Each Side has his own unique voice. Logan is clear, eloquent and just a bit monotone. Roman speaks with a loud, boasting, dramatic voice befitting of a prince in every way. Patton's voice is bouncy and energetic and cheerful, just listening to him brings a smile to your face. Virgil is low and biting, within the register that makes his voice gravel. And Deceit speaks with a voice that sounds smooth but poisonous, like oil or tar. The fact that each of these character's voices can be identified even when you're looking away from the video despite all the roles being acted by the same person is beyond remarkable.
  • When you re-watch "Accepting Anxiety" and realize Deceit's existence was foreshadowed almost six months in advance. Just look at the Oh, Crap! look the Sides exchange after Roman suddenly claps a hand over his mouth... an action which, we now realize, probably wasn't of his own volition.
  • The rap battle between Roman and Logan. At first it looks like Roman has the victory in his pocket, and then, cue Logan. During the latter's rap, the camera switches to show the expressions of the other Sides from time to time, including Roman, Thomas and Patton staring in confusion at each other before the latter and Virgil join in the fun. It ends with the creative Side in Stunned Silence. This as well as this shows how many people in the fandom know the words by heart.
    Stricken with clairvoyancy, events occured as I'd foreseen
    Your verse was weak, your rapping stinks, flamboyantly employing these
    Trisyllabic rhymes, PSSH! I can match that easily.
    I'll beat you everytime, so you do not want beef with me, Princey...
    I drown out lesser emcees when I flow, there's no avoiding me...
    Under pressure I rise up - Holler at your buoyancy!
    I had this battle on lock like Attica!
    I claimed to be the better bard and I backed it up!
    • This becomes Awesome by Analysis when you dissect the actual poem.
  • In "Accepting Anxiety: Part 2", after one too many Open Mouth, Insert Foot comments from Roman to Virgil, Thomas bluntly tells him to shut the hell up. It's one of the only times we've ever seen Thomas put his foot down with the Sides.
  • The entire ending of "Can Lying Be Good?" is awesome. After an entire episode of "Patton" acting weird, he finally lets the mask drop, and Virgil comments he knew something was up. Logan begins to say something — and then "Patton" waves his hand and forces Logan to shut up. Suddenly, Roman gets it, too. But Thomas doesn't, and Virgil explains that there are certain aspects of himself he can only know about if he wants to know. "Patton" taunts him, breaks out a Nightmare Face and warns him that Thomas won't like what he finds, but Thomas tells the others to tell him. Logan, now free to speak, screams out, "DECEIT!" And "Patton" vanishes, and the audience is formally introduced to Deceit for the first time. Everything about it, from the build-up, to his snake-like makeup, to the genuine threat he poses, to his creepy musical theme, is awesome.
  • From the same episode, Logic's little Battle of Wits with Deceit, best summed up by these two lines.
    Deceit: What you don't know can't hurt you.
    Logan: Falsehood.
  • While a comedic villain, Deceit has a wonderfully chilling line in "Selfishness v. Selflessness" as he describes what his purpose is and why Thomas needs him. Thomas's delivery of the line makes adds a great sense of menace to the character.
    Deceit: I don't want Thomas to be disadvantaged in a world where you can die for not following the laws made in the name of a lie.


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