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WARNING: Untagged spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

  • Awesome Music:
    • "The Things We Used To Share". Lyrics written by Joan and a piano accompaniment written by AJ Rafael with Thomas on the ukulele, written as an emotional Break Up Song which is only amplified by Thomas' bold and emotional vocals. The overall message of the song from Thomas to his former flame being that, even though it hurts to know the relationship is over, Thomas doesn't regret a minute of it; he just wants to move on.
    I wouldn't take it back, even though I feel sore
    I meant it when I said "What's mine is yours"
    But I need to know, now that we're apart,
    What did you do with my heart?
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: A persona called "Sleep" (Thomas in sunglasses with a sign reading SLEEP on his shirt) has appeared in a few Sanders Shorts, and he grew popular on Tumblr. Some even predicted he would be the first new Side to show up after the main four and theorized on what his name or personality would be. A popular fan name that most have adopted is "Rem" or "Remy", after the stage in the sleep cycle.
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  • Fanon: Many fans agree that Sleep's real name is Remy.
  • No Yay: Some fans of Cartoon Therapy are uncomfortable with shipping Picani and Elliott due to them having a doctor/patient relationship.
  • Signature Song: With no doubt, if Thomas has a signature song now, it is The Things We Used to Share, his first and most renowned original song. Before its release in 2017, his signature song, even though he never released it on iTunes or Spotify, was probably Freeze Your Brain, the song he performed when he portrayed J.D. on Heathers in 2015, which he went on performing afterwards, notably in his Ultimate Storytime Tour in 2016 as a bonus performance or in the only official recording of the song there is now, in his Secret Playlist Live Surprise video on his main channel.


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