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Tear Jerker / Thomas Sanders

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  • Thomas' song "The Things We Used to Share" was written by Joan especially for him to help him release his pain after a tough romantic break-up. It's sad to see how there are moments where he's at times slightly overwhelmed with emotion while singing.
  • When he performed the song "Dear Happy" on a duet with dodie, he admited right after ending the song that he had gotten emotional. Rewatching the song, you can notice how his lips tremble sometimes as if he was on the verge of crying.
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  • At the end of the 2017 Pride Video, Thomas addresses his audience and says that he's very proud of all of them for how wonderful they are, not just to him but to each other, and when he's saying "I'm so proud of you", he gets choked up and has to quickly go to the end card because he can't control his tears anymore.
  • In the episode of Awkward Adventures dedicated to sensory deprivation tanks, there's a moment where Joan describes how they made peace with the loss of their grandmother and more recently their pet cat. They explained how they thought that they were like a light that was off, then it was turned on and then turned back off, and, in an analogy, their loved ones were asleep, then woke up, lived lots of happy experiences and then went back to sleep. This explanation made Thomas really emotional to a point where he almost got choked up.
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  • The "Virgil" portion of "Recipe for Me", where Thomas sings about his self-worth being "fragile" and "tough to put together again". Later, he sings that he feels like he might disappear when he is ignored and that he hopes that people will accept him no matter what.

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