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Tear Jerker / Thomas Sanders

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  • In Accepting Anxiety Part 2, we see Virgil confessing to the others that he feels like Thomas is better off without him and that he's making Thomas's life miserable.
    Virgil: I actually think you were right to not want me around. I've always aimed to protect you, but feels like I've been keeping you from doing anything.
  • The Moving On two-parter. The first part starts with Thomas and the rest of the Sides going to Patton's room to reminisce on all the nice memories from his past in order to distract himself from the hurt he feels in the present. The second part starts after Logan leaves the room and Virgil starts having a panic attack, forcing Thomas to address the problem. He recalls moments when he and his ex were sad and confused and angry, and eventually had to acknowledge that weren't able to have each other in their lives. And despite all that, Thomas admits (you can hear it in his voice that he's actively tearing up) that he never stopped loving him. It ends with no concise explanation on how to actually deal with a break-up, because there isn't one. Then we get a montage of Thomas sort of gliding through scenes from the relationship, an instrumental version of "The Things We Used to Share" playing in the background, until he arrives in his bedroom and lies down alone in the bed. It's one emotional ride, to say the least.
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  • In "Learning New Things About Ourselves", Virgil confesses how his life had been before Accepting Anxiety, especially how he was pretending all the time to be mean to bring Thomas' guard up, and how he lo... cared for the others all of the time, so all the bad remarks they made on him were deeply hurting him all of the time, but he chose to sacrifice himself and take it all because he thought that was what he had to do for Thomas' own good. That makes Virgil's moved smile in "Accepting Anxiety" much more powerful in hindsight because it was the first time all of them honestly made good remarks on him and treated him as a friend, including Roman.
  • Thomas's dilemma in "Selfishness v. Selflessness" is pretty sad as he has to deal with the fact that Deceit is a part of him for a reason and that he is capable of lying. This line he says to Patton is sure to break hearts.
    Thomas: I don't want to be a bad person.

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