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WARNING: Untagged spoilers ahead, read at your own risk.


  • During one of his Story Time Vines, he sneaks up on a pizza deliveryman he was trying to perform the joke on, but it Goes Horribly Wrong when he startles the man so bad that he drops the pizza he's delivering. Thomas reacts with shock and pays for the pizza while giving immense apologies to the man, which are delivered in a combination of this and a Funny Moment:
    Thomas: (in same dramatic tone) "I now have to pay him. (suddenly dropping character) I am SO sorry."
    • In a different Story Time Vine, he goes up to a Pokémon GO player and makes a joke about the Pokemon theme song. But the guy counters with a very heartwarming response by saying, "And overcome his social anxiety." Thomas reacts by happily giving him a high five.
    • Thomas' final Vine: "Story time! Once a guy tried out an app, and it changed his life. Thank you Vine."
  • Thomas and Joan's friendship is very heartwarming. They tend to play a Vitriolic Best Buds relationship in some videos (mainly the "Ask The Experts" series), but it's clear by how friendly they are with each other the rest of the time (and by how much Thomas gushes about Joan at every opportunity) that they're incredibly close.
    • Related to the above, when Thomas was working through a break-up, Joan took the time to listen to Thomas' story and write a song for him to play. The fact that they would go to the trouble of writing a full song like that to help their friend through turbulent times is amazing. (Those interested can listen to the song here.)
  • One of Thomas and Joan's followers sent them through Tumblr a pic with a script for a Vine that had been handwritten by that follower's little sister on a notebook. Thomas and Joan decided to make tribute to her and film the script as a short video to be published shortly after, along with a pic of the script that the girl had written.
  • One Vine with Thomas and Joan, that perfectly sums up Hypocritical Heartwarming:
    Joan: [wearing a neon fedora] Check it out!
    Thomas: That is the most ridiculous hat I've ever seen! [uproarious laughter]
    Random Passerby: Nice hat.
    Thomas: [suddenly standing on the table] HEY, THAT IS MY BEST FRIEND, AND THAT HAT IS AWESOME!
    [Joan smiles.]

Cartoon Therapy

  • While Larry and Dot have their problems, it is really sweet to see that they really love each other.

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