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Awesome / The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

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  • The fact Indiana Jones managed to survive WW1. The show doesn't hesitate to show how unheroic and arbitrary the conflict could be. Even for a Pulp hero, it's a conflict that he barely made it out of several times.
  • In The Phantom Train of Doom, Indy helps out a unit of older soldiers with an important mission to blow up a German artillery train. Their crazy ideas and stunts just manage to work, despite Indy's initial skepticism of their abilities.
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  • Attack of the Hawkmen has him successfully destroy a zeppelin base as well as a prototype long-distance German bomber. It turns out Indiana Jones' habit for blowing entire German bases up is something that started early.
  • In Daredevils of the Desert, Indiana Jones manages to prevent the German army from blowing up all the wells near Acre and killing an entire regiment via thirst.
  • In Masks of Evil Indiana Jones kills either Dracula or a Romanian General convinced he's Dracula ...who is also a vampire.
  • Subverted by The Treasure of the Peacock's Eye where Indiana Jones and Remy quest for an invaluable diamond. Indy finds out he's nowhere near finding the end of a 2000+ year old artifact's movement.


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