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The universe is full of badasses, many of them have accomplished great feats.

  • Doomguy taking on the Leviathan.
  • Thaal Sinestro getting his Ring back.
  • The final battle in Dante's Abyss had the entire Omniverse on the edge of its seat.
  • The entire Battle of New Babylon. Highlights include Proto Man more or less singlehandedly banishing Gilgamesh, New Babylon's leader, as well as Demetri managing to banish Ganondorf.
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  • Colonel singlehandedly taking down a Guardian in the Graveyardverse. This was also after he had been ambushed by that very same Guardian. Sure, he lost nearly half of his health, but it's still impressive nonetheless.
  • While it isn't canon, the entire Doomguy vs The World Mock Fight Thread can be considered this if only for its concept and how over-the-top it becomes.
  • Okor in a fight.
    "I know I am but a pawn, a game piece of the gods. In the end, I’m nothing more than a… corpse, yet to drop.

    Omnillium turned into rusted iron, a wickedly twisted blade scything towards the paused Strazio, a throat-tearing motion used upon battlefields and altars over the aeons.

    "Pawn takes king."
  • The Battle of Death Mountain. Nealaphhh gets a whole army of Primes to all charge at the dragon-god Volvagia, resulting in an epic battle between more than 10 Primes versus one giant dragon.
  • You know how nobody's escaped the Underverse? Trixie did it. It took a Deal with the Devil but she did it. The first PC to ever manage it.
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  • Watching Graowr taking the ball in DA 17 and running (literally) away with a flawless victory.

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