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The Omniverse is full of mystery and Intrigue. Many have attempted to guess what's really going on behind the scenes.

Omni created the Omniverse to impress Guu
He's secretly in love with her and has gone out of his way to build an impressive world for her in an attempt to seduce her.
  • Maybe his actual love is Ganondorf.
    • Why would he love Ganondorf when he has Enel? I mean, the lightning god is controlled by the Admin himself.

There is a space verse.
You'd think we'd have one, but it's hidden for some reason. Maybe that's where Luna lives?

Omni actually created the verses, and the Primes just shaped them.
In the beginning of the Omniverse, Omni created 8 portals and filled them with Omnilium, just waiting for Primes to turn them into what they are today. Emperor Palpatine entered what is now the gate to Coruscant, and built his home. Aragorn did so with the verse that is now Camelot. And currently undecided Primes did so for the other 6 component verses, plus the Astral Realm and Dataverse.

This also explains why PC Primes cannot create their own verses - Omni hasn't created any new verses that Primes have been able to reach with the OM that PC's normally have. Karl Jak created the Danteverse after creating a gate to it - he is shown to have over 100,000 Omnilium, far exceeding that of any PC Prime.


Hero's Graveyard, for those concerned, could be considered a part of the Astral Realm.


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