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With so many continuities from so many source materials clashing, it's no wonder things can sometimes get quite silly.

  • Omniverse Youtube
    • Chainsaw Pirate Kittens that time travel.
    • Stormtroopers are People Too
  • Anything involving Ron Burgundy is usually worth a hearty chortle, but his commentary on the Coruscant Museum heist was particularly laugh-inducing.
  • Mickey Mouse and the Play, Boy magazine during the Graveyardverse. All that needs to be said.
    • Sir Beep Boop and Mr. Crowley also count.
  • Pretty much anything that Guu does.
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  • During the oHarmony matchup between Bonbon Sunshine and Mina, the former starts thinking of things to say. While she's normally good with words, she couldn't think of anything...So then she just says "Screw it," hops into Mina's lap, and begins to make out with her.
  • In DA 17, Cell had a habit of getting electrocuted any time he swore. He swore a lot.
  • Speaking of DA 17, after the event had finished, an entire thread dedicated to fan mail for the participants was posted. Most of the posts are pretty hilarious as a result, primarily thanks to Shipping.
  • Pretty much the entire downhill skiing scene in the Frozen Fields' nebula verse raid.

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