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  • Pretty much every time the protagonist, Guest or Jez, kicks others' butts, complete with suspenseful music and Bullet Time
  • Meta example: The music video for Chase Holfelder's cover of Imagine Dragons' "Believer", telling the stories of both Guest and Jez and keeping the awesome moments from The Last Guest and 2 - The Prodigy
  • Another meta example: The music video for "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons and one for "Faded" by Alan Walker, retelling the story of Jez for the former and Guest for the latter from The Prodigy to The Great War and also keeping the awesome moments.

The Last Guest

The Last Guest 3 - The Uprising

The Last Guest 4 - The Great War

  • Matt catching the Bacon Elite Guard stalking Daisy and Charlotte and then pouncing on him. Matt manages to move out of the Elite Guard's katakana's way at lightning-fast speed. When the Guard is ready to finish off Matt, Molly the Action Girl shoots his katakana off with her gun.
  • Zara's father is able to bust Guest, Jez, and Rose out of the arena by injecting the Guards with syringes and putting them to deep sleep.
  • After beating two Bacon Guards up, Guest and Jez approach the third Bacon Guard threateningly, forcing him to open the gate.
    • Just after that scene, they encounter a band of Bacon Soldiers, who are against the Bacon Soldier Terrorist Organization itself. The Bacon Teacher is also there too.
      Bacon Teacher: I can't stand in front of a class and teach students bacon propaganda any longer. The Colonel and General have dictated our lives for far too long... that ends today.
  • The eponymous Great War itself.
    • At the start of the battle, the Robloxian Army and Bacon Soldier Terrorist Organization approach and shoot at each other in an orderly fashion. It then cuts to them clobbering each other.
    • Matt, Molly, Guest, and Jez repeatedly dodging Bacon Elite Guard's katakanas. Guest even dodges a bullet. It gets more awesome when Guest and Jez encounter the Bacon Colonel himself.
    • Jez shooting and finishing off the Bacon Colonel, sending him falling to his death.

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