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Awesome / The Last Continent

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  • Mad the dwarf. Rincewind accidentally provokes a troublemaker in a bar and Mad backs him up by drawing a knife. The troublemaker sneers and draws a huge blade and says "This is what I call a knife!" Not skipping a beat, Mad replies "No worries. This is what I call a crossbow." and proceeds to shoot the troublemaker in the foot (so he'll stand still to be punched out).
  • Ponder Stibbons gets a taste of what life will be like for him when he's an old wizard due to Fourecks' troubled creation, decides to bugger the non-interference clause, and shakes his hands clear of his sleeves, a clear sign that some heavy wizardry is about to go down.
  • Bursar's surfing.
  • The rain was worth waiting 30,000 years for.
  • Scrappy systematically engineers a whole series of these for Rincewind, in the eyes of Fourexians, while the unwilling wizzard pleads and cringes every step of the way.