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Awesome / The Good, the Bad, the Weird

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  • In the past, the Finger Chopper, Yoon Tae-goo, did the one thing that no other man ever did: defeat and humiliate Chang-yi.
  • The massive Chase Scene at the climax of the film involving the three protagonists, the Japanese Army, the Manchurian bandits, lots of guns, explosions, and even a flail. 8 minutes of pure awesomeness, combined with some epic music... and all done without CGI. Arguably one of the best ever put to film.
  • The fight on the train at the beginning of the film, again accompanied with some great music.
    • Chang-yi only has to stand on train tracks, smoking a cigarette, to be cool.
    • Tae-goo's introduction: He's walking through the train, disguised as a waiter - we only see the back of him - breezing past a fight breaking out on a train and coolly ignoring his friend attempting to talk to him, then bursts into a Japanese military car, Guns Akimbo, shoots down several soldiers and holds up the rest. This is all before Chang-yi pulls the brakes, sending Tae-goo tumbling and ruining his imposing image, but it gives us a good impression that he is far more dangerous than he appears.
    • Do-won's introduction: rescuing a little Chinese girl by expertly shooting her captor with a shotgun.
  • The fight in the Ghost Market, complete with lots of improvised Fast-Roping by Do-won (The Good).
  • The Korean ending has Tae-goo surviving the shoot-out by sliding a thick sheet of metal under his vest.
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  • Even Man-gil gets one. He gave Byung-choon a copy of the map that led him and his gang to the ocean, far away from where the treasure is supposed to be buried, and kept the original, correct map for himself. He definitely had the last laugh.
  • Tae-goo's daring escape from the hotel after Byung-choon and his men try to break in and kill him.

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