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Awesome / The God Empress of Ponykind

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  • The whole fic may be this for fans of Princess Celestia, since she is (for once) the main character who gets tons of badass moments and quotes.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome, but Dawn Sparkle's Duel to the Death with Nightmare Moon should qualify.
  • Celestia goes to the Hearth's Warming Six, giving them gifts that will become the Elements of Harmony so that She and Luna can use them as a conduit into the Warp to kill the Windigos. Her plan is a success, and the two proceed to kill every last one of them.
  • Celestia using the Elements of Harmony during the Siege of Canterlot to not only defeat the Lord of Change, who was about to kill her, but to also completely destroy all of the Traitor Legions involved in the battle.
    • Also during that battle, Silverlight, leader of the Loyalist Lunar Knights, completely resisting Nightmare Moon's corruption through sheer Heroic Willpower.
    Shadowbolt Leader: I... Impossible! None can resist the Dark Gods!
    Silverlight: I believe I just did. (decapitates the Shadowbolt)

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