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Awesome / God Slaying Blade Works

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  • "▄▅▄▅▂▂▃▃▄▄▅!" Introducing: Puppet Berserker!
  • Shirou vs Sir Mordred/Mars/Ares/Laran. Nuff said.
    • The skills and borrowed pages it took for Shirou to win: Shooting Caladbolg II like Archer, use Nine Lives Blade Works, summon an undead army wielding Gae Dearg, a Sword Spam that makes Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon look tame, using Caliburn with Dragon Slaying Hero, invoking Curses Without End, channeling Lancelot with Arondight, invoking EMIYA's aria, and finally ending the fight with Saber's Excalibur. Saying that Guinevere was awed is an understatement.
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    • Arondight actually manifested by itself. Lancelot's love for Guinevere was so deep it imbued the blade and as such it immediately reacted when Guinevere called for help.
  • Lancelot fighting Jord. The Knight of the Lake was slowly losing ground, when Shirou chose that moment to lend 'him' Arondight... Jord did not last long after that.
  • The omake where Kariya Matou summons Salvatori Doni as Berserker for the Fourth Holy Grail War. Zouken Matou mocks the two, seeing them as failures, only for Doni to slice him to pieces and then destroy all the worms that make up Zouken's body, rendering him Deader Than Dead.
    • In part 2, Salvatori utterly humiliates Gilgamesh in battle, just like Lancelot Berserker did. He effortlessly destroys every Noble Phantasm Gilgamesh tries to attack him with using a single sword swing each.


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