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Funny / The God Empress of Ponykind

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  • The God-Emperor of Mankind, badass ruler of a galaxy set in one of the most Grimdark settings in the history of ever, was turned into a female pony princess with a rainbow mane. As the premise.
  • Astoundingly, Abaddon's actions in attempting to kill the Emperor only managed to revive the Emperor.
    • Not only did most of Matt Ward's OCs get killed, Kaldor Draigo got reduced to a smear by said armless failure. With not that much effort.
  • Celestia's Freak Out to Twilight running in on her ego trip? Not that funny. Cadence's reaction to this, and Celestia's response, on the other hand:
    Cadence: Oh dear, you didn't do your whole 'I shall smite thee, mortal' thing, right?
    Celestia:... Maybe.
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  • The reason the Royal Canterlot Voice exists? Celestia lost her temper with Philomena when the phoenix would not listen to her commands.
  • In the last chapter, back in the Framing Device, as Cadence is taking a tired Twilight away and Shining is returning to his duties, Twilight casually asks him when he and Cadence are going out. He freaks out and quickly gets out of there, leaving Cadence flustered, Twilight confused, and Celestia amused.