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  • Eddie being challenged to name all of UFO's (He's a well known huge fan of theirs) studio albums during a segment of Stump The Trunk. And he does.
  • Rick Allen and Vinny Appice playing a duel drum solo.
  • Really, any time Eddie gets a particularly difficult or obscure Stump The Trunk question right. The audience chanting "Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!" sells it (as does Eddie basking in the glory). Becomes a Funny Moment when he proceeds to get a following question, frequently relatively easy trivia, wrong.
    • At one instance, Chris Jericho himself stops by and attempts to stump him with a rather difficult question. Not only does Eddie get it right, both he and Don run up and proceed to stomp Chris fucking Jericho with the crowd cheering in the background.
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  • The 2/8/2014 episode. Eschewing The Throwdown to have Uncle Ted shred on the guitar.
  • 2/22/2014: Eddie totally sweeping an extra-long edition of Stump The Trunk.
  • 3/23/2014: Peter Criss' Season 13 appearance, which was taped a few weeks before KISS' Hall Of Fame induction. The episode was considered by many to be one of TMS's best, as it had Peter candidly discussing his feelings regarding Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley's refusal to play with him and Ace Frehley at the induction. A memorable line: "Whether in or out of makeup, I'll always be The Catman."
  • 3/29/2014: Yngwie Malmsteen ending the episode with an epic display of guitar shredding.
  • 2/21/2015: Eddie successfully naming 15 of Rush's studio albums during Stump The Trunk.


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