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Episode 4: Bush Beaters

  • It's quite funny, but very impressive that the RED Sniper drives out of the Fur-troit gas station upside down, with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the gas pedal. And he does it all without crashing, only righting himself when the trio is back on the highway.
  • With his usual weaponry unavailable during Frank's second attack, the RED Demoman cleverly improvises an explosive with a spare firecracker and Scout's unopened BONK cans. His concoction obliterates Frank's head when the shark is tricked into swallowing it. Pity that the RED team still lost this first challenge.
    • He blows up Frank again during their final encounter, this time with a multi-barreled Loch-n-Load.
  • Frank's second attack is also one for Sniper. While Scout panics, Sniper just breaks out his rifle and starts shooting Frank.
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  • Against all odds, the RED team wins first place in the Bushman's Tournament. During the celebration, there is a satisfying shot of the heavily bandaged SMNC team members, still recovering after Papa Bigfoot kicked them into orbit.
  • The battle with Papa Bigfoot, starting from his grand entrance to the ensuing chase, is the series' most intense climax yet. When the RED trio is unable to escape from the beast due to Scout not knowing how to Drive Stick, Sniper decides that they need to kill Papa Bigfoot with the help of Demoman's strongest bomb. And when said bomb turns out to have a faulty detonator and will jam the grenade launcher, Scout breaks out the anal lube he got from the gas station to keep the grenade launcher from jamming. Ultimately, the whole scene culminates in Sniper shooting the bomb with a well-placed shot from his rifle, which then causes the bomb to explode and kill Papa Bigfoot, which also lands them the heaviest and rarest kill of all and title of Bushman's Challenge champions. For the very first time in the series, an episode ends with an unambiguously happy ending!

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