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  • Kenneth managing to redesign a movie trivia game in order to accommodate the other disabled kids in the neighbourhood. He gives everyone a laser pointer and a word board, makes one larger for one kid's visual impairment, presents all questions both audibly and visually, and bans questions on Pixar because one kid is a hypergenius on the subject. While it may seem like Political Correctness Gone Mad on the surface, a lot of viewers have commented that it's exactly the kind of thing they'd like to see from an aid like Kenneth. His attempt to level the playing field for the kids all-out brawl doesn't work quite as well, but at least the kids liked it.
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  • JJ comes to a crosswalk while heading to the mall on his own, and is unable to press the crossing button. So instead he knocks over a garbage can, causing a traffic jam that allows him to casually roll across the street.
  • From the same episode, JJ finally getting to be a protective big brother for Ray like he always wanted, shining his laser on the jerk who took the shoes they were going to give Dylan so a dog he met earlier will chase him.
  • After a businessman grabs JJ's wheelchair control and moves him out of the way, JJ spends the rest of the episode screwing with him and his grocery list. Even Kenneth admits that watching JJ do that made the job of managing the store worth it.
  • Dylan teams up with some school alumni from the '60s who were legendary pranksters after the student council bans homecoming pranks, only for them to turn the tables on her and send her out on the field alone in a car celebrating the school's original banned mascot. Bonus points for Dylan graciously accepting it and saying "You really are legends!"
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  • "J-i-Jimmy V-a-l-Valentine": After being tricked into a fake date by an asshole social media Attention Whore and shoving her over, Ray comes to Dylan's rescue and solidly clocks him in the jaw.

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