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Tearjerker / Speechless

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  • In "C-H-Cheater!", Ray explains to Jimmy that he doesn't want to make lots of money because he's greedy, but because he's worried about how he and Dylan will be able to help JJ after Jimmy and Maya are gone. When they return home and broach the subject, Dylan immediately joins too because she's been thinking about the future too. The four of them have a serious discussion where they realize that, despite how bright and resourceful JJ is, it is entirely possible that he'll never be able to live on his own. They don't hear JJ coming in the back and don't realize that he hears the whole conversation. The look of heartbreak on his face is awful, especially since he was coming home to announce that he had finally passed a test without being cut slack by his teachers, and the last seen of the episode is him running away to Kenneth's house and greeting him at the door saying "we need to talk".
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  • Jimmy reveals to Maya why he abruptly stopped wanting to vacation in Las Vegas: Maya was left to hear JJ's CP diagnosis alone after he left for a poker game.
  • JJ is initially so excited to turn eighteen, but he quickly realises that there's so much he's never going to be able to do when his friends tell him how they celebrated their eighteenth birthdays. JJ might be an adult now, but realistically he's never going to be able to play poker in Vegas without having a carer there with him, or move to a new city without someone to look after him.

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