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  • Anything that isn’t a Heartwarming or Funny Moment in Dunkelzahn’s Will is likely to be Awesome. Or an adventure hook. Or both. As an example: Dunkelzahn broke apart the largest megacorp in the world (Fuchi) with one bequest in the Will.
  • Another from the will requires a bit of context: "To Alachia, I leave the Everliving Flower. I have no more use for it." One of the last adventures in the Earthdawn companion setting had the PCs steal the Everliving Flower from the elves, ruled by Alachia, and blame it on the Therans (Atlantis). Ten thousand years later, Dunkelzahn waves his middle finger from beyond the grave at Alachia and lets her know she was duped. Combines with Funny Moment.
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  • Say what you want about him but Kane hiring an ENTIRE PRIVATE ARMY WORTH 100 MILLION NUYEN to save his girlfriend Kat counts.


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