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  • Dunkelzahn's Will:
An ally spirit will inhabit the cat owned by Maude Greider for one year, a period of time that represents Ms. Greider’s current life expectancy. The spirit will provide companionship to Ms. Greider, who already believes the cat talks to her. This arrangement will simply make her belief come true. May your final days be peaceful, Maude — you deserve a little peace.

To Robert Page, I leave my copy of an ancient text that proves elves are not the only race to possess a unique language. Take pride in your heritage and continue to promote the rights of your people, for the orks have always fought to rise above the position in which others would keep them. May this document aid your struggle up from below.

  • Slamm-O and Netcat naming their son Jack.

  • Page 29 of Data Trails. When asked whether any of Jackpoint's current best Deckers have ever topped the ranks of the unofficial global hackers, Bull replies in the negative and lists their flaws, saying that he personally has too much of a temper, Glitch is too much of a perfectionist and Slamm-0! has his innate Slamm-0!ness, before adding:
But we all stand in the shadow of the man who absolutely was number one.

  • In Forbidden Arcana, after Elijah gets through laying out his notes on a revised Unified Theory of Magic, Harlequin posts with astonishment at how much metahumans have figured out in only 68 years, and how wrong he was to doubt Dunklezahn's faith in metahumanity & 6th world society's ability to learn. Masaru compliments Elijah, noting that Dunklezahn would be proud of him, and while Ethan the Scribe notes that it's nothing that they - being the Immortal Elves & Great Dragons - didn't already know, Hestaby notes that what's important is that metahumanity knows it, as it will prepare them for what is to come.

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  • In the SNES game, provided you bring Kitsune to the Rat Shaman fight, so long as you keep her alive throughout the game, she'll remain by your side indefinitely, and all the way to the endgame. As stated by Danaru:
    So let me level with you guys, this right here is why Kitsune is one of my favorite characters. She might not be the best shadowrunner, or even mage in the game, but just the fact that in this hell hole of a world, where loyalty is bought and sold as a commodity, where friendship is just an invitation to plant a knife in your back, there's ONE person who kept Jake alive without even knowing who he was, who helped you find dog and gave you the item you need to summon him, and now who's joining our fight out of decency instead of just for the money.
    Kitsune is also the ONLY character except maybe Dog who doesn't betray or ditch you. It's a shocking amount of magnanimity in a world devoid of selflessness. Maybe I'm just reading way too much into it, but I just REALLY like Kitsune as a character.


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