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  • Lord Soth, in the Ravenloft tie-in novel Knight of the Black Rose, is highly displeased to find himself taken from Krynn and dumped in a strange, misty land. He expresses his displeasure violently, to the point where Ravenloft starts to resemble Tokyo with Lord Soth playing the title role in a Godzilla movie.
  • Somewhat obscure, but "Master of Ravenloft", a Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook written in 1986, based on the original module, has a Golden Ending where the protagonist, a depowered Paladin trapped in Ravenloft, can beat Count Strahd using a Decanter of Endless Water.
    • Even better, it makes total sense. The artifact can create a flowing stream of water via a geyser, and one of the ways to permanently destroy a vampire mentioned in the original module is to submerge them in a flowing stream of water for 3 rounds.
      • Even better better. The Ravenloft guides go into detail about a vampire's weaknesses (including flowing water, which kills a vampire in 3 rounds), and the countermeasures that Count Strahd has used to nullify those weaknesses. There is nothing to indicate that he is protected against flowing water.

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