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  • Lord Soth, in the Ravenloft tie-in novel Knight of the Black Rose, is highly displeased to find himself taken from Krynn and dumped in a strange, misty land. He expresses his displeasure violently, to the point where Ravenloft starts to resemble Tokyo with Lord Soth playing the title role in a Godzilla movie.
  • Somewhat obscure, but "Master of Ravenloft", a Gamebook written in 1986, based on the original module, has a Golden Ending where the protagonist, a depowered Paladin trapped in Ravenloft, can beat Count Strahd using a Decanter of Endless Water.
    • Even better, it makes total sense. The artifact can create a flowing stream of water via a geyser, and one of the ways to permanently destroy a vampire mentioned in the original module is to submerge them in a flowing stream of water for 3 rounds.
      • Even better better. The Ravenloft guides go into detail about a vampire's weaknesses (including flowing water, which kills a vampire in 3 rounds), and the countermeasures that Count Strahd has used to nullify those weaknesses. There is nothing to indicate that he is protected against flowing water.
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  • Vecna, full stop. In Ravenloft, the Dark Powers are all but omnipotent. They have absolute control over the mist, and can decide who leaves and who stays with impunity. Even Azalin's attempt at escaping, which nearly rendered the world asunder, was not enough to overpower them. Yet Vecna, the Lich-God of secrets, says "screw you and all your rules", and rips his way out of the mist by force. No wonder he's one of the most feared entities in the D&D multiverse.

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