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Awesome / Parasite (2019)

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  • Almost everything the Kims have done, including:
    • Ki-jeon managed to fool the entire Park household in order to secure high-earning jobs for her family.
    • When they are in hostage at the living room under Moon-gwang and her husband, the Kims fought back by Chung-sook, along with Ki-taek, knocking both of them down from sofa and Ki-jeon using peaches to induce Moon-gwang's allergic reaction.
    • The tense clean-up scene. The Kims successfully cover their tracks and hide themselves from the Parks in the nick of time. The whole thing culminates in a final close call situation between Chung-sook and Moon-gwang that's both hilarious and satisfying... until someone gets seriously hurt.
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    • Chung-sook going full Mama Bear by piercing a skewer into Geun-sae's body right after he stabbed Ki-jeon with a kitchen knife.
  • For those who aren't sympathetic toward the Kims, Moon-gwang and her husband managed to put the Kims under their hostage in the living room.
  • Park Da-hye, despite being a bratty teenager, managed to carry bleeding Ki-woo outside and cry for help.
  • Meta-examples:
    • For the first time in history, this is not just the first South Korean movie to ever to win the Palme d'Or, but also the first to win with a rare unanimous vote since Blue Is the Warmest Color — meaning that every single jury member loved it.
    • It's also the first Korean-language movie to not just win a Golden Globe, but also made history by winning four Oscars — including Best Picture and Best International Film. Making it the first non-English language film to win Best Picture.note  No East Asian film director, not even Akira Kurosawa, Hayao Miyazaki or Ang Lee, has ever gone that far before.
      • Director Bong Joon-ho was also just the second person in history to net four Oscars in one night caveat , a distinction only shared by Walt Disney.
      • Speaking of the Palme d'Or, it was also just the third film to win both it and the Best Picture Oscar, this last happening back in 1956 with Marty.
      • Even beyond its foreign language background, two other things that made its win so surprising was Bong criticizing the Academy as "local films awards" and only exclusively recognising 'safe' films, plus the fact that the previous Best Picture Winner was Green Book, one of the most notorious(ly conservative) winners in Oscar history (especially considering that one of the films it beat was the foreign-language Roma).
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    • At a rally, Donald Trump made disparaging comments about it winning the Oscar. Afterward, NEON, the film's North American distributor, shaded him on Twitter by making a joke about him not being able to read.


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