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Intentionally or not, the main characters of the film represent the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Envy = Kim Ki-taek, as his hatred of Mr. Park seems at least partially motivated by jealousy or class resentment.
  • Gluttony = Chung-sook, as she's overweight and arguably takes the most advantage of the Parks' wealthy trappings.
  • Greed = Ki-jung. Really, all of the Kims qualify, but Ki-jung appears to be the most ruthless in her pursuit of wealth. Somewhat fittingly, she's the one who pays for it.
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  • Lust = Ki-woo, for questionably wooing Da-hye, a teenager, just to further his own success.
  • Pride = Mr. Park, full stop, for his rich arrogance and condescending disdain for the poor. This is a truly deadly sin for him.
  • Sloth = Ms. Park, for lazily coasting through her privileged life. Da-hye could also qualify, as she seems to just coast as well.
  • Wrath = Moon-gwang and Geun-sae, for their actions in the second half of the film, especially the latter.
  • Da-song is the only character without a deadly sin, being a young child and whatnot.

The Parks are in an Arranged Marriage, or married for practicalities with money
  • It's shown that Mr and Mrs Park don't really have a loving relationship. Mrs. Park is also hopeless with basic chores, which could be a result of having a wealthy upbringing and having had servants do chores for her growing up. And with Mr Park's views on lower class, it wouldn't be much of a surprise that he would find an upper-class wife who knew her place. Their roleplay during their sexual intercourse moment? It may be one of the few ways they try to arouse themselves enough to have sex and keep a somewhat functional marriage.

The miniseries will tackle six plots contained to each episode
In no particular order, here's what they might be;
  • An episode focusing on Da-hye, and what she did outside of her relationship with "Kevin".
  • An episode focusing on Min, showing some of his time with the Parks and showing what became of him when he left the country.
  • An episode focusing on Ki-jeong, showing how she interacted with Da-song in greater detail.
  • An episode showing what happened on the Parks' failed camping trip.
  • An episode focused on Ki-woo's backstory.
  • An episode focusing on how the Park family reacted to the truths revealed about their home.
  • An episode focused on the night Geun-sae traumatized Da-song.
  • An episode focusing on when Min was tutoring Da-hye.
  • An episode focused on Chung-sook and the Parks' dogs.
  • An episode focused on some of the day-to-day routines of the Kim family.

The mini-series is going to make even more evident that Ki-woo won't be able to buy the Park House

It probably will have an even more depressing ending than the movie, or (at best) a Bitter Sweet Ending with Ki-woo being able to find another way to free his father and reunite with him.


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