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I torched the last one.

  • The three Manson cultists are done a job by Rick and Cliff, plus his guard dog Brandy in the climax.
    • Tex Watson falls victim to a Groin Attack thanks to Brandy, causing him to drop his gun. When he finally shakes Brandy off and tries to attack Cliff with his back-up knife, Cliff QUICKLY disarms him, stabs him with his own blade, knocks him down, and finishes him off with a stomp to the face.
    • Patricia Krenwinkel attacks Cliff from behind and plunges her knife into his leg, but Cliff shrugs it off and turns her into a human ragdoll as he slams her face against every hard surface that he can find.
    • Susan Atkins' death is the most Rasputinian: she has her nose caved in by a can of dog food, gets mauled by Brandy, falls through Rick's patio door (which gets glass and debris embedded into her face), nearly drowns in Rick's pool, and is burned alive by Rick and his flamethrower before finally succumbing.
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    • All in all, the deaths of all three are quite horrific... but considering what they were planning to do to Rick, Cliff and Francesca, not to mention what their real-life counterparts did to Sharon Tate and her friends, they very much had it coming.
  • The end of Cliff's visit to the Spahn Ranch, where he beats Clem Grogan for slashing Rick's tire and forces him to change it.
  • When Rick is filming the Lancer pilot, he blows his lines in his first scene and has a horrible meltdown in his trailer. But then, he pulls himself together and delivers a truly engaging and terrifying performance in the next scene, even pulling off some killer improv that director Sam Wanamaker adores. The experience, and especially a child actor who takes her job extremely seriously telling him it was the best acting she'd ever seen, seems to reinvigorate his whole love of acting after the career slump of the last two years.


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