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  • Doctor Strange in the "End Times" arc. Not only does he put up a good fight against a multitude of possessed Avengers, he expertly uses dark magic (which he was unable to control before) to defeat and destroy Daniel Drumm. The Ancient One then appears to him, telling Strange that he has earned back the title of Sorcerer Supreme through his selfless actions, and once again bequeaths to him the Eye of Agamotto and the Cape of Levitation.
  • In vol 3, Sun God's inversion of Reed Richard's "everything dies" speech.
    Sun God: Everything lives. It lives before it dies, and we are judged by what we do during that time. Like a brilliant, life-giving star, we illuminate the universe, casting away the shadows. We celebrate life and then celebrate that creation. This is simply how things are. It cannot be contained. It never will. So we will not tolerate - we will not accept - the unnatural occurrence of an early end. Which is why I have summoned you here... to beat back the night... and to conquer death.
  • Issue #24, When Namor ends up deciding he needs to put a stop to the Cabal he himself formed, he goes to Doctor Doom for help. Doom, instead, however, provides a spectacular "The Reason You Suck" Speech, humiliating him. And it turns out he's been making more meaningful progress on fixing the Incursion situation than anyone else has, especially the Illuminati. See it in its fully glory here.