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Fractured Space from Edgecase Games is a PC third-person space combat simulation game that plays like a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Player choose one from a large selection of spaceships, each with different weapon load-out and abilities, and engage in 5 vs 5 tactical combat to capture mining outposts, repair stations and destroy the enemy team's base station.

Fractured Space is free-to-play, originally available as an Early Access title before launching in full on Steam at 23 September 2016.

You can download the game from Steam here.

Compare Dreadnought, another Free-to-play game centered on controlling lumber some spaceships albeit with more deathmatch style gameplay.

This game provides examples of:

  • The Battlestar: Many of the ships in this game are capable of launching their own fighter squadrons to complement their already formidable firepower.
  • Mile-Long Ship: Most ships, bar the smallest ones, are longer than one kilometer, while the largest ships are as long as one full mile.
  • Beam Spam: A lot of ships in this game are equipped with energy beam weapons.
  • Critical Existence Failure: Partially averted. Being heavily damaged does not affect your ability to control the ship in anyway. But taking concentrated fire on a specific portion of your ship's armor too much and it will break (depicted as a fire breaking out on the corresponding hull section), which cause you to take extra damage if you get keep getting hit in that location. This makes it practical to rotate your broken armor facing away from the enemy.
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  • Faster-Than-Light Travel: All ships are capable of performing jumps between sectors, with lengthy winding up time and cooldown between each jump.
  • Flash Step: Blink Drive and its variants, allowing the ship to teleport a short distance and throw off enemy's aim.
    • TDS Executioner's Chrono Blink allows it to jump back to where it was 20 seconds in the past.
  • Instant-Win Condition: Capturing enemy base station.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Whooping 31 warships to choose from on Launch version, with possibly more to come.
  • Lead the Target: Most weapons in this game are not hit-scan, making this trope a necessity.
  • Level Grinding: Players earn their upgrade progress by capturing mining stations scattered in each sectors or destroying enemy ships. When the ship upgrade is available, they must return to base station or forward base to receive it.
  • A Million Is a Statistic: It is informed in ship summaries that each one of them are crewed by thousands of personnel, all of which are lost to space as you and your opponents blow each other up on daily basis. Some Mission Control sometimes berate you for this too.
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  • Shoot the Medic First: It is generally advised both by the game and by the player communities to focus down any ship with repair capabilities first, such as TDS Paladin, USR Disruptor or Zarek Venturer.
  • Standard Human Spaceship: Basically, all spaceships in the game run this trope, each with their own unique aesthetic:
    • Titan Defense Systems (TDS) ships sport more curved, streamlined and well armored look than any ships from other brands.
    • United Space Research (USR) ships based its design on modern day's space exploration vessels. As such, they look like cylindrical NASA spaceships/station with tons of added muscle.
    • Zarek Industrial ships tend to be angular and slightly grungy, belies their nature of being former mining vessels.

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