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  • The final splash page of New Avengers Finale - After the events of House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, and Dark Reign increasingly made things worse for them, the New Avengers are last seen walking through Central Park together, in their civilian identities.
  • Annual 1 from the first volume - Luke & Jessica get married.
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker, as the final page is a picture of the newlyweds & the rest of the team together, shortly before the events of Civil War tore the team apart.
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  • In volume 2, the team can be basically summed up as "Luke Cage gets his own Avengers team, and promptly asks his buddies to come & play."
  • Jessica & Luke finally naming their daughter - Danielle Cage after Honorary Uncle Danny "Iron Fist" Rand, and Danny's reaction.
  • In the final battle of Secret Invasion, Jessica Jones left Dani with Jarvis at Stark Tower so she could join the fight, except Jarvis had been replaced by a Skrull before this. Upon learning of Dani's abduction, and in the midst of Norman Osborn becoming the new Nick Fury & making them fugitives, the New Avengers head to what's left of the Baxter Building to get help from the Fantastic Four, only to find Sue's the only one awake. As she politely tries to tell the New Avengers that it's not a good time, Jessica says that Dani's missing & Sue immediately wakes up the rest of the family.
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  • In New Avengers: The Reunion, Bucky gives Clint some advice regarding his relationship with Mockingbird in light of her likely suffering PTSD following years of imprisonment by the Skrulls. As Clint leaves, he notes that Bucky's words are similar to what Steve Rogers, the man whose legacy Bucky was living up to as Captain America, would likely say. When Bucky notes that it sounded like a compliment, Clint responds simply with "None higher."
  • Issue 16 of Volume 2 (final part of the Fear Itself tie-in) has the team being asked what makes an Avenger with each member stating why another member shouldn't be on the team by describing them as a "crazy mutant ninja(Wolverine), public menace (Spider-Man), alien from outer space (Noh-Varr), wizard(Doctor Strange), convicted criminal (Luke Cage), rich drunk guy (Iron Man), ex-HYDRA agent (Spider-Woman), or circus boy with a criminal record (Hawkeye)". For all the vitriol however the issue ends with each member praising the one the insulted earlier as Avengers material by describing them as a "selfless samurai warrior (Wolverine), misunderstood hero who never gives up (Spider-Man), cunning military mind from another culture (Noh-Varr), true master of the mystic arts (Doctor Strange), unbreakable urban warrior (Luke Cage), futurist (Iron Man), best secret agent in the world (Spider-Woman), and best marksman on the planet (Hawkeye)."
    • The issue also has Daredevil joining the Avengers with Luke Cage saying that it's not a matter of if Daredevil is Avengers material but if the Avengers are Daredevil material. Daredevil himself gets the last line of the book by describing himself as a "swashbuckling ninja who can't say no to a friend."

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